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Speech Outline

Speech Outline

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Speech Outline
Speech Outline

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Published by: Kyungho Yoon on Jun 11, 2013
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Informative / Visual Aid Speeche OUTLINE

Name HCOM 100 Human Communication Teacher’s Name Title: Korea, From a Needing Country to a Giving Country. Specific Purpose: To inform audience about the Republic of Korea. Thesis Statement: I would like to share some information about the Korea. Introduction Attention material: Which nationality do you think I am? American People usually ask me if I am Chinese or Japanese, but I am Korean. I am a bit annoyed when people ask me this question. I have noticed many Korean people live around Orange County, especially in Irvine and Fullerton. I have only lived in America for 2 months. But from that I have experienced, not many Americans know about the Korea. Thesis Statement: I would like to share some information about the Korea. Preview: After World War II and Korean War Korea, Korea has achieved good economic growth. This is about that. Body Have you ever heard of this country? This country has been another country's colony for 36 years. During the 1950s this country was ruined because of war. During the 1950s it’s the national income was $50, which was one of the lowest incomes in the world. During the Korean War, General MacArthur commented, "It will take 100 years for this country to recover from the war." English newspaper evaluated this country like this. "One would rather hope to grow flower from trash heap than see this country, which went through 36 years of colonial period and war, rise." During 1960s Ghana and Philippine's national income surpassed $100 and $200. While this country's national income became $67, Have you ever heard of this country? This country became the only country in the world to raise the national income by 400 and the GDP by 700 times in half a century after the war in 1950. This country, which received aid from international societies during 1960s, as a needy country, became a member of OECD during 1996. During the 2010s, this country's national income passed $20000 and became the 10th economically strongest country in the world. As of January 1st 2010, this country earned membership into the OECD and DAC. DAC consists of developed countries, helping countries in Asia and Africa that are in need. After establishment of OECD in 1960s, this country became the only one to transform from a "Needing country" to a "Giving country" After independence of more 1

KIM. Retrieved from http://www. this country will become 9th strongest country in the world.do?newsDataId=148707568&categor y_id=subject&section_id=EDS0404005&call_from=extlink&subjectName=security SunTae. the GDP per person will become $80000. which is one of the well known finance investment companies in the world. Furthermore in 2050. February 22). Great growth and the developed country’s quality. References Weekly GongGam. July 02). Only one country from a Needing country to a giving country.than 140 countries following World War II. the Goldman Sachs Group. March 31).kukinews. Retrieved from http://news. this country became the only one to achieve democratization and industrialization at the same time. this country is third in the world to send volunteer workers following USA and Japan. Conclusion Have you ever heard of this country? In 2007. Retrieved from http://korea. (2011. this country's GDP will be $800 billion which is 11th in the world and in 2025." This country is the Republic of Korea. KIM. The Naeil News. Weekly GongGam.com/News/politics/ViewNews. Korea's GDP would outcompete that of Japan and Germany becoming the second in the world following USA.asp?nnum=554383&sid=E&tid=8 PanSeok. (2011. stated "In 2007. (2010.asp?page=1&gCode=kmi&arcid=0004806313&cp=nv 2 .naeil.kr/newsWeb/pages/brief/categoryNews2/view.com/article/view. The KuKi News. Now. Let's talk about the Givng country as a blessing.

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