Dialogo._ "Viaje de Duarte"         Cónsul: may i take your passport please? Duarte: Of course. Here it is. Cónsul: Ohh!!

Haitian, good! Duarte: No!! I'm Dominican. Cónsul: Here says Haitian. Duarte: No!! I'm Dominican. Cónsul: Ha Ha Ha!, Dominicans are nobody, they don't have nation. No one wants to be Dominican. Are you crazy? Duarte: I’m Dominican, I don’t care. Give me my passport and let me go. One day we will have a nation.

“Juramento de los trinitarios”

Duarte: Good night ladies and gentlemen, here are the best of the best. People that want to improve the value of our nation, a nation that has been stolen from others. Our land, a land that belongs to us from heritage. We need a team for that, those are you “The Trinitaries”. Stand up, raise your hand and … Everybody: “In the name of the Holy, August and Indivisible Trinity of Omnipotent God: I swear and promise, by my honor and my conscience, in the hands of our President, Juan Pablo Duarte, to cooperate with my person, life and goods in the definitive separation from the Haitian government and to plant a free, sovereign and independent republic, free from all foreign domination, that will be called the Dominican Republic, and which will have its tri-colored flag in crimson and blue quarters traversed by a white cross.” Duarte: repeat after me. God, Homeland and Liberty.

“Sueño de Duarte”

     

Duarte: Uuuuhhh!! Jean Pierre Boyer. Boyer: Who are you? Duarte: I’m the one that will end with your oppression. I’m the one that will bring freedom. I’m Juan Pablo Duarte and I have an army. Boyer: Ha Ha Ha!! An army is not going to be necessary. Let’s do it like in the old west. You and me hand by hand, one shot! ________________________________________________________________________ Ohhhh!! Nooo!! My mustache, I’m not a man anymore. How could I protect my nation noooo!!! :o!!

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