JUNE 12, 2013

NR # 3132B

Angara wants to establish dialysis wards in all public hospitals
Senator-elect Juan Edgardo Angara will push for the passage of a bill in the Senate establishing dialysis wards in all government hospitals in the country. The former congressman from Aurora province introduced House Bill 453 in the 15 Congress.

Angara said the measure would require all national, regional, and provincial government hospitals to establish, operate and maintain a dialysis ward or unit in their respective hospitals. According to Angara, the bill is supportive of the government’s efforts to reform the health sector, which has been set in place through several innovative projects and programs aimed at providing the people with comprehensive health services. Angara said the government has even tapped the local government unit’s participation to make the health care services more affordable and accessible to the public. “The fact remains that sophisticated and advanced hospital and medical equipment and facilities are found in highly urbanized cities, so much so that patients from the rural areas have to travel all the way to these urban cities just to avail themselves of advanced medical treatment,” Angara said. Angara said the high costs of treatment and the additional travel expenses are financially draining on the part of the patients who need treatment on a regular and sustained basis. “This is particularly true for patients who are suffering from kidney disorder who have to undergo dialysis treatment regularly,” Angara said. Under the bill, patients whose combined annual family income does not exceed P30,000 shall fall under the category of “indigent patient” and will be treated for free if the patient will undergo dialysis treatment in any government hospital. The bill also provides that any hospital chief, administrator or officer-in-charge who fails to comply with this act shall be punished with a fine of P50,000 but not more than P100,000. (30) sb

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