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I H E following" songs were collected by the writer in connection with his work for the Jesup North Pacific

to the



winter of 1900-01.



characteristics of the songs

were described in Ethnology of the Haida" (Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Vol. V, p. 121). As has been


a discussion of the songs, the cradle-songs are

the property of the various families.



reason the

songs which form the bulk of the collection here presented

arranged according to the families to which they be-


The names

of the



also be found in

the publication before referred




used for rendering







e, e,


a, a,

6, (a),

o u o u






are probably the same sound, intermediate between the continental values of


= =







continental value,

u, are

probably the same sound, intermediate between the continental

values of

a a

German a

and u. Bar.


in law, only in foreign words.

A ° "

indicate that the preceding consonant
position of the

pronounced with

a, 0,

and u



Fortis. -j- indicates great length of preceding vowel. The catch ( 8 ) is used in Masset instead of Skidegate g and x instead of Skidegate x. and l something like // or kl . I found it difficult to distinguish fortis-sounds from sonants. Even among old people the fortis sounds are frequently reduced to simple pauses. p seems to occur only in onomatopoetic elements. l sounds something like ///. . . because the Haida sounds which should be classed under that head seem to me accidentally produced. owing to the presence of a following close vowel. At other times they nre uttered with rapidity and force. In recording my texts. and the air is expelled at the sides: \ is similar. but pronounced farther forward. and m. Spiralis. x is like German ch in Bach .4 Sottans. x . is by no means common. fi is identical with English ng in such words Words in parentheses in the translations have been added to make the sense of the Indian clearer bracketed words or parts of words in Indian indicate forms which are inserted in the rhythmic songs. y. and a greater volume of air allowed to escape. Velar Palatal g q q! k! t! x x s — n n in Alveolar g d dj k t Dental Labial Lateral tc tc! b L s p L — l! — — 1 — 1 Laryngeal catch and breathing . although considerably more abundant. Surd. but more of the tongue is laid against the roof of the mouth. x is similar. I have omitted the anterior palatal series. Nasal. h. w. This is particularly true of sounds formed far forward in the mouth. as string. in both the tip of the tongue touches the back of the teeth. but would be omitted . b occurs not more than two or three times in strictly Haida words. in prose.

You need not think that they will make such a continual to noise of singing in Skedans Creek as they used (in when you were a woman your previous existence). 1 The child is considered a re-incarnation of some dead relative.! ! ! I.'dja'ada kudju's unan it lu Q!c/na l'naga'-i ya'kAisl'ga L gaya'oga when Skedans the was town of middle in its smoke ^aqo'nga-ftna's Lu'hao l dja'adaga-i large may be when what (kind of a) woman (are you)! i/dja'ada kiidjii'sgu was there Lga-i Skedans gA'nLa-i Creek ge'istA out of l! they si'qigAnfga] make the noise A woman of singing continually qa-ixuna'n-llfia's Lu'hao l djaada'ga when what may (not) be woman (kind of a) are (you) You need a not think that the will middle of Skedans smoke of your house in the be as great as when you were life woman (in your previous upon earth a ). i. — CRADLE-SONGS. (Skidegate Dialect. [si .) Xa'gi la'nas.

HaU' waga daogi'+lgego+. Here behind us yet his woman own marry he is saying. going to marry his own sitting right Come. 9 gasi'n xega'nftn. 2. is Eagle. I dreamed about. he is saymg. dja'tgan ya'+nafi sugwa his gadju'+wAn sugAn. us go up and get. Come. his wife sits he He He says* he says he is is His wife His wife Eagle-Woman. ya'+nafi Gi'ttns dja'tgan marry own his woman Eagle Gi'ttns Eagle sugwa'+n. (the town sitting right behind behind (the town). Come for me all wake up. are going to make (Laughing) b ' they & k Ha ha a noise about him. he says. +n. Hal a' Come waga daogi'+igego+. . Adl'dAxua xA'nhao wa'ga Mere behind us yet his wife sits. let is sitting 3' Ha'lA+ dl'+ga+ ski'nxaLga'go. i "To say" Kach is i line of this used here for "to cry. going to marry his own he says-.(wife) yet owiboy wa'ga gadju'+wAn su gAn. f «- J^ says.u. hl'djigana xA'nhao wa'ga hi.! QSa'dAsgo qe'gawa-i. At qa'+ngadigwanga. Ad?'dAxua XA'nhao wa'ga °«i>. Come his let us go up and get. right behind (the town)." song is repeated. wife sits gadju'+wAn sug.Woman. My His wife us go up and get her! get her let us go up and sits there own boy is saying his wife he says. his let Ha My Adl'dKxua XA'nhao Here behind us yet ga'djiwAn su wan. is .

he will marry no one else when he grows up. etc. be careful. be careful careful of him. be careful of him. sit a noble- you as man a boy belonging to a good family. or will travel about without anything 3 e. Be careful of him. The reference to his poverty is made with mock humility. * father so that .one who is a noble. A-fildja'o-gafia a-fildja'o-gana a'yane a'yaiie. la' l ge'ida+lAii qla'oxan [s]ge'-f xAn aqa'dji sit aya+ you x into that place his head here (//-) qlaisoredlVo qlai'xas ge-|. man. That is what "taking off his head" means. 4- A'+yana-h a'+yaiia-f Be careful. away Ayana'+a Be careful lldja'o-ga'nan one who is gan dAn for hi'dja gadju'gAne. [The following cradle-songs for boys and girls are said to have been sung in the sequence here given when sung at potlatches at least. this nobleman. be careful. Ha. in poverty). be careful of him.ku'djugwa+ngasa-f n. it away.Come. the position of the last one was fixed. ha oh. Wherever you man. be careful. One who is a careful.. wake up. This nobleman. equivalent to wa. be careful. of be careful of him. be careful of him. him. Be 1 careful of this Aya The is nobleman. a" | yana+ a'+yane a'+yano. take off and put without anything he will rove about.] 5 (For Boys). take off his head and put (i. be Wherever you he sit. of an Eagle girl must give away blankets to this boy's parents. and I dreamed about it. be careful. what a ! listen to me! noise they are going to make over him (at the potlatch)! Oa'gials qe'gawa-i.

be careful. e'dji. and it is said that people will crowd into his house even from North Island. be careful. This This is is why you why you the are a boy are a boy being. as when waves meet and are packed together.Hao This gl'na thing gA+n * dAfi idjaga'djl'was e'dji. La hao He is ildja'oga+n. His property is likened to the raised in the time of NAnki'lsLas. i The flood child is born to give these great potlalches. you sitting as a for boy are. are. Even from North Island the people are crowded into your house. flood his NAfikflsLas has become a human in From property house a went towards Rose Spit. Hao This gl'na thing gA+n for dAfi idjaga'djl'was you sitting as a e'dji. . your house gut guniJgA'ndias are as other many as when waves meet each close together. Sklls naga'ga kuski'ndias was. Gwa-isku'n xa'-idAga-i xA'nhao dAfi na'ga North Island people Ikia'sigei towards the door even e'dji. Be careful. wA'stA from it Qlaku'ngwi Rose Spit towards Property in the house ga-ilgaga'n dA'nal ixtjudal. "his flood with tidal wave went. 1 That is why you are a boy. NAnki'lsLas himself made a human being. A+ya-j-na'+ aya'ne a'+yano. a nobleman. boy NAfikflsLas agA'fi i'ndaLxaga'gAni. and are packed Hao This gl'na thing gA+n ' dAfi idjaga'djl'was e'dji. you sitting as a for boy are.

Skedans and people versa. 4 One of high family. Take care. careful / A+yane Be a'qwes nAfi kitna'fiugin. for he looks expectantly. grandfather? you. NAiiki'lsi. are going to be a yA'ta. grandfather. . 3 U'yate u'yate Only only da'lAii you yA'ta f gadA'ldia'asan. This going will to be a great man. Be careful. Be careful (of the child). 2 this careful sky one touched. the Tsimshian chief at Kitkalla. Aya'fio a o ildja'oga-fn. the child's face will look joyous 2 3 when he sees his Tsimshian friends approach. (and Be careful. this is a nobleman. is A+yane Be + + a'da gua you ? e'dji is NAfikl'lsLas. child. The mother "The one refers to ancestors. He careful. Djc'basa. one of 1 whom is possibly being reborn in her a cliff that touched the sky' is Many-Ledges (Ties qoa'naiya). Equivalent to ugA'ngin. who wants for nothing. this is going to be a great man." and vice After he has become a be careful.9 r+lgian wAga'n(an) ku'+skl ftwas se+ lu tcl'nan qoniga'-i (Face) like it will be wherever your place is his grand- powerful changed father gl a la qeatdl'+ga. 3 s ? Be careful. Is this Is this you. 4 U'yate u'yate Only 1 da'lAii yA'ta+gadA'ldia'asaii. when he l looks for the coming of his powerful grandfather sees him). "grandfather. back of Skedans inhabited by a supernatural being. His face be changed wherever he may be. you called are going to only his be a yA'ta. NAfikl'lsLas This is perhaps the one that touched the sky. 7- A+yane'+ Be careful / a'da gua e'dji you ? tcl'na-i. is be careful.

