Summary Fine arts graduate from Pratt Institute. Dedicated to create and direct innovative methods of interdisciplinary animation. Skills
Practical Skills Drawing, drafting, painting, sculpting Fabrication, model building Craft skills 2-D and Stop Motion animation Comfortable with power tools and shop equipment Self-sufficient and driven, with an attention to detail Computer/Program Skills Dragonframe Adobe Flash Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop Logic Pro Final Cut Pro (609) 947-3754 JDybvig@gmail.com AJamesD.com

River Gallery, Yangon, MM Winter 2012 Informal Residency Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, MI Fall 2011 Fall Residency Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY Spring 2011 B.F.A. Painting

The River Gallery, Yangon, MM, January 2012 The New Museum, New York, NY, May 2011 Thesis show at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, April 2011 Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, February 2011 Show Currated by George Adams, Brooklyn, NY, Jan ‘11 Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY, Summer 2009

Work Experience
Independent commission for Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN Spring ‘13 Director, Fabricator, Animator - Developed and animated content for site-specific LED tower - Directed and animated 2-D and stop motion content for main stage screens between performances Charged Studios, Brooklyn, NY Fabricator, Animator, Compositor - Fabricated a living set for a combination time lapse and stop motion shoot - Dressed and animated the set - Rotoscoped and composited in Adobe After Effects Independent commission for 360 Chestnut, Boston, MA Summer ‘12 Director, Writer, Fabricator, Animator and Editor - Fabricated a 15” stop motion puppet with threaded steel armature and brass ball and socket joints - Designed, built and painted 96” X 48” set including furniture and props - Wrote, animated, directed, and composited mixed media commercial for the internet CRANE International School, Yangon, MM Winter ‘11 Animation, Art and English Teacher - Taught 9-10 year old children to animate a bouncing ball according to squash and stretch principals using Adobe Flash - Composed lessons and taught English and Art classes Summer ‘10 – ‘11 Animation Studio Intern - Polished backgrounds, props, and characters for network television show “Ugly Americans” using Adobe Flash - Drew in-betweens Winter ‘13

Augenblick Studios, Brooklyn, NY

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