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9-11Commission Hearing 2004-06-17

9-11Commission Hearing 2004-06-17

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Published by: jrod on Apr 28, 2009
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MR. KERREY: Let me move to my second one, then, Mr. Belger.

Now, I'm not going to have very many to get -- I mean, I could -

- I've got a long list here that I could do, and I'm not going

to get them in five minutes. Let's talk about 93. Wheels up at

8:42. At 9:28, Cleveland confirms a hijack. You know it at 9:34.

Now we have this conversation at 9:49, 13 minutes afterwards,

where Cleveland initially had said, "Are you going to put planes

in the air? And somebody at headquarters should do something

about it." They called back. And I presume you've seen the Staff

Statement where they replay the conversation.

Command Center, "We want to think about scrambling aircraft."

Command Center says -- FAA headquarters says, "Oh, God, I don't

know." Command Center, "That's a decision somebody's going to

have to make in the next 10 minutes." FAA headquarters, "You

know, everybody just left the room."

I mean, do we have this out of context? I mean, there was no

information delivered to the military that a plane was coming

into Washington D.C. And again, thank God the passengers on 93


took the plane over. But a plane was headed to Washington D.C.

FAA Headquarters knew it and didn't let the military know.

MR. BELGER: Well, if I can -- and I truly do not mean this to

be defensive, but it is a fact -- there were military people on

duty at the FAA Command Center, as Mr. Sliney said. They were

participating in what was going on. There were military people

in the FAA's Air Traffic Organization in a situation room. They

were participating in what was going on.

To my knowledge, the NMCC was added to the conference call,

the open conference call, at 9:20. By 9:45 or so, my attention

was completely on getting the airplanes and the hundreds of

thousands of passengers safely on the ground. There was an FAA

security person running the hijack net. I had confidence that

they were doing the right things.

MR. KERREY: Well, let me move on to my third one. It deals

with something you've said, but actually Administrator Garvey

was much more vocal about this. We were watching for something

happening overseas. Let me deal into that a little bit.

Bojinka happens in '95. FAA sends somebody over to Manila.

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