lots of around canoes are coming. 2 (to potlatches). Plenty of canoes are coming around Point GatgA'fda it Now Now it has come to pass. it has become. Now Now it it come has come has 1 to pass. WAgana'n Like it ge'il-fdia+n. WAgana'n Like it ge'if-fdia-f-n. WAgana'n Like it ge'tf+dia+ii. WAgana'n Like it ge'tf-f dia-f-n.gfsLdian. chief's houses You are going to be a yA'ta. Dl q£'ndAldigoasl' lu qt'ngets na'ga-i You are of the great [a] gut gAn aqle'da each (near) other carving since chief's house people qinskitsga'dias. you are of the great people. You Since will will fill to be a yA'ta. it has become. You a yA'ta are going to be. A point of land southwest of Skedans village. has come to pass. large toward the east (or seaward).IO A tcl'na-i+ lana'-fga town a'+nga his la he xl' will I tskiits^a. Gado'+ GafgA'ida-kun gado' Around Gaiga'tda point dai. DaLv'n yA'ta gadA'ldiasan. your have large carvings seaward. it has become. it has become. to pass. with prop- His grandfather's fill erty seaward. up your grandfather's town seaward with property. . Only you are going Only you are going to be a yA'ta.

gus what will tin kudju'diafi? are you for? Because the slaves do it for him. e chop). he is to not going be able. Gus What tin kudju'diafi. Halibut he may not kill. A l nao dao-gadA'ldian. Glna Things / + tlnxA'n.e.1 1 JO. A l nao dao-gadA'ldian. as many as grow up well. a l nao dao-gadA'ldian as well. he is (i. Dog salmon he may not kill.. 1 1. As many As many things as grow things as grow (he (he may may not kill). kiil grow up A xagu Halibut as grow up well. are you for. as many ti'ga q!alA?i'nsgua a. all sorts of. to chop) to not going be able. Cedar-bark he may not kill l (i. as many as grow up well. As many as as many as grow up SqagI tiga Dogsalmon kill well. gQs what tin kadjo'dian? are you for? Sga'na Supernatural li'nga-i kudju'diari you are (you) are there power going to have for tin Gus What kudju'diari. qlaU'ft'nsgua. glna'-f tinxA'n. he is not going be able. as many as grow. 1 As many as grow. Ga-igtts Cedar-bark ti'ga kiil qlaLAti'nsgua. . things all sorts of. as many as grow. a l nao dao-gadA'ldian as As many grow up well. A l nao da'o-gadAldia'n. to A As many l nao dao-gadA'ldian. as many as grow. . a l nao dao-oadA'ldian as As many grow up well. 1 As many as grow. not kill). As many as grow. are yon for.. a l nao dao-gadA'ldian grow up well.

if there were two. dagaga'olinasi. Mothers who did no make these gifts were laughed at. Supcrnatu. there were. would keep. What are you for. if klusti'n two gwali'nasi. what are you for? You will not let canoes pass in front of what you are for. I would keep their heads. giis are tin kudju'dian? are you for? you for. What are you for. what are you for? You are to have a supernatural helper. their heads. there were. 3 if there were two. what are you for ? You are to have a supernatural helper. K!ustfn Two gwali'nasi. As a mother received property from the parents of the girl her son married would have received more if she had had two sons. 2 she . If there were two (boys). what Sga'na li'nga-i kudju'dian. I would keep 1 If people of low family passed close in front of chiefs' houses in their canoes they might be injured or enslaved. dagaga'oli'nasi. What are you for. is you. 1 That 12. if wa'ga their qa'dji heads la I there were.12 Gatxala'n lu In front of i'sdala-i pass ki'lskuna he will not like canoe to (have) him A'hao For that lin he kudju'dian is going to be Gus What tin kudju'dian. If there were two (boys). Klusti'n Two gwalfnasi. would keep. if wa'ga their qa'dji heads la 1 there were. if klusti'n two are (you) are there ral power going to have for.

woman. house-poles) of Skidegate you are a woman. you are a woman. only ones. The girls of this command when fami^^T^ied house-poles are to be raised. are a woman. you are a are a woman. dja'ada-gadju'gAn. hao You only ones were bronght up well dalA n sg A nxAnhao ya'te gad A 'ldigane qlo'ldjat. sit in his u daUn /j Hao You Vour grand- canoe and come - with him sgA nxAnhao. A dAn j--/ djaadas. Xa'na qa'h Sk. you are a this For woman. g. d A n U e dja'das. you are a woman.) 13- G A 'nhao you dAn dja'ada-gadju'gAfi. 14. you are a woman. woman. are a d A fi dja'adas you are a woman. point 1 Skedans around . Theirs 1 to how they act with it. are ' Wom » n ' dAn Von dja'adas. Hao dalA'n sg A 'nxAnhao ya'te gadVldigane qlo'ldjat. (four times).'o na-kun gado' ga Lnda'liJxaga-iyu. you djaadas. dAn dja'adas. you woman the sticks (i. ° are a WOman. you are a woman. you are a woman. dAfi you are going to comtand you art a woman'. etc. e.{For Girls. you are a woman. etc. y°U you are a woman. y° u only ones chiefw were brought up well chief women'. you are a woman. SkidegateThle^^InTli^viil 6 . Qan dAfl y _.. For this you are a woman. dA n dja'das are »»•<"»». al Tcl'naii qo'naiya-i powerful gwai'ga+gut his islands together dak'n dAnqla'-isgidan su * you pulle said ' A'figa gi A'ngaxawa'yu. you are a ^you are a woman. To command inlet. you are a woman. woman! dAn dja' g ate Inlet ^ wo^ fclia'na-i kilda'lrJxaigaiAgAn d A n dja'adas. /J~ A'-° A T dAn djaadas.

. You. are the only ones. point with him. (four times). grandfather's around dao 3 gutiLv q!a-iguxanskia'nsi. is right. that is right. that is right. parts Wa Hao That Ikia'gua gaga'-i nAn qla'ouwas la hao agA^n ga'djida far Near the door off one sits him let take care of you hao agA'n gada'lda let him take care of you a'+gadal (eight times). (four times) You only ones. 1 sit down (or take the position). That that 1 is is that that is is right. etc. etc. You. 2 To pull your powerful grandfather's islands together. are the only ones brought up well enough. chief women. Hao That a'-hgadal. Equivalent to ga-i. (four times). that is right. Let the one right. right. are the only ones. you. in different sit around in groups (the slaves). sitting far off near the door take care of you. and the islands are the Haida country and the to mainland. To sit in (the chief's) canoe and come around Skedans etc. right. that is right. take care of you. are the only ones brought up well enough. is hao a'+gadal. is 2 "Your grandfather" Reference is Raven. right. chief women. To sit down to receive tattoo-marks. You. a that is tcl'na na'ga house qa/li-|inside gut the right. chief women. etc. Yu is equivalent to hao. they say. That is right. QledAs klia'oga Tattoo for gi gaxa-uxansiiya'-i yu. 3 perhaps made mainland marriages. chief women. (the slaves) sit in groups around the inside of your grandfather's house.14 Hao daU'ri sgA'nxAnhao.

are the only ones fit to be chiefs' daughters. For (you) they begged a long time (to fit You You alone are alone are fit to to be a chief woman. Di LlnaxAn I ge'iidaii became hao a guda'figani[he]. she soon became. dak'n Y° U sgA'nxAn onl y ki'lsLa-i chief l ya'ta only (or At) di you gad A ldjl'gan are( s aidofa1. she became soon. They used Like it You to wish that I should be like that. be a chief woman. . l! they (aya+) qlotga'ndixan dja'gadA'figanl. like that WAgana'il o _Like that la geilsgia'n hao o. obtain you in marriage). A'hao . . J 5 1 6. except that qio'ldjat J it occurs. Or gl'tsis ("chief's daughter"). are of a high family. . they used to wish.igl. . You alone You alone ' are are fit fit to be a chief to woman. this r<VhJ WOmaD) ( he SeC °° d VerSe f ° . onl y ^ief are of a high family. used F° r ^ be soliciting (they) tried to get the woman Hao dak'n You a long time. family) hao 0+. 17- Hao dak'n sgA 'nx A n You^ only kilsLa'is chief 2 ya'ta gadA'ldlgAnkwe are of a high family Mao dalAn You <^i sgA'nxAn only kilsLa'is ya'ta chief gadA'ldlgAnkwe. S0D S is : S substitut ed for kilsLa'is wherever ^entical with this one. sg A 'nxan kilsLa'is ya'ta gadA'ldlgAnkwe only chief are of a high family Hao dak Y° U n sgA'nxan kilsLa'is ya'ta gadA'ldlgAnkwe. be a chief woman..

I only take care of her now. where you are crying about (because you are are now no slaves). let Come. la sgun ga'gmugwa'n. well brought up ones? There is now no one to attend to you on account of there your crying. HaU' Come. except that ugo'nfor the gafia ("your fathers") said to be substituted words gudja'+gaila (*your daughters"). her sit on my lap. . identical with this one. gfada'lan ? well brought up one? Ga gina'n Crying a gl xA'nhao for l! they qa'yinga'fia ge'da attend you gaglhman is ^ (no one) place where she crying gaga'ogwafi gacUl. but gu'iiga properly applied only to a man's father. well brought U P one * On account of what news of your daughters to you (to The Land of Souls) did you 3 going down come up for something. well brought up one. Hal a' ga'gin gao-o Come. where crying about. her sit on my lap! (eight times) All the villages used to hand her to one another. y well brought place where she up one. her on my 2 lap (several times) 19. let (eight times) her (or "let on my lap us have her") sit Ga The ga'os villages waLu'xAn all la gu'tgi to each other gagaga'ngao gu'tgi hand (her) ska'i to each other hand dlgo only 1a. well brought up one. I Now only let I take care of her. sit now ! only take care of he Come. Gu'sLao gudja'+gaiia your daughters Whv J J daU'n ga ki'ngatsgas ga da daoj you to news went down what did you come after. and 2 so took care of the baby.i6 i. Ivine * about. ge'da gaglhlfia'n gaga'ogwafi gadAl. I take care of her now. let ga'gin gao-o (several times). is crying lying about. ^^ i~~This means that all the people of all villages used to be slaves of this family. La sgun ga'ginugwa'n. but now is The second verse of this song is is the mother has to do it all herself.

