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Report - Consumption Analysis of HK and Guangdong

Report - Consumption Analysis of HK and Guangdong

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Published by: Civic Exchange on Apr 28, 2009
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There are many advantages to an ecological footprint (Wackernagel, 2000). An
ecological footprint can be used to determine the resource consumption of a given nation
and compare that to the resource consumption of other nations calculated in the same
format. This is a great tool in developing conservation policy and economic policy
because it provides data on how current actions affect the planet. The ecological
footprint is also useful in that the data can show nations where they are taking too much
of a resource and where they are using resources in a relatively sustainable manner. In
looking at sustainability, ecological footprint studies can serve as a measuring stick in
evaluating how a population’s ecological footprint compares to nature’s carrying capacity
(Hong Kong Planning Department, 2002).

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