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Science Form 4 revision matter

Science Form 4 revision matter

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Published by Angie Kong Su Mei

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Published by: Angie Kong Su Mei on Jun 12, 2013
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nce can conduct electricity in molten or/ and solid state.

Type of substance Bulb condition

Type of electrode, voltage, mass of substanc

tance that can conduct electricity in molten state but cann

Melting point of substance X is 120 liquid Solid and liquid .

120° C Solid and liquid Boiling point of distilled water with common salt will increase. .

metal Non-metal Metal can conduct electricity but non-metal cannot. Voltage. length of rod Type of material Copper .

proton electron 2 4 proton electron neutron Substances that have same proton number but different .

Period 1 3 X 4 Group 2 5 Increasing number of proton number 5 Non-metal Neon Coloured light bulb Helium To fill balloon .

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