ETHN. ha UUe a crow. last. i»nl> hao £drf Those l! way ^ su'ga. say.! La geitga'nan it l! they su ga. crow.a . alone belong to a with us.a+ ha «+. "are that U they sa'ga. is not that way They to 2I. a high family. say. they say. they high family. ha (Laughter) sgoa na A'cra talga'odigAn is gwe+. SOC. 1 Ha Here la ha La+ ha i*'+. llke a ' Ha L leLk) la ha r. ha la ha L a + ha *+. (Uack) just £* lite a i sung This song has to be : j^^'He p^ — AMER. _/ Not (with) howus ever was that way They alone belong But it say.17 20.»Wn * only gtfUW. . they say. _ Mack ground used one h7L a hAaV Crow ha rf + . . say. L . former existence on tattooed in her 2 _POBL. . they Gahi it. III. da Those VW. [of them]. the euu is supposed to " ve been earth. VOL.a ha L a+ ha i*'+. ha La+ ha Le'+.

(In Tsimshian. has it supernatural power? Do you own your grandfather's town ? Lying greatly. Lies large : is it powerful. Hao tcl'nAii lana'ga gua da da'ga. has it supernatural power? Lying large. Hao tcl'nAfi Your grandfather's xat tda'anuga da da'ga uya'te ga'djuyafi. Ga'godiya-i gua sga'naga. to own your grandfather's copper-fire. has it supernatural power? Lying greatly. Ql'ngodiya-i gua sga'naga.) 231 No'+ gunato'+ Wa-fgitcl 3 na-j~ gunato'+ (six times) qlayAm gwa'tAksta natnigAn aho'yuda near 3 down river (?) cry 4 (?) walsf mglgy&t noble dAmgI+ q!ado'+ men / No+ 1 gunato + na+ gunato'4-. Lies down greatly ? is it powerful. future. has it supernatural power? fit. town ? Your grandfather's you own. Ga'godiya-i gua sga'naga. copper fire you own you only to sit greatly. Lies down greatly r is it powerful. song are unintelligible. You only are sitting greatly. The translation first of this word applies only to the latter part of the word.i8 Qlo'na qe'gawa-i. are fit Do you own your grandfather's town? Lying large. Daiu indicates . Lies large ? is it powerful. town ? Your grandfather's you own. although a number of words This and the following may be -recognized. 2 3 Perhaps gisi ("down river"). no+ gunato'+ na-f gunato'+. 22. excluding the 4 three letters. Hao tcl'nAfi lana'ga gua da da'ga. Ofngodiya-i gua sga'naga.

woman [Aq!a] Qlaiya'-i aqlofgu'stA-f-. or Igu ("small"). Q!aiya'-i from the top of. comes out married. woman Di'nAii djat I'+ngadju-f. 25. tgai-u' la'nas. woman My My My My child child comes out married.19 (In Tsimshian. woman Di'nAii djat I'+ngadju-f- My child a (comes out having) married. He-e-e-e+ gw&'ldAma Woman aga'-i (six times) HA'naage he-e-e-c+ gwa'ldAma aga'-i ha-a-dl+ gitci bfelha algu haliotis qkl mas (a) nl'cina afgu' not (?) T ha-a-dl+ git not (?) He-e-e-e+ gwa'ldAma aga'-i (three times). Di'nAii djat I'+ngadju-f- My child a (comes out having) married. 1 From the top of (Mount) Q!aiya'-i. comes out married. comes out married. Di'nAii djat I'+ngadju-f- My child a (comes out having) married.) 24. . child child Probably a'tgK ("not' ). My child a (comes out having) married.

That is. he sa >' s * behind his sits greatly. 3 women of the family. Indicating that boys were scarce.. 3 * An . GitYn-djatsgan Eagle-woman his ya'nan++ sO'++gan. own even Adi'dAxua xA'nhao wa'ga gadjiwan Near right su. I'dja it kudjQ'dian is e'++ya get a 1'ldjao here nobleman. GitTn-djatsgan ya'nafi+-f su'++gaiV. Again 1 it is a boy. get ready (for him). 27. Adl'dAxua xA'nhao waga gadjiwan Near right su. has already married. us us go up and get her! go up and get her 1 ! He says she sits greatly right behind (the town). he sa y s ' behind the house even his . Again a boy. Come. nobleman. Get ready Lgalai'gut for 8 him. 20 26. 4 ready for him. he is saying. saying he has married an Eagle woman. [the town] Ha'lai wa'ga da'ogttkuxaogo Come.sits greatly He He He is is saying he has married an Eagle woman. his (wife) let us all go up and get. Come. Eagle-woman his own has already married. Lgalai'gut women of. Ao-Vfi & Get ready 1'sifi (for him). 2 This refers to the marriage customs. sits all all says she let let greatly right behind (the town). extinct branch of the Gi'tins of Skidegate. Come. le++di'go-h agA'n te++dl'go-h Lgalai'gul djina's. his (wife) let us all go up and get Ha'lai wa'ga da'ogttkiixaogo. he is saying. to marry him. I ai++iljao.

When Do Do it you burst with swelling. chief fit to be ga'dAldiafi. time DA'nfiai da Lida'ogo-uiai'ya. Ga'odjaos Drum (town) ga'-ila i'sta-ul ki'lsia-i. uyate' ga'dAldiaii. the Secret Society perform one day. To swell up you burst (on that day). chief! You had it one day at Drum Town. Inlet. chief! 3 DalA'n sgu'nxAn You only gua+ ? a'hao qindia'haowus here look about Tci'nan Iklia'nga A'figa Grandfather's (i. Inlet. place day. chief. Once when there was Town had enough property 2 1 a great famine in Skidegate Inlet. Sgate Secret Suciety ista'uti kflsLa-i (four times). having one day [or morning]. Skidegate Inlet. chief. Skidegate Inlet. the chief of to hold a potlatch Drum and save every one from starvation. highly moving around. gia'Lu at the Xa'na Skidegate qa'fi. do peoples') gadA/ ldlgwa highly moving around. Gia'ioi At the time Xa'na Skidegate qa'li. daU'n hao you ha-iluda'liJxa uya'te got all timbers yours out of the only to fit Raven / woods n. e. Ga-i 1a That i'sta-uf do one day (again). . Uyate' ga'dAldian. The oldest of the set. 29. kflsLa-i ya'ta Only fit highly moving around.2 I 28. only fit highly moving around. (four times). kl'lsLa-i chief. at that do it some chief. again..

Halloo. . the Raven peoples mother pretends that he NAfikHsLas's father would be an Eagle. and the 1 That is reborn in her child. Qifige'do Ifdja'n su qfrUgAlwAn gua'. is. 30- NAfikl'lsLas ibi>as & NAfiki'lsias's inahk. house-timbers. great one moving along. great chief moving about! extending Halloo he moves along greatly like something ! to the sky.1 gonga'+ qindjl'wayu hao hao qinxie'ndaUn.! 22 looking about: grandfather's You are the only ones fit to get all your highly moving around. Halloo great chief moving about 3 t a The baby is addressed. Halloo! great chief is he says great one moving about. chiefs Highly moving around. qinxife'ndAl-Afigua'. Na yu'Ans xa'-idAga-i. Great chief is he says halloo! He says it is NAnki'lsLas's great father moving along so greatly. great moving about. father one. Gua'+ qwiga Halloo! sky to (gi) gl'na gagitlugin u'hao something stretched up (like a rope) hao it Is he is is he there. Gua-H qinge'dao i+dja'n su qi'nlgalwan. highly Are you the only ones who sit highly moving around. a great o such a great one coming along. chiefs moving around. 1 timbers out of the woods.

You are DAfi-h qi'nlgAtwAfi gua You are highly . You are moving as so greatly sit. you are getting rich (or great) sitting there. highly as you sit.gua' I [a] dAn lala'ga+gaga your screens inside [ha] xega'nlthere w. Lga'xetgu 32 - la'nas. . You' are becoming great. DAfi sLu'lgAtwAfi gua'. [ere is Dad You ki'ngat ugua'. Daii sLulgAhvAn gua'. You are becoming great. you are You are moving You are moving so greatly as you sit. moving SIt - as Y ou DAfi ki'ngat ugua'.rou) are crying moving (you) are moving while sitting down. ina'-us wagM-ga'gma'fta noise for it (you) . becoming great. moving stt - as y° u DAfi sLu'tgAlwAfi gua'.ll be J Again do not expect ga'lgalwan. arc getting rich (or great) sitting there. you grow up greatly as he sits. You are moving so greatly as you sit. great. IHaol 1 i'sin [a L a] J i. DAfi+ ql'ntgAtwAn gua You are highly 7 . are getting rich (or great) sitting there. You are moving so greatly as you sit. dAn you kl'ngat ugua'. You are getting rich (or great) sitting there. moving so greatly as you sit. you are becoming are moving You You are moving so greatly as you sit. Here the chief causes himself to highly as you sit. growing himself up so great as he sits. dAn kffigat ugua'.23 3i- A'gua 1 ktlsLa'-i chief agA'n ina'sLda qi'ntgAlugA'n hao hao.

