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Vocal Training Course Session 1

Vocal Training Course Session 1

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Published by Alexon Fergus
Vocal Training Course Session 1
Vocal Training Course Session 1

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Published by: Alexon Fergus on Jun 12, 2013
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Discovering Your Best Voice With Alexon Fergus CourseOverview: Singing techniques Singing Styles Super Vocals Vocal

Power Exercises Complete Vocal Ear-training course SESSION 1: Singing Techniques Part 1 - How to feel free and confident when you sing - Learn the singing techniques and habits of professional singers - Harness your new skills allowing you to be able to sing almost any style or style imaginable! Singing Technique 1: Breathing

- The voice is a wind instrument (Like the Saxophone/Clarinet) - the reed is in your throat (your vocal chords) - For singing, unlike speaking, its important to fill the lungs completely - the more air you have available, the longer the phrases you’ll be able to hold! - The more breath you have the better the control you have of your voice! It’s also a massive boost to your confidence. Your voice now does what you want it to do! - Clear tones, Low tones, Vibrato, Flexibility, Flicks, Turns Growls - all rely on an ample supply of air to the lungs!

Exercise 1: With open palms, place hand between index fingers and thumbs and slowly slide up until your thumbs feel your lower rib cage - when I say breathe take a full breath through a comfortably open mouth and throat. Expand your stomach against your hands and pushing against them allowing your stomach to expand Relax head neck and jaw. Your shoulders do not rise, relax tongue - let the tip gently rest against your lower teeth. Your mouth should feel as though you are gently yawning and feel the cool air gently pass the back of your throat! Now take your breath - Breathe in for two counts and hiss -like a snake - out for four counts.Do the whole process for three to five rounds!

Now once again on the second E above Middle C .Next combine two hisses with the word Hey! As if you just saw a friend after a very long time! Hiss Hiss Heeeey.Now repeat on low female register G above middle C HIss Hiss Heeeeeeeeeeey! .Place hands between hip bone and ribs and cough gently. HIss Hiss Heeeeeeeeeeey! Well done! Repeat at least 5 . hiss hiss heeey! .Discovering Your Best Voice With Alexon Fergus Singing Technique 2: Support The same muscles used for coughing and sneezing are used for singing! . feel the natural support? Now try hissing twice: Hiss Hiss in the same manner! Now on the letter F Say the sound of F twice breathe and FFF FFF.Now repeat this again this time with a longer tone on the heeeey Go ahead! Hiss hiss heeeeeeeeeeeeeey (Almost singing one note .10 times! . Make sure you feel the pressure against your hands as you repeat these exercises.Maybe Middle C/E) Again! HIss Hiss Heeeeeeeeeeey! Well done! .female falsetto. .

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