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Camus by Serban Andrei Mazilu

Camus by Serban Andrei Mazilu

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Published by Deea Sterea
Camus is a smart, romantic and nosy cat that acts in the name of love. A short story written by Andrei Mazilu, author of The Angellove Society Series.
Camus is a smart, romantic and nosy cat that acts in the name of love. A short story written by Andrei Mazilu, author of The Angellove Society Series.

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Published by: Deea Sterea on Jun 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cam loved the lobby.

He’d been there for as long as he could remember and, unlike other local species, the company of these noisy creatures, roaming around on their hind legs, agreed with him. Curled around on his spot on the red velvet sofa, he watched them with lazy, half-open, brown eyes, and couldn’t help but wonder constantly: “Where’s the hurry?” Indeed, these beings that oftentimes gazed at him in surprise and distorted their faces in a way he couldn’t – because he’d tried it many times – were always on the move for some reason. For Cam, times passed differently, faster and more intense; in his way, he worshipped that lobby as Adam would Eden, knowing no other home or world, living with the certainty that this small hotel was built for him and it began existing little before he did. Outside was something strange and... not really that interesting. But, truth be told, he wasn’t different than any other feline: Cam was chronically lazy. His dilated chestnut eyes scanned the room with interest. That family of light-haired people was finally handing in the keys and picking up their suitcases. Cam exhaled deeply, happy to be rid of those annoying pair of cubs that followed the adults around – they bothered the hell out of him, always tugging on his tail and squeezing him tightly. A couple of days back, they even applied something that, for the humans, would be called torture; luckily, his body was a lot more flexible than those of the two blond brats, and he doubted that being stretched like chewed bubblegum would have been as tolerable for them. In addition, their parents let them run wild (unlike other adult humans Cam saw pass through along the years), so they squealed and screamed and made all sorts of high-pitched noises that made him squint and sneak for cover whenever he’d hear the mini barbarians’ war cries. Missy was smiling and delivering the line he’d heard so many times, but he could tell she was faking it. In fact, anyone working there could have confirmed it; she was obviously tired and stressed, and shared his relief at the thought of being rid of this pack of disturbing mammals. Cam noticed all this and many other things bipeds didn’t – sometimes he’d raise this question at them, but the answer always came as a piece of meat. One could only imagine the cat’s confusion; he was never able to tell if humans were insane or just silly... The afternoon sun shone large spotlights through the glass doors, illuminating lazily the wide hall. Cam... appeared to be smiling. Or the feline version to that particular facial expression. As the yellow-fur group departed, he hopped off the sofa and silently strolled across the crimson carpet towards the main desk. His large head (for Cam was a strong and well-fed tomcat) turned left and right, looking calmly and lovingly at his beautiful home: brown-orange wooden walls gave him the feeling of constant warmth, and those strangely shaped green glass things, that started glowing when the Outside went black, looked like quite friendly. He adored the red velvet furniture and carpet – they were very comfortable, but, then again, there were little spots where Cam wouldn’t feel comfortable. What he loved the most though was the size of it all: he could sneak and run around freely, without getting in anyone’s way. For instance, and with Missy completely unaware of it, he’d often enjoy a game of peek-a-boo, using the four solid marble pillars in the hall as hiding spots. With little effort, Cam hopped on the desk, startling the receptionist and saluting her with a low and hoarse meow. His striped tail whipped left and right, before he sat down, staring straight in her eyes.