Aiyane'-e-e-A e-e-eyan a'-a-a aiyane' qlo'ldjatga' Be careful. chief-woman. f be careful. 1 inside your 33- Hao fsin a-a-a-a i/gua'-a-a-a Luguft'na Again perhaps 3 xetga'+ dAn xatga' in front of Upset-Canoe your father ai+ dAn gai. Be careful. expect to be. i These words are intended as a gentle reproof. new you taken care of sitting Aiyane'-e-e-A e-e-eyan a'-a-a aiyane' q!o'ldjatga'+.gandA[ga] dAn gatga'iao you look around things at llfia'-us. Hao i'sin a-a-a-a i/gua'-a-a-a perhaps gie'stA from where tla'go xAndja'os copper ge Again came from around dAn vour y xatga' father ai+ dAfi you gaLga'ndAfga] look around at things dAn you gafga'tao be taken care of sitting new llfia'-us. reminding the child that he is too high born to cry in that way. be careful.24 I do not expect there will again be a noise screens. Aiyafie'-e-e-A e-e-eyan a'-a-a aiyane' q!o'ldjatga'-f. chief-woman. chief-woman. for which you sit crying. expect to be. Hao I'sin a-a-a-a Lgua'-a-a-a perhaps gie'stA li'mAn xA'ndjusge A in from where hide of some came around mainland animal dAfi vour y xatga' father ai+ dAfi you gaLga'ndA[ga] look around at things dAn you galga'lao be taken care of sitting new lina'-us. lie careful be careful. expect to be. . 2 A place north of Cape Ball.

chief-woman. and look around the place whence coppers come. and look around upon all things in front of Upset-Canoe. chief-woman ! Again perhaps you expect to sit up high in your father's canoe. chief-woman. be careful. Again perhaps you expect to sit up high in your father's canoe/ chief-woman. expect to be. be careful.! 25 Hao i'sin a-a-a-a i/gua'-a-a-a perhaps gi£'stA gu'lxas xA'ndjus ge catnc Again from where big variety of abalone around dAn your xatga' father ai-h dAn you gaLga'ndA[ga] look around at things dAn you gafga'fao be taken care of sitting new lina'-us. . and look around the place whence abalones come. 1 Chiefs' children used to be placed high trading-canoes so that they could look about. Be careful. be careful. be careful. and look around the place whence li'mAn-hides come. chief-woman. up on blankets ip the centre of Here the baby is reminded of what she used to do in a former existence. Be careful. Aiyanc'-e-e-A c-e-eyan a'-a-a aiyaiie' qlo'ldjatga'-}-. Be careful. chief-woman Again perhaps you expect to sit up high in your father's canoe. chief-woman. Be careful. chief-woman. Be careful. chief-woman ! Again perhaps you expect to sit up high in your father's canoe. be careful.

as you sit For what do you cry like a noble's child? . Gu'sta gl da'gagina'ii galgu'lwan? What for are you crying and sitting around as a noble sits ? Gu'sta gl da'gagina'ii galgu'lwan? What for are you crying and sitting around ? as a noble sits Agua' It qloldja't xatgal++An Gwai'got fathers xa'-idAga-i people gAn with may be chief-woman's Ninstinls LOsqA'sL indja'wAs return by gu Lgia'gustA there la na la'-a-a-a agA'n let let canoe from being angry (one) next to the door that one ha-i tditraVo oru'anda. whVie you lie watch ana tend you about. Gii'sta gl da'gaglfia'n gafgu'lwafi? What for are you crying and sitting around r as a noble sits Gu'sta gl da'gagina'n gafgu'lwafi? What for are you crying and sitting around as a noble sits? Perhaps when the chief-woman's fathers return from being angry with the Bella Bella people. let watch jind tend you while you lie about.26 34- Agua' It qloldja't chief-woman's xatga'1-f +Aii fathers Ldjin Bella Bella xa'-idAga-i people gAn with may be LusqA'sL return by indja'wAs from being angry gu there tdaanii' the fire dji'ina next to la'na that fa'-a-a-a let canoe one agA'ii ha-i tclltga'go gu'anda. For what do you cry as you sit like a noble's child? Perhaps when the chief-woman's fathers return from being angry with the Ninstints people. that one next to the door will take care of you while you are lying about. that one (captured slave) next the fire will take care of you while you are lying about.

. that she could nick up 2 That is. for it fvnu^ (you) C sit U ^ nA and «u:„r. Cry. fall... chief-woman . which was hurt on a wooden tray chief-woman... have you 3 fallen? you fallen. from the top of the salmon- A woman of this family had such a large hand.r. have been falling. have you Did you fall. you (whence) have been falling. "How did you come to us?" . Da'gua ga'gwaiya' ga'gwaiya' You ? have been falling have been falling Sq.'gua At that time nAn some ones na'nga grand- sija-i hand dja'kia wooden tray qindja'waxan ha. move. berry bushes? 1 Whence have fallen? fall. I hear • : wa-i For it mother with square sides gagina'n. e. ga'gwaiya'. chief-woman.27 35i. fall. 36. gadja'o J J V» (you) VOUJ cry. Whence have you fallen. chief-woman move around (i.' Perhaps you are crying and are moving around for your grandmother's hand. been hurt. qlo'ldjida. Da'gua ga'gwaiya' ga'gwaiya'. da'gua ga'gwaiya' \ou ? (whence) have been falling have been falling.'aos qas gu'stA from gua - da y °U gagwaiya' i Salmontop P of berry bushes gagwaiya' have been falling da you f '"/e been falling gagwaiya' gagwaiya'. have been falling have been falling. wagi ga'fgaJwa'ii qlo'ldjida. ' sit and the body).

great chief's child child of noble family sits. chief's child. Hao Ist'n hfn Lgua a I gaodjuwa'-i drums hao dAii you gan f° r Again do not chief 's child's expect xegitdia' ttna'gus. Hai hai glthuna' Now. Ha-i wA'gt(n) gagina'ti gatga'twan. great chief's child! Harila' gidona' is equivalent to La'na gut u'tda nAngida's. Stop crying. to lay Ha Now i wA'gi[n] gagina'n for it are going to. gitsis Stop crying. Hao isi'n hi'n Lgua I a gua'gAna'-i hao dAn gAn you for Again do not chief 's child's heavy planks expect qfngao arc going dla'o ttna'gus. for which you are moving Stop crying. chief's child". the about crying. great chief's child! Stop crying. child of noble family sits. child. sound are going to. moving about seated. Stop crying.28 57- Ha-ita' gidona' l ha-ifa' gidona'. Hai hai githuna' gadjii'gan. moving about crying for it Now seated. chiefs child. great chief's child Now. now. great chief's child child of noble family sits. gitsis Stop crying. Stop crying. Ha-ita' gidona 7 . Ha-ita' githii'na gadju'gAn. child! I Stop crying child! chief's do not expect that drums will sound for you. child of noble family sits. again. Ha-ita' githu'na gadju'gan. now. chief's child. stop crying. stop crying. . ha-ita' gidona'. great chief's child gadjii'gan. crying galga'twan.

common people) One sits here like a lies common person facing the woods. Ha dlda*ui'+gl'+ anA'n xAngo' fAndjY+wa'+s la+. sqada'l go'figa u skit^adju'giagAn-utdies. great chief's child 1 ! 38. chief 's child's sing a song for the child this (accompanied by drumming) morning.. again. Say. Daii siwukndju'ga'+sga+fha] djigA'ldAxwan gi+djhao. yourselves make ready in mind and time Those-born-at-Skedans. mind any time Town-of-DjI'gua-People. child! Stop crying. for which you are moving about crying. people." Common That is what is meant by "your mouth will become people are called "mosquito people. Your mouth will be crooked mosquito (i. 2 Some one or the uses the low-class word for "sitting down" to the child. All this refers to potlatching and house-building. Hak' Cume. Towards the woods someone facing sitting down (like he (who common people) was sitting).! 29 Stop crying. chief 's child's father. Stop crying. father.. and is told to stop wealthy will give away so a many blankets as to put him to shame and "give him crooked/ 1 bad name. stop telling lies. sqada'l go'nga u skitgadju'giagAn-uJdies. stop telling Your mouth will become crooked. sing a song for the child this (accompanied by drumming) morning.e. people. child! do not expect that they are going to lay heavy planks for you. La You agA'fia gutda'wona'ga hadigwa'n Qlo'na qe'gawa'-i. La You 1 acrA'na yourselves gutda'wona'ga hadigwa'n Dji'gua make ready in ai la'nas. mosquito 39- HaU' Come. the chief's child.. Dja Lana' q!o'guga-|-o+. great chief's child! I Stop crying." . 2 Say.

