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APTI ELECTION 2013 VOTING PROCEDURE APTI Central / state elections 2013 of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India for

r the term of 2013-2016.

1. Kindly get into APTI Site to cast your valuable vote. 2. The link to the portal will be displayed on on dates of election. 3. Please login using your APTI life membership number (eg: for Karnataka KA/LM followed by your Life Membership number) Screen 1

Enter APTI ID as shown in screen 2. Once you enter your LM Number the name appears of its own as shown in screen 3. Screen 2:

4. Click Login. One time password appears on your registered mobile number and Email 5. Password has been sent to your mobile number and email, as displayed in the as displayed in the voters list, the password would be active for 15 min only)

Screen 3:

6. Enter the password (case specific) 7. Ballot paper appears

Screen 4:

8. Click the buttons on central for president one post and vice president 2 posts. Screen 5:

9. In the similar manner click your choice for state president (one post) and vice president (2 posts).

Screen 6:

10.If you select more than elected post, you get a message saying, you can select only 2 Central Vice President. See below screen 7:

Screen 7:

11.In case of unopposed candidates only the name of the contestant will appear without any click option.

Screen 8:

12.Click on submit, a caution appears to ensure everything is in place, asking are you sure you want to submit if yes please click on submit. If No click on cancel, make the necessary changes and then submit. No changes can be made thereafter. You are allowed to vote only once.

Screen 9:

13.Acknowledgement appears in your registered email. Thank you for voting

NOTE: 1. The password remains valid only for 15 minutes. Inability to login in stipulated time; you are required to login again where in you get a new password which enables you to vote. 2. Password can be received in your registered email round the clock. However due to TRAI restrictions mobile passwords can be sent between 9am to 9 pm only. 3. The entire process of voting should finish within 20 minutes and submitted.