Can the office function by itself?  Can the corporate manager…… -keyboard? -edit. and photocopy documents? -attend to telephone calls? -open and sort mails? -maintain files? -and at the same time perform specialized management functions productively?  DEFINITELY NOT!!! .

.Developing policies Making decisions Projecting for future operations Planning and organizing new projects Staffing and directing operations to make sure that objectives are being met.


. Make and keep appointments f. Prepare business itineraries c. Supervise staff .. Attend to visitors e.1. ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES The office professional applies his or her skills to . a. arrange meetings and conferences b. Coordinate travel arrangements d. Order supplies and g.

. COMMUNICATION A large portion of the office professional’s task centers around assisting the executive in communication.2.. Handle incoming and outgoing mails b. Use the telephone c. a. Use shipping services . Transmit facsimiles and other forms of telecommunications d. He or she should be able to.

various filling systems b.. RECORDS MANAGEMENT This includes knowledge of the. Filing supplies and equipment This covers records management procedures and organization and control of the filing system. .3. a..

. WORD PROCESSING The office professional is expected to be skilled in keyboarding letters. Proofreading and editing are added skill requirements. Accurate transcription from dictated materials are called for most of the time.4. reports and other business documents.

. reports and other documents. The office professional should be able to use copying and duplicating processes and determine the type best suited for each reproduction job. REPROGRAPHICS This is the process of making copies of correspondences. It refers to any piece of mechanical or electrical equipment that produces multiple copies of an original document.5.

and keeping accounting records. d. ACCOUNTING. Orders Purchases Accounts payable Sales Accounts receivable Inventory All professionals should have working knowledge of basic computations and accounting to handle simple tasks like handling petty cash. and DATA PROCESSING Data processing is organizing. a. Such data may include. . and retrieving numerical data with the use of computer software. checking accounts. f. COMPUTING. b. storing. c. e..6.

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