this morning! Be ready. this sing a song for the child (accompanied by drumming) morning. eating things are Ga All tlieS e dAii gidagalga'l uga'fi. 40. Town-of-Dji'gua-People Come. Those-born-at-Skedans Come. chief's child's father. . _ La agA'na gutda'wona'ga You yourselves hadigwa'fi any time Da'gAn sel make ready in mind Common-Food-Steamers. adAfi your go'+nga naga'ga. etc. h ese move things alert for invitations to a potlatch. Nass Inlet sq!e'na-i hao[a] sea-gulls ga ta gofialxa'ndies. Common-Foodpanied by drumming. AdAii Your go+nga * naga'ga. " ^ gida'-i. chief's child's father. accom- panied by drumming. are eat things making cries. accom- panied by drumming. sqada'l go'figa u skkgadju'giagAn-uklies. chief's child's father. things Gllu'sAms AdAfi go+figa naga'ga. you are going to proudly as you sit. making cries. sing a song for him. adAfi go'+nga naga'ga. you are going to proudly as move you sit.! ! 3° HaU' Come. Come. Your father's house in. chief's child's father. Ga All t dAfi gidagalga'i uga'fi. Olo'na father's father's house ^ in. your father's house in. Cape Qlo'na kun sq!e'na-i hao[a] sea-gulls ga ta gofialxa'ndies. 1 The families are told to be on the when the child will be tattooed. this sing a song for him. this morning! Be ready. sing a song for him. house in. accom* morning! Steamers! Be ready.

perhaps qa^a'o^a. us take it on our knees. let gu'. it take it on our knees ! Come. In your father's house. gagi'n gu. hand to one another let Come. let us take (the baby) on our knees Hand it it to one another inside of us its father's house. in your father's house. let us take there. HaU' Come. in your father's house. Hao da'lAfi La'a hao daLv'n La tclna'-i lana'ga you grandfather's 2 gut glda upon chiefs' You town children gAnlgaklia'n. was substituted . Come. walking about. gagi'fi gu'. come. 1 That is. let us take there. haU' come. gutgl gagaga'n. for lana'ga. 41. other other Hal a" gagfn Come. in You are going to bear yourself proudly the midst of these things. (the baby) on our knees (the baby) on our knees Go'nga na'ga Its father's qa/li inside gutgl gagaga'fi. haU' gagi'n gu. to each house hand it. 1 Sometimes qaqa'nga ("his town"). let us take on our knees 42. those invited to the potlatch. in You are going to bear yourself proudly these things.! ! 3* In your father's house. to each hand it. sea-gulls Nass Inlet make cries as they eat. Cape Q!o'na the midst of sea-gulls l make cries as they eat. let us take (the baby) on our knees ! ! Come. let us take it on our knees.

v'n you ya'daga. chiefs). 43- Wa'ioi dfnAii glda' kuxia'ngwansl' lu ginxAn At that time sl'fget alone a'nga my own my child youth goes around as a when for nothing la qla'-ugwan. sitting. 44. all his (wife) let us go and gel! . chiefs' dal. Ha'U waga Come. Adi'dAxua xA'nhao waga ga'djiwan his (wife) is su'ugAfi. he says. da'osgian di'go. are fit _- the) only (ones) to be to be. Here behind us yet his (wife) is sitting. Sqada'ls daU'n ya'daga. sit around Gi'tin-dja'tgan iana'-|-n woman of he married Eagle his own Here behind us yet / suwan. as chiefs' children in your grandfather's Only you are fit to be chiefs' children. I shall vainly he will go to live with his uncle). children You walk about town. I sit around. You You are are fit fit be sqada'l (close relatives of to be chiefs' children. Gitsfs dalA'n ya'daga. he says. When my child alone (for becomes a youth. children. he says. Chiefs' you are fit to l)c. Adi'dAxua xA nhao waga ga'djiwan su'ugAn.32 Dalv'n sgun You (are ya'claiis fit gftsts. to Stasa'os qe'gawa-i. Great ones you arc fit to be.

You are not the woman we who belong a to only one low family. There are plenty of women. -PUBL. You are not the woman we who belong a to only one low family. VOL. ETHN. of our low-class family. let us sitting. There are plenty of low-class women. get her! 45- DAfi sgu'nxA'n gua dja'ada kudjii'diawis. sitting. III. SOC. let us Here behind Come. Ha'lA Come. Here behind Here behind Come. sitting. let us Come. wliich is of" course intended to be taken exactly the opposite sense. waga da'osgian dlVo. Come. Djia'djats hao qoa'nga.ays. and get! his (wife) let us all go He says he has married his own Eagle us he says his wife us he says his wife is woman. plenty Women belonging to a low class. are plenty. . You You are not the only are not the only woman woman of our low-class family. DAfi sgu'nxA'n gua dja'ada kudjii'diawis. AMER.33 Ha'lA waga da'osgian di'go. 1 1 This contains a polite self-abasement. he s. his (wife) let us all go and get! Adl'dAxua xA'nhao waga ga'djiwan Here behind us yet his (wife) is sii'ugAii. Women Djia'djats hao qoan kuha'oga. is go and go and go and get her! get her! is us he says his wife sitting.

3 I 1 1 The That "island chief" probably refers to is Raven or another supernatural being. 4 6. thought the island chief was coming. It must be towards the north point of the islands. Agua I ga'-idjlxuihao. . His (son or making a A'gua gwaisku'ngwi. however. But the chief's canoe comes greatly. His great son (the child) went by upon the water with a great noise. wonder whither he is eoinoHis great son went by upon the water with a great noise. comes greatly. 2 the canoe of this infant. noise great went by on the water. going the child) W^ga daughter) xe'gAii qengfndala-i. canoe.! 34 Sqoa'ladas. is wonder which way he (i. Chief's hiya.. Perhaps to North Island (to invite the people to a potlatch). (four times). I \ 47- Hi hiyaihlya gwa-i Island 1 ki'lsLa-i chief hao ahai'ya aya this qlai'gindalAfi was coming gudA'ii thought. e. hao but Ihl ihl ahaiya hi hlyai I KilsLa'-is Lua'-i L!a q£ngfndala-i. WA'ga xe'gan qengfndala-i His(sonor making a great went by on daughter) noise the water.

to fall into qa'-idjis spruce qas gu'stA top from mind made up (the cradle) (the cradle). might become crooked Be careful of ! my chief. who are called "mosquitoes. Qlo'na kun ("QlO'na Point") was substituted for Gilu'sAms. in. stop Daii Your si-u' djigu'ldAxwan mosquitoes gkla'-i. sq!aos qas salmonberry bush top >u st a from gagwai ya. my own. Gilu'sAms Nass Inlet 2 sq!e'na-i sea-gulls ga tago'nahcandies noise while eating ga in dAn you qoya' dear make a ga'fgalwan.4 8. to fall in from the top of a spruce-tree. A'dAn go'nga na'gaga Your father's aclv'n tci'nga na'ga. . naga. 1 The singer is probably drawing an analogy between the biting of mosquitoes and bad words used towards the rich by common people. mouth commoD things. common mosquitoes. Did you make up your mind to fall (into the cradle). house. to fall in. biting." 2 The second time this was sung. Be careful of chief Dja Lan Say. 49- 1 Da You gut your gua ? gagwai'ya to fall into gagwai'ya. house. your grandfather's atU'11 tci'nga your grandfather's house in. ta q!o'gugago. gagwai'ya to fall *. to fall in from the top of a salmon-berry bush? 50. Stop biting Your mouth might become crooked. Aya'fia kflsLa-i ga'fia (four times). move about highly.

e M the Nass people) make noises as they eat. where Skidegate Point sea-gulls e. aya'na kflsLa-i ga'fia. A'gua tla'gagua gagfnan awa'gua Right here for it kflsLa-i chief 1 ? crying sitting right here. my own chief! Be careful.. chief mine Be Be careful. Skidegate people) make a noise as they eat. ]?e careful. become a greater 5*- chief) all the time. xl'lsis leaves gaila'n like g^'tgei to dak'n you xi'ldji are going men one another qe'ndaldiasga. in your grandfather's house. get higher e. 52 - A'gua tla'gagua gagfnan awa'gua Right here for it ki'lsLa-i? chief? crying sitting right here.) In your father's house. Aya'fia 15e careful. move highly. your father's house. (i. in your grandfather's house. you get higher all the time (receiving more tattoo-marks. careful. you. t'ldjao noble yana mine. my noble sons! you will grow to one another like leaves. dear. eating in.! 36 A'dAii Your go'figa father's na'gaga Lgai-u'kun house in Skidegate Point sq!e'na-i sea-gulls ga make tago'fiala noise while xandies ga dAn gi'dagalgAl.. Where Nass In Inlet sea-gulls (i. etc. chief mine ! Be careful. my own chief! Lga'xet gitina'-i. Aya'fia kflsLa-i ga'iia. to grow. . you (i.

ye he Dlga ga'goaya. in front say is of to going be chief. that there be people in front of you as numerous as if people made sea-gulls cry. Awa'-i Lla'hao di'ga dina'n instead of to ga gwaiya'gAn. to me you came. __^______ Equivalent to awa'-i. he. Mother of noble family mother. dlga ga'goaya. hi S llcr ki'lsLa-i? chief? Lga'natsga'na sqlens Cousins (yours are) sea-gulls is are (like) ga t'agAfiahcangA'ns gana'n some people dAfi you make them cry by like stepping on xe'tga susgfngAs kflsLa-i. Are you crying for it. chief? Are you crying for your sisters. me my child chief's came walking. 53- chief? Dlga gfi'goaya-h dlga ga'goaya+. to ( me my child came walking. being obliged to step on them. that you be seated up higher (on a pile of blankets)? For your cousins. To me Mother you came. chief? Are you crying for it. — For those things are you crying here. to me you came. you came. A'gua tlaga'gua gagfnan awa'gua Right here for that ki'lsLa-i? chief? crying sitting right her e. Mother of noble family mother. ye he To me ' he. .37 A'gua ha'yat xA'nhao djasasgaiia Right here will not dAfi yours go'tga dji'ldasga sit belong your sisters up make him. some one else me J gilt Awa'-i Lla'hao di'ga dina'n Mother instead of to gwaiya'gAn. chiild another 1 Awa'-i ga'dji wehe. Awa'-i ga'dji awa'-i (four times).

