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9-11Commission Hearing 2003-03-31

9-11Commission Hearing 2003-03-31

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Published by: jrod on Apr 28, 2009
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fact that perhaps is not yet in evidence.


MR. JENKINS: That is, my point is that I

think there's a key word there that we want to

focus on, can we make this into a system and how do

we achieve that. It's not a question of can we

create another entity or not create another entity.

That, to me, is a tactical question, it's a

how-you-get-there question.

The root, how do we create a system out of

the capabilities that we have now and that we can

reasonably create? We can enhance those

capabilities. There's a variety of ways we can do

that, one of which I have indicated already, but

how do we procedurally, what is the machinery for

creating a system?

If that requires a new entity, then so be

it. I'm not convinced that it does yet, but I am

persuaded that we need to do something to bring

about a system.


do you care to comment?

DR. RANSTORP: No, I totally agree that

there has to be an integrated system. I think


we're on our way there. I think though within,

this is the European experience, within bearing in

mind civil liberties, I think that cannot be the

casualty of any system. I think protecting and

preserving them is something that we all cherish.

CHAIRMAN KEAN: Dr. Sofaer, Mr. Jenkins,

Mr. Ranstorp, thank you very, very much for the

enlightening discussion. We are adjourned until

9:00 tomorrow morning.

(Whereupon, at 5:10 p.m., the proceedings

were recessed, to reconvene at 9:00 a.m., Tuesday,

April 1, 2003.)

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