Joseph Charette, Sr.

Joseph Charette was the son of Joseph Charette Sr. (b. 1816) and Marie Ann Gosselin, the daughter of Michel Gosselin and his Assiniboine wife, Marguerite Duroleaux. Joseph was born at St. Norbert on December 22, 1841. He married Rosalie Collin, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Collin and Elizabeth Henry in 1864. Jean Baptiste Collin and his wife Elizabeth were on the Pembina annuity roll for Little Shell’s band of Chippewa Indians in 1867 (#195). A hunting family, they lived at St. Norbert, the Cypress Hills, Wood Mountain, and Duck Lake. The couple had eleven children. Joseph died in March 1890 at Duck Lake. His son Joseph died the following November and was also buried at Duck Lake. Both were active in the 1885 Resistance. His older brother Daniel Charette (b. 1840) was a member of Captain Antoine Lafontaine’s company, one of the 19 dizaines led by Gabriel Dumont during the 1885 Metis Resistance. Before noon the 24 April, Joseph Charette was sent with another scout in the morning on the north side of the river. He had not wanted to take his gun but he had brought his binoculars. Arriving at Rochelot’s place he heard the first discharge from the coulee. His associate refused to advance and watch the battle. They spent the day there. During the battle, he is on the opposite bank behind a mound and in such a position so he could see. He stays near the ridge. From there he observes some of the soldiers coming on his side, on the same bank. He changes places and sees both sides. Those on the south bank make a detour to attack the Metis in the coulee. Those on the north bank see them, fail to recognize them, and fire on them. Before the signal of recognition was given, those on the south were inflicted with several shots, which happily did not result in anything.1

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute


Cloutier, op cit Vol. 2, pp. 3-4.

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