mother of noble family. ye he he! You came to me. 54- Gugu's gi What for la he gitglna'+n? ? is crying like a (or she) noble's son [git] Giigu's gi la gafgatwa'fi? What Atcl'na-i Grandfather for he moves around? l na'ga-i gi la kungina'n the house for gafgalwa's ahi'gua. You came walking to me. is To me my child.) 38 You came to me. a'hao Gadji'djils his . who calling me "mother. . you came to me. family. a chief's child. 55- (Words in Tlingit Ya'naxe. calling me "mother. moves about he is etc. dog WAgakida 1 kAda'ostedja.. softly)? — sits? He moves around and cries for grandfather's house. Why Why does he cry as a noble cries does he move around as he (i. 2 duqal dAsgl xOk u yana. ya'naxe. mother of noble family. Equivalent to gi'tginan. came walking. ya'naxe." of to instead some one else.e. Ya'k u gitina'-i. 2 This line is repeated several times." Mother of noble Mother of noble family. you came to me. he is crying as seated. ya'naxe. mother of noble family.

etc. You cry because you want to dance as you used to l when came through the strait to you. their offspring Thlylyaha. It is not now as it was in olden times. . 56. Q!et ga'atge dAn tcfngan a Passage l! dA'lgins lu dAn ge'dAngin used to dance through to you guests come here when you gana'fi like dAn getga'fiAn da gudAfia'owus da ku'nginansa. members of other families besides the Yak gi'tina-i) are beginning to own good abaloneguests 11 shells. even abalone. etc. shells Ihlyiyaha. own Slaves even (common people) Ihiya. Xa'as xA'nhao qe'gas wa'ga A'nga klu'gagA'figa Dogs even when they have pups to them theirs love Wa'alhao A'nga ga That is dl I kluga'gAJl love. etc. etc. why mine Even dogs love So I love mine. Even slaves (that is.: : : 39 Haida Equivalent.) llu ga ge'dAngin gana'n wA'ga ge'daowus. Ihiya.good begin to own. Olden things times were like that way it is now. XA'ldAii da'gans xA'nhao gu'lxa las da'gaxida. you to be dancing you thought to be so you cry for it. (etc. The strait is probably Skidegate Channel.

and sit down. my uncle . chief Hi hi ha hi. Hi hi ha hi. yours lies in _ many caches one after t'stn qa'li gut da kuxia'ngwa ngasan. Lan Lla ku'nginan. you will Again inside (of house) go round. kii'djiu. however. LirnVn (Kind of skin) sqa'lAfia-i stowed away dA'nga gu'tgAn kudA sdiga. Stop. But stop crying! Stop and sit down! away in many storehouses. I bcre 58.gAn - . etc.bst. Stop your Hi hi ha hi. Lan a 1 sga'-il crying. Ihi Ihl hi. etc. kilsia'-i \ chief I qe'gAn. etc. etc. 5f2^ c-y --) - — sit a chief. Again you will go round inside Stop crying. crying. bore. etc.! / 40 57- Hi hi ha hi. — . Your limA'n blankets lie stowed of the house. however. ? kungffia'nodigan Gu'crus tla'gahas dlnA'n sits crying? my child for What kungina'no? Gu'lxas tla'ga gwA dlnA'n Abaloneshells for ? mV dl 1 child ClieS? _ 1 D\n gana'n gwA You Hke ? kilsua'wus qaii \ I qe gAn. Lan Lla Stop. 2 bore.tuted for i q5.

Ihlhla. Ihlhla. ihlhla. uncle that ? 1 I bore? 59- Lingua Why is it xAlda'ngAfl your slave q!o%et close by. she with unripe salmon-berries.4i Ihl Ihl hi. [ahlyla] Hao da You UglyagAfiAn da suku'djiwan? want something you cannot get. One of I the parents' ancestors is m ° ther I. partly metaphorical. ihlhla. Ihlhla. you say r DaA qo'naga ^ou kudju'geda qan my uncle I I qe'gAn. bore. etc. Why You Sitting close do you cry for something that you cannot get.u Ta'-idAldans dl'txa xA'nhao di'iun kii'sqetgwansi Waves even Iny ch ild sq'ao- looks around gans qlanas berries when salmon- at dl'nAii with di ginqo'nangasan. (For Girls) 60. are too foolish. i. uncle bore. For what does my child cry? Does my child cry for abalone-shells Like you I sit as a chief. Ihlhla. etc. When my will child looks fool me around behind the waves even. Ihlhla (many behind times). reborn: therefore the child " is called is "uncle" the "child' 3 ^^ herSdf the ChikrS clew SlaVe " in JCSt * An " Uncle " reborn in could get no to tke significance of these words. " unripe my child one will fool. 3 Ihlhla. which are evidently y . by your slave? 3 I are very foolish.

'o IgAn djaga? wife? J -/ - f that " ' ^ " will travel ""' liavcl by b X canoe my Thl'. etc. myLie ! ^JT You jvill again be happy there in Skidegate town. Ayl'hiya. dl'naii GustA gl'hao What for kungma'ngAn? " cries = my child P of canoe i : 8 by agaln ~ crl s ful n\n'\^. master's etc.„ q. ayi hiya (many times). ayl'hiya. etc. For what is my child crying? Does she cry to pass along again by canoe roint yiona. etc. I hlyaha. 1 ) 62.42 6i. etc. Ayl'hiya. r isi'n gut la'gaasafi Lgai-Q' l'naga'-i qan ^PPXthcn* qeVA n S k ide g ate tow!. (For Boys. «« » child. ayl'hiya. my master's wife? 1 in front of Ihi'. ayl'hiya' (many times). I Da Ayiniya. Point Q!^f is n The^V^v gate village ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ alS TZ: l agam " g!rls rCferS t0 thC f° rmer eXi ° US6d f° r l ' wUh "* ° ™« «**"% * — Ganges in «« Jdd. I hlyaha. etc.' uncle Ayl'hiya.e S — °f wording .

How GadA'ldiafi. 1 This is difficult to translate. high family A da'lan You sifiqla'odaga gambling-stick bag age'gl into at with tla'gwus copper ldl'tayii'-gaclas throw a great one (in exchange for services) wa'at sgun glda'dian sudl'gwan. gadv'ldian great you how great you are. with it 1 only belong to a high family.. belonging to a high In exchange you throw a great copper stick bag. you will have news sent around about you. (many times). how great you are! etc. to a high family. are! times) (last Su'digwafi gl'dadian. 3 into the gambling- They say those with this are the only ones who belong to a high family. gi'dadian They said word repeated several belonging to a belonging to a high family. How great you are.43 I hi'hla. they say. They say belonging family. this family who . Reference is made to a chief of always staked a copper when he gambled. and invariably won. Again from I hi'hia! What are you crying for? Do you cry for Skidegate Inlet? Again from there you will have news spread around about you (when your husband puts up a house-pole). Gu'sgihao da kungina/fiwan? What Skidegate Inlet you are crying for? Xa'na-qa'ti gi for gua da ku'figinan ? ? you cry ? I'sin sta dAfi kfinawasafi. 64. etc.

I care. This is probably - T ^ ^ famUy hist ° ry invoIved When the ^ out to call for the referred to .1. Take care. a boy just big enough to walk. 1 the morning. ga ai iTlangAn. just big enough to walk- Aiya'tia. IqaxiasLaia'si to call gu lu there canoe qe'da-i largest lhey are going hao gao-ula'n gua is ki'Isiachief nim > gone in the ? 0-e.) _ „ 65. take care. One went gone in to Sea-Lion Town to marry. care. tc^ke ki'lsLa-igan. my own chief! care. (Songs of Qa-i l'naga'-i. chief's) morning. ' kA boy / nxidci-i+. ki'lsLa-i chief is fin going fa to be i I qe'xa found. aiya'na. It was customary grve a canoe when one of his family married. my own master (or chief)! While Take Take was looking around behind Sea-Lion Town. my own is . u?r the chief chief to y who was going to marry. my own. iga'+na..44 Qa'-iaf la'nas. the canoe was gone. Qa-igagl+djat A woman l! of Qa-i I-j-nia'nai went out and married. I found the future chief. went out and married. Sea C Qa-i di't$a+ Uon behind lown J t I qi'ngwan was looking around qa'odl+ awhile. but the chief's canoe was chief. They were going to call him. my own chief! Aiya'na qf'ngetgaii. my own master! 66. Take care.

