Clinical Applications

1. Centricity EMR (In-patient): Electronic medical record for all hospitals. Utilized for clinical documentation/ordering and retrieval of lab, radiology, demographic and transcriptions by clinician’s. Shares information with Multi-Entity (ADT), Sunquest (lab), RMS (radiology) and McKesson (document scanning system). 2. ALLscripts EMR (Out-patient): Electronic medical record for Scripps Clinic outpatients. Utilized for clinical documentation, scheduling, ordering and retrieval of results, transcriptions, demographics by clinician’s. Shares information with PMA (registration outpatients). 3. Ormis (Pre-op, peri-op, and PACU) Electronic medical record for OR scheduling and clinical documentation by clinician’s. Shares information with Multi-Entity (ADT), McKesson (document scanning system) and Patient Tracker (block time for surgeons). 4. NavaCare WatchChild (Post Partum) Electronic medical record for OB patients. Utilized for clinical documentation, and fetal monitor surveillance. Shares information with Multi-Entity (ADT). 5. MACLAB IT (Cath lab) Electronic medical record for cath lab hemodynamic monitoring and clinical documentation during procedure. Does not share information. 6. Pyxis Connect (scanning system for orders to pharmacy). Utilized by nursing to scan orders to pharmacy and pharmacy order entry. Shares information with Centricity. (in-patient EMR). 7. Pyxis Medstation (medication dispensing unit in nursing units) Utilized by clinician’s to obtain patient’s medications. Shares information with Centricity (in-patient EMR) 8. Micromedix CareNotes (discharge education/information for patients). Utilized by clinician’s for discharge of patients. Does not share information. 9. Single-Sign On (stores passwords). Utilized by clinician’s to allow quicker log on to multiple systems. Does not share information. 10. TeleTracking (bed tracker). Utilized by clinician’s to track patient’s beds, and as a transport tracker. Does not share information.

11. GreenLight (Learning module) aka LMS. Utilized by clinician’s for training/learning purposes. Does not share information. 12. GE Muse (EKG tracings). Utilized by clinician’s to view EKG tracings and reports. Shares information with Centricity and Allscripts. 13. Stentor I-Site Enterprise (radiology imaging) Utilized by clinician’s to view radiologic images and reports. Shares information with Centricity and RMS. 14. RMS (radiology management system) Utilized for mammography software, ordering, & results. Share information with Centricity, Stentor I-Site Enterprise, Multi-Entity, PMA, Allscripts, McKesson, & QuickChart. 15. Sunquest Cto linical Lab (lab system) Utilized for lab clinical workflow and reporting. Shares information with Centricity. 16. Multi-Entity (ADT) Utilized for hospital registration, billing , and collections. Shares information with Centricity, NaviCare, & RMS. 17. McKesson Document Imaging (scans paper records, legal electronic medical record) Utilized for scanning paper records and compiling them with the rest of the electronic medical record. Shares information with Centricity, RMS, & Ormis, 18. Xcelera (cardiology echocardiograms) Utilized by cardiologists to view echo cardiograms. Shares information with Centricity and Allscripts.