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designed to build the future HR professionals of this Country. CHRM’s modules are a proprietary module to handle the practical approaches in the organization. This program is designed to build the expertise of HR Practices at a Team member’s level for any fresh HR student. CHRM is a copyrighted program and process designed with the help of industry experts and been rated the best and only On-The-Job program for HR in North India. Vision, Mission & Values Vision To be a global talent transformation organization adopting innovative methods for unleashing people potential for organizational success. Mission Rekindling innovative skills and fostering Professionalism. DISCOVER THE CHAMPION IN YOU! Values CHRM practices complete Professionalism and Commitment throughout the training process and delivers continuous quality post training support. ABOUT US Centre for Human Resource Manager (CHRM) is a platform for the people who have a dream to make career in Human Resource. We are here for them with a customized course module of Human Resource Management (HRM) with an emphasis on real-time application and best practices. As an HR generalist you are expected to be an expert in every human resource function, including the numerous employment laws. Not only do you need to have a strong knowledge base, but even more importantly, you need to be able to apply your knowledge to the daily situations that arise in your workplace. Students will learn a HR information system used by leading companies in the industry. Relevant areas of psychology will also be covered to provide students the knowledge and skills to deal effectively with human issues in a work environment. This course of study will be able to meet the growing needs of the industry for competent Human Resource professionals. Apart from specialized modules which give students a good grounding in relevant areas of human resource management (HRM), modules with psychology will provide students with relevant

The course will prepare graduates for work in a wide spectrum of industries in Multinationals. The training being imparted at colleges are theoretical in nature and don’t prepare you to deal with the prac tical aspect of work. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Typical job titles include:       HR Executive Recruitment Specialist Industrial Relations Executive HR Information System Officer Compensation & Benefits Executive Training Executive COURSE CURRICULUM Companies prefer hiring trained professionals rather than hiring candidates and training them. Centre for Human Resource Manager (CHRM) offers Complete. Our training focuses on providing support to approach professionally and solve all major issues pertaining the HR industry and developing the right attitude. E-Learning.knowledge to improve people management skills. It helps them save cost and time. responsibilities. PMS. as we prepare you by providing you with world class training and also provide you with Placement opportunities with some of the leading companies in Bangalore. Payroll. Performance Management. . Attrition & Retention. Our training aims at providing innovative and feasible solutions assuring HR executives to reach their expected goals and success points. Learning & Development. PF. as well as. people management and process management skills required in the long run. ER. Employee Relations etc. Committed and Planned training by eminent professionals and assuring to reach managerial career levels with top notched performances. CHRM is one of the finest courses available in the retail market for people who are looking to build a successful career in HR. ESI. We help students with Live Projects & Hands on Experience with Industry Exposure & getting them trained by HR Experts. HR Laws. The training is designed with a real time approach to all areas of HR. personal lives and overall career performance. MIS. Through our training we build competencies on Recruitment & Selection. Performance Appraisal.

 Designing break up for gross salary in view of tax exemptions & other related acts.  TDS Deductions. CL & SL. Appointment letter.  Tax slab rates. Payroll structure. Formats.  Form 16 & ITR. You'll have in-depth knowledge on all the areas of PF. Leave policy. Calculations Forms. Calculations & Employee Benefits.  Discussion on some formats like offer letter. etc. deductions & reimbursement. Shops & establishment act. . Monthly returns. Calculations. B) PAYROLL  Payroll processing supported by real time exposure to the payroll software. Experience letter & confirmation letter. Gratuity act.  Due dates & filing all the forms linking to the payroll summary. Assessment Procedures. C) LEAVE CALCULATIONS  Eligibility Criteria for EL. Relieving letter.  Exemptions and allowances. Rules. ESI & PT  Statutory Acts.  Discussion on formats used during employee joining & exit Process.  Preparing payroll summary. STATUTORY COMPLIANCE LIST. TDS & Tax Planning for employees up to Form 16 & Form 16A. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS A) PF.  Updating employee's database for new joinees & discussion on settlement process/ F & F. including Income Tax. Format & Procedure for TDS Calculations. Filings. Settlement Forms.  Deduction on savings & Investments.  Payment Challans. Annual returns.1. ESI. Formats & Due dates. Forms. Half yearly returns. E) INCOME TAX  Tax planning for employees.  Designing CTC breakup as per the offer letter. Contract Labour act & Payment of minimum wages act. PT. Transfer forms etc.  Designing the pay slip with all statutory & other deductions.  TDS on Professional consultancy services & employee working as consultants. Procedures. D) LABOUR LAWS  Bonus act.

Retention Management  Attrition Matrix  Attrition Issues  Rewards & Recognition  Organization culture building .Pivot Table. IT. HR GENERALIST AREAS MIS Reports  Advanced Excel reports with shortcut keys & formulas. Performance Management System  Complete system of appraisal evaluation  360° appraisal process  Reverse appraisals  Discussion on Balance score card  Introduction to value chain analysis and Six sigma  Reports and formats. .F) FAQ  Frequently asked questions in all statutory. Competency Mapping SWOT Analysis Employee Engagement / Employee relation  Employee grievance handling  Rag analysis  Attitude building  Case study concepts etc. Goal Seek. 2. Auto & Advanced filters vlookup which is used to prepare MIS Reports. Policy Implementation  Reasons and benefits  Tips to draft policy manual /Employee hand book  Discussion on different types of policy.e. Payroll & Labour Laws.  Assignments and projects. i.

PROFESSIONAL BENEFIT (End to End Career Solutions) For all trainees CV revision will be done in a professional approach with placement support. Joining Formalities and settlement process  Responsibility  Exit Interviews  Reports & formats. Talent Engagement  Employee life cycle etc.. Communication Skills. Time Management 5. CORE HR DOMAIN LIST Man power planning  Process and Responsibilities. 3. Induction / Training and Development HR Jargons Management games and ice breakers Group Discussions Role play FAQ / FUT / Mock interviews and Team presentations Discussion on Typical / logical interview Questions. . 4. SOFT SKILLS LIST Motivation. Recruitment  (Hands on experience on Job Portal)  Recruitment cycle  Background verification  Sourcing Methods (Recruitment Budget / Planner)  Sourcing Methods  Documentation  Formats and Reports.

Friday 2:30 to 5:30) Plus Additional classes with flexible time for computer lab to practice. it will be shortlisted on priority basis. Post training support provided regarding any hr issues during working period. Payroll in Excel. FEES AND BATCH DETAILS Regular Batch – (Total 1 month course) Duration . Payroll in Excel. Payroll software.Three Consecutive weeks (3 weeks Monday . Recruitment Solutions on job portal. Payroll software.After CV revision if you forward the revised CV to any company.13 Sundays + Additional classes for Lab Plus Additional classes with flexible time for computer lab to practice. MIS advanced Excel report as per 2nd page. Sunday Batch Every Sunday . .9:30 am to 12:30 pm Duration . MIS advanced Excel reports as per 2nd page. Recruitment Solutions on job portal.

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