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*Answers to Questions Behind the Curtain

*Answers to Questions Behind the Curtain


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Published by Kris
This is a compilation of ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS readers had regarding "Looking Behind the Curtain"
This is a compilation of ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS readers had regarding "Looking Behind the Curtain"

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Published by: Kris on Apr 29, 2009
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"No person shall be held to answer tor a capital, or otnerwise iniamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due _.;..... _ process of law;, nor shall private property be taken for public..use, without just compensation." - U.S. Constitution 5th Amendment

So let me make tills absolutely clear. The United States has political prisoners and for those who want to think that we are so honorable, you should remember what was said about Nazi Germany. When they came for the labor unionists, nobody said anything. When they came for the gypsies, nobody said anything. When they came for all the dissenters, nobody said anything. When they came for the jews, nobody said anything. When they came for me, there was nobody left to saying to. A European film crew has already contacted the Bureau of Prisons. I have agreed to cooperate and they will be making a documentary on this case. At least two others are writing investigative books on my case. They sent me here quickly and have made every effort to arbitrarily keep me in prison, I have been called America's Count of Monte DeChristo, or America's Nelson Mandella, to the Guy Who Knew Too Much. When my case started, the Wall Street Journal plastered pictures of myself and former Prime Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher together. I was very angry at how such private pictures were being used in the press. I was told by my lawyers that this was how the Government warns politicians to stand back, or else they will get tainted What I write can be verified by anyone who likes to do sos There is far more that I would like to say, but the evidence is not available to the general public so I will keep my mouth shut until I can reveal what will shock the world. Unlike those on the net who now act behind fake names, whatever I write can be and will be challenged in a court of law. So I am very careful only to write what can be proven. Why would Goldman Sachs grab whatever it can from our mondeling? Perhaps it is best described as the curious cat. The primary thing that the "Club" wanted of me was to join and then spout out forecasts to influence markets. In other words, people j udge others by themselves. They assumed and told the Commodity Furtures Trading Commission that I was manipulating the world economy because of the sheer size of our corporate and institutional client base. They argued nobody could predict a specific day in the future years in advance and watch the world go nuts. Thus, that was in their view a "power" they wanted, and I argued did not exist. I routinely had made public warnings when they were targeting a particular market. In March 1999, I gave a seminar in Tokyo, warned that the "club" was going to manipulate the yen and warned our clients in Tokyo (about 70% of the corporate market), to lock-in their currency for the annual March roll. They did, the yen rallied because the "club" lost at least $1 billion on that failed attempt. Perhaps you will recall Maxwell, the Jewish billionare guy who fell off his yacht and drowned in the river in London. Then it turned out he lost a few hundred million pounds sterling that just happened to be bad trading with employee pension fund money. Any you think he really fell? You think that trading was not part of the "club" at all? The CFTC has always been a puppet of the "club" and you really think that any conspiracy theory can be ignored when offical court documents compelled me to even defend in a court of law against the CFPC allegations instigated by the "club" that I was manipulating the world economy? What really goes on you would never believe!


Some ssern confused as to why the CDO and CDS become part of the money supply. The mere fact we are now bailing them out, demonstrates they are monetary instruments. The is what I call part of the "legal money supply" that becomes obvious once you are -involved in international capital flows. It is monetized by the Rule of Law. Part of the talked about scam with Goldman Sachs, is that it was owed at least $20 billion in CDS claims against AIG. So, the government bails out AIG, they pay off the debt owed to Goldman in the form of CDS, and Goldman can then pretend its exposure was minimal. The CDS became a "legal" asset that gave false confidence to lend more and increase the velocity of money relying upon the CDS. Money Supply becomes the velocity of money that is created by the banks through lending. If you put $100 in the bank, it lends that $100 to another, you both have a statement from the bank stating you have each $100. This is a legal form of a Ponzi scheme. Now that second person buys a tangible property from yet a third person with that $100 making that property now also a constructive form of money whereas the third party now has the $100 and let us say the bank lends out that deposit again to another and now we have 4 people with the same $100. What people also fail to understand is that this velocity of money creating a leveraged constructive form of a larger money supply, is only possible because of a established Rule of Law. You will not deposit money unless you trust the courts will enforce your property rights. This is why third world countries are poor - not because they lack assets, but because they lack the Rule of Law. They can have trillions of dollars of assets like exist in Africa, but if there is no trust in the Rule of Law, then there can be no investment, and thus the assets remain worthelsss. It is the Rule of Law that transforms assets into money. During the 80's and the takeover boom, I advised a lot of so called takeover artists. But what I showed them how to do was transform debt into a performing asset. One of my clients back then was Alan Bond of Australia. I showed his staff how to borrow in one currency that would decline against the currency of the nation that was the target asset. As the currency declined in which the loan was denominated against the currency of the asset, one was able to pay off the debt at 20%-40% less compared to the asset. We were able to transform debt into a performing asset making even up to 40% profit when the target asset broke even or lost slightly.

The healthcare problem will destroy the American economy by itself. It is not a matter of just paying for those who are not covered. Both Republican and Democrats are predominantly lawyers. Because of the lawsuits, tests are being done that doctors know they do not need, but do so because of the lawyers. The insurance premiums are insane"and unless there is a limit to this insanity, it will destroy the whole system Class Action lawsuits do not protect the public as one might think. The lawyers get to keep 30-40% at least plus costs. I know a few who have made unseen amounts of cash. Legal reform is the answer. Why not make shaddy doctors subject to the same criminal laws they inflict upon anyone connected with Wall Street? This is only a starting point. But we have to start. Class action suits raise the prices for healthcare preventing American jobs from staying in the country.

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