Be careful. he said. be careful.! . 45 67 . my chief! kffigetgan. be careful. his canoe was so deeply laden (with gifts). call it sitting thought he would. Gut si'+fgadaga'n xA'nhao right aftCl kl'ga kuqeda's at (a) 1a namCS aristocrali c CVen othtr with he (baby) kia'ganao guda'gu. na. my masfer! My child is a boy because he is do as his grand- father did when one went to his place long ago. my master 68. while walking hither A'yana kfno-et go'nga lie careful finga'n. chief-woman father is going to be my child. child be careful. After he had been there. Vana. be careful. ' E <I uiv alent to qa'ga. ^ whUe Walkin S hither ") * low-class word referring the fe to . 3 KilsLa'-i Chief kugwe'dalafi suwa'fi. Tci'nln His grandlathers sttga' nAfi place kugwai'ya went a long time ago l skoa'gagln ge'tgagl behind * hao some one was there Lu'ga gu'ga ga sLdA'ldail Liigagii'ga ga On his canoe qingingiW ' planks they put on their sides on his canoe thing is great on the Wa ? An >or it water* dfriA+n hl'dja+fa-i my _. that they had to put the weather-boards on it it (to increase child is its capacity). be careful. my chief! Be careful. kilsLa'-igan. ya'iia. ya lie careful. child is wa^An for it dl'iufi kudjo'gaasail is a boy (baby wot6 1 my child going to be a leader. daIafl 2 Equivalent to ge'tgaqa i« <UgW r ! chief 1 " f' himself. Ya'fia. is chief's ' father going to be! My Dl'nAfi aya'fia qlo'ldjat xa'tga ifngA'n dina'n. For Be my going to be a leader. careful.

chief. there used to be plenty. Qoandi'gini qoandi'gini There used to be plenty. great for that (= chief). Lgua While nAfi l! ta'nga hu'gAfigln kinda'la one they came to wa klia'oga gl la waiting for it by canoe. 46 He He Be Be thinks he would use high-sounding names. / kilsLa'-i chief. ki'lsLa-i chief.. used to be plenty in your house. gagifia'n-galgal. qoandlginl. there used to be plenty.' (Songs of Kaisun. there used to be plenty. Qoandl'glnl-f qoa'ndlglnl There used to be plenty. one after the other. . .) 69. and himself by a low one. used to be plenty. there used to be plenty. Daii na'ga ga iJa'hao qoa'ndlginl Your house in kilsLa'-i chief. you cry and move. child. chief. Ooandl / / gIni + qoa'ndfginl' kilsLa'-i. chief. kilsLa-i. There used to be plenty. there used to be plenty. . the careful of the future chief's father! careful of my future chief-woman's father. chief. There There There There used to be plenty. there used to be plenty. there used to be plenty. kt'lsLa-i-f-. chief. there used to be plenty. (to the others of his own family. Qoandi'gini. There used to be plenty. qoandi'gini. there used to be plenty. used to be plenty. but there used to be plenty. saying hu on canoe. chief. chief.) : says the chief comes walking. qoandi'gini. 1 The child is supposed to call others of his family by aristocratic names.

there used to be plenty. Ala qfngugwa'ngani. I used to see it. goes about. great chief. see it. I ala I qfngOgwa'iigani used lo (an indefinite used to see it. . 70. used to see it. 1 Equivalent to at ("with"). there used to be plenty. I used to see it. Ala qfngugwa'ngana-i. there used to be plenty. to (to the There used be plenty. I used to see it. I used to see it. chief. I used to see it. in your News went about of house. I used to see it. chief. na'gaga la'ahao kfnlgAtugani.with ing against - * d. number of Da'ii Your house in times). I used to see you kl'ifia ki'nfgafugani. ata kfngugwa'ngaii. I cranberry-bushes growing in your used to see it. DaA Your na'gaga la'ahao dago's goda'ganas hao gut at house to I copper used for making boxes now each with other gatkifidagA'ndiesi at make a noise by knock. malelga-i cranberry-bushes Iga'djudia's (so) a'l grew of dAn you kl'ifia news of Afa kfngugwa'iigan. as news of goes about you move about. ala qi'ngugwa'iigana-i. News went about I that boxes made of coppers house sounded as they knocked one another. I used to see it.47 You cry and move about to see them come by canoe potlatch).



U+hua', 1 u+hua',
Loftiest one,




Dau naga

ga L!a qoa'ndlginl gua
in there was formerly plenty,


yiidA'lgAnAS Gl'na uhua', uhua', qati sku'na
greatest greatest




smells strongly, (something) b,g

U'hua, u'hua, qi'ndal?





one, Loftiest one, loftiest one, loftiest

There used


be plenty


your house,


Does not something big
your house,

a whale) smell strongly in

Loftiest, loftiest, mightiest chief?



qinda'l, u'hua qinda'l (la)



T!ak!i'ngana ga
His own children

La' qi'nwa-i gaatxA'n qi'ndju,

go to (be born from) without it be born) come out of (why not)

U'hua qfndal, u'hua qfndal, u'hua

qinda'l ta?





qinda'l, u'hua qinda'l la,



Gi'sto dAft lu yu'ga a'wan qi'ndju,









u'hua qinda'l?





two chiefs very high word, only applied to one or



especially great power.

Mightiest chief, mightiest chief,


(Gadaga') choose to be born from his own grandchildren (instead of from some of his sisters'
children), chief,




Mightiest chief, mightiest chief, mightiest chief?

Mightiest chief, mightiest chief,





into such affluence as

he (Qadaga'), 1

Mightiest chief, mightiest chief?

Na'-ikun qe'gawa-L

I'djlsigwA'ns gl di'nAfi Not a common my child woman at all

he refuses


Wa'gi dl'+nAii gwa'waii nAn





some one


just there

inasu'wa gitfn-djats xAn A'nga ina suwe+,
wants that one





says he wants that one,


xA'nhao Inasl'ngwan.
just there


he will marry.

Even a noble woman my

child says

he refuses.


says he refuses her.


wants just that Eagle


for himself (indicating

a particular one),
Just that one he will marry.

Dja'4-djats iJaha'o



are better (than

dja'djats iJaha'o la. women are better (than

L. a

have more property.









chief of the







KilsLa-i'gan kilsLa'-i dAfi ge'tgwafi axAn?








of one's


Women Women

are better (than men),


are better (than men).

Chiefs of

have more property. my family, where are you?

(Masset Dialect. 1 )
Ll'£lAfi qe'awa-i.


Eya ha



k ingina'fi
(he or she) crying.

Qa'gaigafia na'ga Llao Skl'lsls xe'gAndigi -wa'di




a noise





Wa'di ku'djiwa e'ya ha





Eya ha
But he



(or she) is crying for the noise Skflsis
(at the

(now reborn)

makes in his uncles' houses For it he sits greatly.






da skAndAfi kudju'gi[ge+]
arc crying

will own but Who 3 do'ne aldji'wai

are sitting


are sitting?

But do you sit crying over who will afterwards own younger brother of good family?



In the songs the Masset catch



strengthened to Skidegate





I Nothing wish to eat now. A'gua It na'nAii his grand- Lga gut land was mother's dl'nafi ku-i-e'ndalane upon my child walks (a proud word) J Wa'gan For it stla'ga kudja'oane. called. fi I 1 kiagangin. father's w J * ' e Iistens fo SU After ^ L!ao tcIn A 'n si'ga gut ku'djugiagandalane. e. g rand .1 beings GA m When gin gu de gudA'nan hai./ ^ A ^rlaSir * bneas (?) "*" -n sufernatur. JNothing I called to the supernatural beings. his foot is dear. -. Not you cry (excl. Nanaiga'na LAga' sga'nas gu'lxas q !olda's L Q sga'nas gl dm0thCrS knd SU y.! 5i ti'elAii kun 77- l'naga'-i. wish to eat (?).)! Do child walks proudly upon his grandmother's land His dear foot is for that (i.. . Gaiti Ja ku'ngtnail An. but grandfather's sea upon goes along stopping often on the way (upon the water). tcl'nAfi lu'ga giu'gulaga Grand- wave listens for. My not cry 7 8.. 79- Tcl'nAfi lo'ga giu'gulaga. the supernatural I beings stole abalone-shells from grandmother's land. to walk on it).

large. sea. however. how. large.are very large. is very large. My crests (as carved) are very large. 1 The "grandfather" here referred to is is probably Raven. hao qla'lifiAs yua'ndaga-i. La I Llao gaoge'idasaii. A'gua :re Here na'nAfi her grandgrand mother's Lga gut ku'tgatguna'-i gAn wagA'n sLla'gA land is upon walking about for for it use (your) hands kudja'wan. stopping every now and then on 80. Use your hands. image this are very large. 3 dear.. to walk about upon grand- >i. this my crests are very large. Gia'gAfi Llao yua'ndaga-i. this very large. Gia'gAfi Llao yua'ndaga-i. la Llao gaoge'taasafi. hao qla'ltfiAs yua'ndaga-i. gia'gAfi Llao yua'ndaga-i. I will put them away." 2 Kudja'wan also a "high word" for . This image is very large. My crests how. is very large. mother's land. image is very large. my dear. I them will put away. 52 (He) listens for grandfather's father's 1 wave. Hao This qla'lAfiAS yua'ndaga-i. he listens for grand- wave he But afterwards goes along upon grandfather's the way. (or figures). "to sit. this image is very I will put them away. this image is very is very large. ever. ever. My crests. This image image is very My crests are very large. this image is very large.are very large. large. my crests. them will put away. Hao This qla'ltfiAs image yua'ndaga-i. image is hao qla'lAnAs yua'ndaga-i.

