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Published by: Civic Exchange on Apr 28, 2009
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An Air Management Plan for Hong Kong

10 September 2006

Concrete solutions are available to improve Hong Kong’s deteriorating air quality

๏ Fighting air pollution needs to be at the top of the ๏ Set clear goals to protect public health ๏ Improvement within 24 months is possible
policy agenda

Power Generation and Demand Management

Transportation and Urban Planning

A multi-pronged approach is necessary
Shipping and Port Operations Cleaner Fuels and Manufacturing

Action needs to be taken in four key areas:

๏ Sharpen policy tools: - Revised Energy Policy; and - Tighten AQOs. ๏ Focus on both local and regional pollution sources ๏ Work with industries to improve efficiency and ๏ Join national and international efforts to curb
pollution and reduce the impact of climate change reduce emissions

Focusing on local pollution solutions
Power Generation:

๏ Impose emissions caps on Lamma Power Station (2006) ๏ Tighten caps (2007-2008) ๏ Announce fuel mix policy (2006-07) ๏ Secure LNG supply (2007) ๏ Consult on emissions trading before implementation

Focusing on local pollution solutions
Vehicle Transportation:

๏ Adopt a clean vehicles and fuels strategy (2007) ๏ Ensure better urban planning (2007-2008) ๏ Use road pricing (2008-09) ๏ Upgrade bus fleet (by 2010) ๏ Create low emissions zone (by 2012)

Focusing on local pollution solutions

๏ Expand Subway

Tokyo Subway

Focusing on local pollution solutions
Shipping and Port Operations:

๏ Use cleaner fuels (2007) ๏ Upgrade technologies (2007 onwards) ๏ Consider shore-side/port initiatives (2007 onwards) ๏ Incentivise to promote change (2007 onwards) ๏ Ratify Annex VI of MARPOL (2006-2007) ๏ Adopt Green Port Policy (2008 onwards)

cusing on regional pollution solutions


๏ Explore using cleaner fuels (2007-08) ๏ Work hard to improve energy efficiency (2007

Focusing on regional pollution solutions
Ports, shipping and logistics:
Policy (2008-2009)

๏ Work on a Regional Green Port ๏ Explore with CPG for China to

ratify Annex VI MARPOL so PRD waters may be declared a SECA in future (2009-2010)

Focusing on regional pollution solutions
Air Quality Management: (2007)

๏ Provide access to real time regional emissions data ๏ Fund regional studies (2007 onwards) ๏ Consider how to create a regional Air Resources
Board (by 2012)

Working with Industry (2007 onwards)

Energy Efficiency across all sectors

Join national and international efforts (2006 onwards)

๏ Join China in attending Climate Change meetings ๏ Explore how Hong Kong can develop and finance ๏ Help safeguard Chinese national treasures ๏ Join international efforts e.g. International Council for
Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI) and Large Cities Climate Leadership Group clean technologies and CDM

What do we need to do all of this?

๏ Political will ๏ Clear objectives ๏ Collaborative Solutions ๏ Encouragement and Incentivisation

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