as he pushed in for more affection.“Camus! For goodness sake. sweet cheeks!” he greeted Missy. To Cam however.” Missy said and extended his palm over his head. you’ll see!” Gary added and grabbed his mop and bucket. She knew he’d lean into it and pet himself without her having to pay attention. there. not you again!”. but provoking a different reaction from him. he’d say “oh. Gary had just altered his relationship with Missy (who would treat him differently starting the next morning). but this man had a surprisingly gentle touch for a creature of his size. gossipy and manipulative.I wish you’d actually understand what I’m saying and cease the surprise attacks. But also because he had witnessed the rat population being drastically reduced immediately after the tomcat learned to hunt. Cam watched the old man with dark brown skin leave. he was more than that ‘cause Cam could see his spirit and his essence rise towards the surface. like one would speak to his grandkids... “.You know what.. It wouldn’t have been such a dramatic find if it wasn’t Camus himself who would line them up and stand there proudly for Gary to arrive and praise him for a job well done. One of these days you’re going to give me a heart attack. noticing Cam’s spiteful gaze. If he could talk. “This critter is so annoying! Someone should tell Marta it’s not sanitary or safe to keep an animal in here. “Don’t underestimate Camus. “Oh. sitting with his back at Missy and displaying the most annoyed (or disgusted) face a cat was capable of.. Mr.. And he didn’t care for that aura color at all. truly bothered him.. waving his hat at the cat. The front door opening made the cat’s head to turn fast and his eyes to zoom in on the creature approaching. that resembled an animated scarecrow.” “How do you figure?” the plump receptionist asked. winking clumsily and removing his hat with a failed elegant gesture.. “When you come in. He liked Gary – he’d always share lunch with him and didn’t overdo the petting. use the back entrance.Oh!” he added. looking over the register and pushing noisy Camus off the pages repeatedly. lined up outside the service entrance. “That cat is smarter than you-know-who and his daddy put together. Gary smiled and his coal gaze seemed to do the same. This skinny human. Cam purred loudly and his right ear turned to the side when Gary responded. and always smiled sinisterly. one you’d be smart to avoid. Involuntarily though. turning on his heels and grinning. For a person. Johnny (as the staff called him when they didn’t refer to him as “you-know-who”) gave the impression of a bothering individual.” “Why?” Missy asked absent-mindedly. you stealthy scoundrel! . as she would come to find half a dozen dead rats. in the morning. playing with her short black curls like usually. “What’s the news? . “Hi. girl?” the janitor said. He was cunning in his way. girl” the old man said in a pleasant tone. Most humans pressed too hard and taunted him by pulling on his ears or tail. with all the clients!” . so instead he just turned around. mostly because a part of him was proud to have known Camus since he was brought to the Faraday. like he had something bad in store for you.. hairball!” the man added. hearing Missy complain about him again. “You again? Get outta here. large as raccoons.

I have a hotel to run. Johnny. making it look like a handful of hay trying to escape from under it. Mr. Johnny” was just jealous – unlike the scrawny human male. They both closed their eyes for a second. there should be a law. may I add. They just lie around and act like they own the place. my dear Ca-mew!” the girl added and shook her head fast a couple of times. “Meow-mew. And. What he didn’t understand was why Marta even bothered giving him the time of day.” he declared. scouting her office and making an effort to determine her shape as Marta stood in front of the large open windows. “Hey. and didn’t hide it with a hat (that didn’t even fit his head). beckoning him with her delicate hand. knee-long summer dress.I hate cats – they can’t guard. pressing the slight creases of her white.. in agreement. “And.” he said. your mane looks particularly shiny today. placed his paws on her shoulder and laid his head against Marta’s cheek..” he said..” John added venomously. in his friendly low tones.... “I am so glad you like my dress!” Marta said. Ca-mew!” she called in her crystal voice. displaying her own golden curls glimmering in the sun. they don’t come when you call them. useless pets. “Why thank you. as the current of air from the hat’s movement cooled him somewhat. now seeing the girl in shades of blue. all the way to the tip of his tail. dark orange fur with brownish stripes. bowing her head playfully.. then he licked her face a couple of times with his rough tongue. Cam wasn’t confused: this person was just bad.” The young ginger-haired man frowned with his thin eyebrows and narrowed his green beady eyes at the feline. Cam nodded slowly. enjoying the moment. then jumped off and disappeared in the shadows of the titanic marble columns. In his mind. he didn’t give a rat’s behind about the reasons behind his spitefulness. The powerful white light played with his vision. like to see what she’d respond.. enough!” she squealed and laughed. looking in her large blue eyes that every once in a while seemed to be covered by lashes as large as butterflies. with colorful flowers on it. “Mew. making the girl laugh. So. He turned his head towards Missy. if you want” Marta added. “Enough. Stupid. being a cat. He hopped on her desk and sniffed her. though he knew it was mostly frustration. smiling at Cam with all her being. And nobody’s complained so far. . “Come on in!” the blond girl added. He coughed to adjust his metallic voice and concluded. He circled the spot a few times and sat – he felt safe in that armchair. “Camus’s been here longer than I have. “Go on now. Cam responded with the same bored look. “All the same. kind sir!” she exclaimed and giggled. She was wearing that flowery scent that made his blood tingle and electricity run down his spine.. he was convinced this “Mr. You may sit in the armchair there. When it came to Johnny. especially with Johnny around.. “.Cam smiled in satisfaction. He pawed at them as often as he could. Camus was covered in rich.

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