Research Methodology: Research Process

Sasmita Mishra

Research Process Flow Chart
Define research problem Review concepts and theories Review previous Research Findings Formulate hypothesis Design research Data collection Analyze data
Interpretation and report writing

Define Research Problem
Research problem may be of two types: Relates to states of nature Related to relationship of variables Formulation of problem means coming from a broader topic to a specific way of research

Extensive literature survey

Review the concept: what is the meaning and definitions of the the particular concept. Review earlier findings: what has already been researched in that area.

Formulating hypotheses
Hypotheses are logical deductions from a theoretical base or inferences based on previous findings.

Preparing Research Design
It is the blue print of a research.It may be experimental or non experimental. While preparing research design the following points are taken into consideration:
 

The means of obtaining the information The availability of skills of the researchers and his staff

Explanation of the what method to adopt to collect information and why this way not anything else.

Data collection

It is based upon the research design and problem It may be by experimentation, interview, questionnaire etc.

Analyze Data

  

To analyze data different statistical techniques are used such as ANOVA Regression Analysis Correlation, etc.

Interpretation and report writing
Analysis of data ends with a number (Ex. .06)  While interpreting we should ask the question what finding we have got from the analysis of the data and why we have got this type of result. At the end of the research the entire process are documented in a written form. Report has Four broad sections: Introduction and review of literature,

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