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9-11Commission Hearing 2004-06-17

9-11Commission Hearing 2004-06-17

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Published by: jrod on Apr 28, 2009
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whole story. We didn't -- again, the 9/11 Commission didn't

uncover this stuff. It was -- a lot of this is just open

information that we had. And of those 10, all but one involved

suicide. One of them involved a plot to try to take over

airplanes and blow them up, but they were U.S aircraft out of

Manila. And I just -- again, if I was sitting in General Myers'

or any of your shoes, I'd -- it would make me just a little bit

angry that that information wasn't delivered, so that your

attention was directed inside the United States. Because these

were military attacks against military personnel, including

Rangers in Mogadishu, and we now have at least corroborating

evidence that there involvement in the Khobar Towers incident.

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