Balancing Growth, Risk, and ROI
Stay on Top of the Ever-Changing Market with an Integrated GRC Framework
Sudeep Chakravarty Director Governance, Risk, and Compliance NTT DATA, Inc.


omplexity is the name of the game when it comes to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) today.

to minimize redundancy while enhancing standardization, centralization, and automation. These services provide implementation, support, and maintenance, and are available in four key areas: ■■ Identity and access management. NTT DATA supports SAP Access Control to ensure organizational and regulatory compliance through real-time risk analysis and process-driven user controls. ■■ Process and risk management. This service helps reduce investment costs by automating risk and compliance management processes, including workflow management, report generation, and organization transparency. ■■ Environment, health, and safety compliance. NTT DATA’s compliance facilitation tool provides extensive assessment capabilities that accurately measure and reduce enterprise carbon footprints and analyze sustainability performance. ■■ Financial governance and IFRS compliance. NTT DATA provides support services for SAP solutions for GRC to speed and simplify time-consuming tasks, such as financial closes and consumer-demand analyses.

The business world is using more advanced technologies and is expanding globally to stay competitive. While new technologies and growth bring many benefits, the complex landscape also creates challenging new rules and regulations. In this environment, a siloed approach to GRC is not enough. Instead, companies need to put in place a cross-company, cross-process GRC framework.

Take Advantage of an Integrated GRC Framework
When building a GRC framework, you should begin with the end in mind. This means determining your goals and current GRC situation and working from that information to identify the opportunities for better GRC integration across the company’s people, processes, and systems. Of course, this is not always easy. That’s why many companies turn to NTT DATA, Inc. for help. NTT DATA’s integrated GRC framework provides templates, risk matrices, and role-creation strategies developed based on extensive experience with client engagements across the globe. In addition, NTT DATA’s GRC service offerings enable businesses to stay on top of ever-changing demands and regulations (see Figure 1). NTT DATA can help customers build robust operational risk management frameworks that balance growth, risk, and ROI by combining business processes and risk information

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NTT DATA is a worldwide innovation partner with business operations in more than 35 countries. To learn more about how NTT DATA’s GRC offerings can help your company, visit n

Identity and access management
Strategize Deploy, upgrade, and migrate Manage

Processes and risk management

Environment, health, and safety compliance

Financial governance and IFRS compliance

Impact assessment | Business case development | Change management Design | Implement | Test | Rollout Operate | Support | Optimize

portfolio of service offerings can help companies stay on top of their regulatory challenges

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