do not cry upon my I am 1 not The rich. upon me (my knees) Ski'lsis's Do town still stands.! 3 82. scolded as being a reborn chief. not cry upon my knees! 84. cry! you on my I Dl gwa ga lgaiqendigwA nus. Ski'lsis's stands town.e. If you are knees a chief (reborn).. 1 child is too great to cry. HawA'no qo'godAii Still Ski'lsis l'naga'-i. and . Supernatural land (i. Yen Truly dAfi i'skudals you are chief (or lu if gAm r "dear") not (imp. GAm Not \ di'gu ku'figinafiAn. dlginl. beings used to leave you on this point of Rose Spit). cry. SiJe'fia la'nas.) (knees) di'gu ku'figtfian hAri. I am truly not rich.those ral beings a point (Rose Spit) on you left. A This LAga-i land yuku'ndjudasi is i'figut sga'nas u dak'n y&'dadasupernatu.

and look. Ski'daoqao. dear. chief (or dear)? For clothing? chief (or dear). . go straight up. Sung "proud song" ( e a'r £ agadAfl s s a'lAna-i). house around mine will walk gwanasan. (or rich man) When my among With child goes out of his house. Chief with my dear will enter. 871 DaB tcin fklia/nao stick (cedar dAn dA qa/tcu ku'udAn. chiefs (only) my dear will enter. 86. rldjao dA'fiAt kuda'ltclaasan. But yours you shall wear chief (or "dear").by father looking trunk used for canoe) chief's son (or "dear"). Your grandfather's canoe is looking for you. GrA^An To yourself ku'sLigA?.54 85- Gu'gus What t!ao dAii su'kudjiwafi gia'ga tla'gwa? for you are crying? things (clothing) for? WAsklifen a'na dAn giA'nda kudju'asan. you for is Your grand. he will walk around the houses and look about. For what do you You shall wear it. cry. Nan gest' dl'na qoga'-iwas lu naas gado' dl'na ku'sqedAgoes out Out of his house mine when. Go straight 1 up to also as a it.

dear. chief. by Make yourself a chief's son. When ULa'mAn about x lay in sight on the sea. the first was unable to obtain in Haida. is a chief.55 88. and young women of the St. the captain looked upon his companions (allowing them .v'stas. low hill near Rose Spit. his on the sea (in sight) when canoe upon the captain companions looked about. again chief. in the second verse. Haiya Now ki'lsLa-i. A 1 agA'n ki'lsLia kudju'da. verse about intermarriages between the young men of the Ski'daoqao A third song. of intermarriages with women of the Giti'ns of Massct. ha'oisin kflsLa-igan. dear. . is ULa'mAn is is a long. ULa'mAn gffgigasLas lu ULa'mAn is tda'Afi gut ku'sgetgtn. child will The mother tells in probably thinking of the time when her which I come home from trading with the Tsimshian. Make yourself a chief's son. to relax their efforts). is Again he 1 a chief. generally the first sighted in canoes from Port Simpson and neighboring places the Tsimshian country. now chief. — a chief. haiya kflsLa-i.

did warriors kill you? The dead man "did. War men ? killed 2 war men ? killed dear daugh- I bore. you ter Qeda'o gwa wa. 90. 89. War men ? killed war men ? killed you. are going down. you. qeda'o gwa wa. did warriors kill you. going down. Qeda'o gu wa qeda'o gu wa.) Yaku lanas. Hao gua ? cUri you qa'guUgl. dear daughter bore? kill Did warriors 1 you. Djigo'es gu qagu Uga Sun there is kuda'l. dear. Did warriors that I kill you. gada'-i h qega'na. — MOURNING-SONGS. 2 Literally. you. S€ ai'ga s alAiia. Are you going down ? The sun there is 1 going down.) g (Ki'tdjao qaga'n or (Masset Dialect." is likened to the sun. [56] . dear.II.

'e'na la'nas. 92. dear. too much. too much. qoya'sga. it becomes too much.57 9*. it becomes too much. Qoange'dAn. it it too much. Qoya's Dear dAfi xAfihina'-i. Qoange'dAn. qoange'dAn. qoange'dAn. What What I medicine shall I I use (in my affliction)? medicine shall use? have nothing face to comfort me. dear. dear. SL. qoya'sga. it becomes too much. qoange'dAfi. to bear. qoya'sga. It becomes too much. dear. It It It It becomes becomes becomes becomes too much. It becomes too much. Qoange'dAii. dear. dear. too much. qoange'dAn. It becomes too much. becomes becomes becomes becomes too much. Gu'stas i/nan a qle'nafi ana'n xl'ladigwafidan What (nothing) ? ? myself certain shall use for medicine thing Guptas What Li'nafi (nothing) a qle'nan ana'n xl'ladlgwandan myself certain ? shall use for medicine? thing Qle'nan a For myself dl I Alku'skldegwan. it becomes too much. Ooange'dAn. 1 too much. dear. qoya'sga It becomes too much. your face. (I Your dear 1 long ff for). have nothing. it it dear. Tnat i sr-my rief is too great . too much.

makes my heart sick. face all body all (we see). . want your whole body. to see) I would enter upon it. (-you) Gin Something stle'dlguiia-i. your If I could see the trail (of the dead). 2 3 Sung only by the women of this family.makes my heart sick (or very sad).58 1 93- Qo-es LLfnakn Clouds fi a-i I kusl'tUl. look down. elder brother. Elder brother. look down (from Ta'xet's house). Sung by the same man as Song 94. ° ne couldsee if (= a'ldjiwa-i. wish to Parting the clouds with your hands. your hands lu'yiiia-i DAn Your dAn your xA'nifia-i. Sung by a man named Skilqoe'Las for his brother. the loss of you) makes my heart sick. 95 3 Gin thing st!e'dlguiia-i gwai'yai.. elder brother Some. We wish to see your body and your face. whole body. I) Gwai'ye dAn Elder brother. e. open with through. Something makes 1 my heart sick. 2 94- K!iwa'-i l! nAfi qa'fiAs lQ Th r (of s t the ^^ dead) (I gwl nAn «Pon one qa'-idan. could go. Something (i.

you would have saved 1 2 The last Sung by This is part of this is metaphorical. Ha'klun Like that cUri you gudA'ns k!i£n thought although gu gAm ? qe'id LAklala tree fi a dl not shelter of in dAfi you If qla'odafi-udja. If you had seen land. T!o1k!a gitAna'-i. dear. Alas! my I. seated me ? you thought so not seat me in (i. .59 9 6. e M if you chose to die).] I I da'-indAgwAngAn? poor one searching? Ha'djadia na'da-i. It means. niece. dear beloved when one yourself. For what Alas ! am unfortunate one. two if you made in canoe. 3 98. and her body could not be Guptas. "Why did you die so suddenly?" the wife of one lost at sea. the shelter of a tree? 1 why did you Tas la'nas. yourself. LA'gas dAn qa'n ku'gits lu agA'n Land you see. (or chief). gl What for found. 97- [This was composed by Qadjiqd'k u when his niece was drowned in Qla'nAn River. looking? my niece. 3 merely the sense of the Haida. 1 ku stAn gi'ndagia'naxAn. 3 beloved.

I iJao but gAm not Id' IstastA dl gudA'nhAngAn. I do not want to have a tired voice e.. 99- Gahi Not fa I'lIcIa you at us qe'gaxango (repeated over and over). look. I do not want to cease wailing). but (i. Do not look at IOO.6o Family Doubtful. have a tired I voice Your voices are tired. . i Perhaps a song of the LleUfi qe'awa-i. Dak'n gu Your ? ki' Ista-us di voices are tired. want to. 1 us.

3 Because they were fearless in battle. A'gua Skflsis Here Ski'lsis's l'naga'-i town 8 / ai ya gago'das ho. 3 in Tsimshian. — MISCELLANEOUS SONGS. [6i] .] You Tsimshian people are foolish. lies. 2 was able to obtain only the translation of this song. Are you pleased with it. (Masset Dialect. [Sung around the head of an enemy raised upon a pole. You ? think it younger brother? good Here lies Ski'lsis's town. Are you like coppers? 3 1 The "younger I brother" is perhaps a captive or an opponent in battle. s ao siJan l'naga'-i. Dati gua gu'la do'na-i (repeated four times).III. younger brother? 1 Battle-Song sung 102.) Battle-Song (Gu isda's s^Una-i) of the IOI.

1 for the first time I would not know myself. time myself am singing. Xa'La gwai'ye go'lgaf qle'aosgien. Now am Song used by the e ao siJan l'naga'-i in 105. Women. [Song by women during the absence of their husbands with a war-party. myself I I I Raven me would not know. e. the hats when spring comes and the foliage appeared as have island of the turns green. Song used by All Families in making Peace (Ga la' sVlAfia-i). 104.62 Battle-Song of 103. I Raven had eaten me. one SkUVao killed (and enslaved) many people. Ao Now If lislnot first dAga'n for su'g.A/gao. Haidas' island green has become. singing to myself.] SkU'ga-o Sk'. . many people.) 1 "Being eaten by Raven" seems to mean being killed in war. this tla'et killed qo'nagAn. The Haida has become green (i. Y6f di tada's ate lu if qle'nafi di u'nsAtsgaiya'ndo. making Peace.

63 Songs of Derision. [Songs of this kind were largely in Tsimshian.] a translation of 106. Laugh no at the chief! for. used in making lowing is fun of a poor man who pretended that he was a chief. he has rattle in his hand. although he is a chief. . The fol- one of them.

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