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Republic of the Philippines College of Arts and Sciences CAMARINES NORTE STATE COLLEGE Daet, Camarines Norte

COURSE SYLLABUS 1st Semester A.Y. 2013-2014


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ENG01 Study and Thinking Skills

This course is a compulsory requirement for all freshmen students of this College. This course is designed to develop the learning competencies of students, especially those that are related to language. Several learning strategies are reviewed, discussed and practiced in class so that students may understand how they use these strategies individually. NO. of UNITS NO. of CONTACT HOURS PRE-REQUISITE CORE VALUES : : : : 3 3 hrs/ week None

This course necessitates and develops the following core values: Preparedness and Punctuality Attentiveness and commitment to learn Respect for oneself and for others Critical thinking Discipline

CORE OBJECTIVES This course aims 1. To improve the fundamental skills for effective studying and thinking in English 2. To showcase the level of skills the students possess thro ugh coherent and original outputs; and step up these current abilities 3. To equip students for extensive and higher learning 4. To create a forum to understanding their learning habits and strategies and how they can improve it COURSE REQUIREMENTS :

This course requires the following: o Regular attendance and good behavior o Two major examinations (midterm exam and final exam) o Recitation/ Class participation
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o Quizzes and Long exams o Two projects (midterm project and final project, which may be either by group or individual)

GRADING SYSTEM The following table shows the breakdown of grades: Quiz Midterm Finals TOTAL 40% 60% 100% 15% Major Exam 35% Recitation 30% Project 15% Attitude/ Attendance 5%


: TOPICS TO BE COVERED Orientation Using the Library Book Classifications Library Setup Card Catalogue Computerized Catalogue and Databases The Internet Learning Styles Learning Strategies Reading Techniques Skimming Scanning Finding the Main Idea Identifying Supporting Details Vocabulary Enhancement Reading Comprehension Skills Level and Categories of Reading Comprehension Drawing Inferences and Conclusions Making Generalizations and Predictions MIDTERM EXAM Note-Taking Summarizing Paraphrasing Text Mapping Composing a Paragraph Parts of a Paragraph Principles of Paragraph Development Making an Outline Methods of Paragraph Development Description Narration Analogy Comparison and Contrast Deductive Inductive FINAL EXAMS
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Week 3 Week 4 -5

Week 6 - 7

Week 8 Week 9 - 11

Week 12 - 13

Week 14 - 16

Week 17


: Writing Drills Interactive web discussions

Lecture-Discussion Group Discussions and Activities INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS :

Chalk-and-Board Internet resources Charts and Powerpoint presentations EVALUATIVE TECHNIQUES :

Film Audio-visual materials

Midterm and Final Exam Quizzes Oral participation

Midterm and Final Project Written output


Aragones-Olan, E.; Belen, V.; Biray E.; Hidalgo, M.; and Quitoriano-Rabang, M. R. (2003) Effective Study and Thinking Skills. Trinitas Publishing, Inc. Bulacan, Philippines. Oxford, R. (2005) Language Learning Strategies: What Every Teacher Should Know. Heinle & Heinle Publishers. Boston, Massachusetts. Uy, C. & Valdez, S. (2007) Maco Skills in English. Mindshapers Co., Inc. Manila, Philippines.

Prepared by: RHODAVIV V. AVILA Instructor

Noted by: ELSA T. MANLANGIT, MASL Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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