COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC2 REVIEWER – With oral questioning This provides examples, hint and basic outline

of the examination of TESDA in Computer Hardware and Servicing NC II
1. LIST OF TOOLS AND MATERIALS / INVENTORY (Written) Following are examples


OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PROCEDURE (Written) Always ground or discharge yourself before touching any part of the computer Do not work alone so that there’s someone who can take care of you in case of accident or emergency. Be careful with the tools that may cause short circuit Always full the cable connector on the handle and not on the cable itself Use only rubber shoes when standing on the ground or in a concrete floor Make sure that the pins are properly aligned when connecting a cable connector. Always power off and unplug the computer before working on it. Take away any liquid such as mineral water or soft drinks near your working area or near computers. Contingency measures during workplace accidents, fire and other emergencies are recognized. Personal protective equipment is correctly used in accordance with organization OHS procedures and practice. Hazard/risks in the workplace and their corresponding indicators are identified to minimize or eliminate risk to co-workers, workplace and environment. Take necessary precautions to protect the component of the computer from damaged cause by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Hold the components by edges and do not touch the IC’s. Read and follow instruction on the manual carefully. Do not use excessive force if things don’t quite slip into place. Always handle electronic components by a non-conducting (non-metallic) edge. Don't touch the pins or other connectors. Do not eat, drink or smoke while assembling the computer When working on a computer avoid places that are damp, subject to temperature extremes, dirty, or dusty. The table should be clean and non-metallic to avoid short circuits Always disconnect a computer from the AC power and from any powered peripherals while you are working on it. Never plug an ATX power supply into AC power while adding and connecting cards of motherboard.


ASEEMBLE SYSTEM UNIT (Actual) Proper assembling procedure: Prepare the computer case (Install power supply, I/O shield and spacers) Install drives (DVD, Floppy and HDD) Install the CPU, fan, heat sink and memory module on the motherboard Install the motherboard into the casing and expansion cards Install the cablings (Power connectors, FDD Connector, IDE/SATA Connector, USB headers and system panel header). Attach the monitor, keyboard, mouse and plug into a power source. Troubleshoot if necessary Assemble and install network connection

Partition the hard drive into 2 using fat format 2.3. and 8 and the blue and brown pairs are not used in either standard. and 6 are used only. 7. These pins and wires are not used or required to implement 100BASE-TX duplexing--they are just plain wasted. LAN CABLE (Actual) The type of operating system to be installed might change overtime. Partitioning 3.1.3 Workgroup: Netopia . DEVICE DRIVERS. 5. INSTALL OPERATING SYSTEMS (OS – XP/2000/98. Dual Boot). Next .1. Formatting 4. Copy of files 5.168.transmitters RX.2 Workgroup: Netopia Cross-Over Cable Computer Name: Client IP Address: 192.receivers Note that pins 4.2. 5 summary steps in installing Windows XP 1.: Windows XP) into the 2nd partition which is Drive D or E TX. Networking – Peer to Peer Diagram of a simple LAN with two PCs using a single crossover cable to connect the workstations Computer Name: Server IP Address: 192. License agreement 2.Creating Straight-Through and Cross-Over Cable Summary steps in installing 2 operating system in 1 computer 1. install the new one (Ex.168. Install first the old windows (Ex. Product key Cabling . For LAN cable colour coding memorize the pairings below.: Windows 98) into the first partition which is Drive C 3. So 1.4.

Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Is a type of semi-conductor chip that holds data ( BIOS program ) without requiring an external power source. 5.1.2 then press TAB key then OK. Hard Disk Drive -At what part of computer do you need to upgrade if you have experience low disk space. CONFIGURE AND PRINT (Actual) A.) How to verify all IP configuration settings and to view mac address of nic card. this is what you do. 2.168. and the performance of the computer. It is stored in ROM chip on the motherboard. Turn off the firewall 3. C. CMOS . What are the two CPU Socket Types? – Pin Drid Array (PGA) and Land Grid Array (LGA) Adapter Card – Enhances system unit or provides connections to external devices called peripherals.At what part of computer do you need to upgrade if you have experience poor graphics to improve the quality. . 6. Go to Command Prompt> then type this command: ping server –t or ping 192. Video Card . 9. 1.168.) How to assign a static IP Address in Windows XP. OK. View workgroup computer and practice file sharing 5.) How to Turn-Off the Firewall Step 1: Go to Control Panel>Windows Firewall>Click OFF (not recommended) then press OK D. QUESTIONING/INTERVIEW (Oral) Most of the questions will be on troubleshooting but anything around the subject matter can be asked. 4. Use the Control Panel / Network utility to verify and configure the network settings 2. Step 1: Go to Command Prompt> then type this command: ipconfig /all G. You also need to master the parts of the computer particularly of the Main Circuit Board or the Mother Board and their specific functions and cable colour-coding. 7. 8. this is what you do.) How to verify the TCP/IP connection between the two workstations Step 1: If you are in front of client computer then you want to verify the IP of the server. then type \\server\HP LaserJet 5000 Series PS Note: Turn of your firewall before installing printer 6. 10. OK. Use the Ping command to verify the TCP/IP connection between the two workstations 4. Step 1: Go to Control Panel>Click Switch to Classic View>System Step 2: Click on the Computer Name tab Step 3: To change the Computer Name or the Workgroup. effectiveness. Step 5: Click ‘Use the following IP Address:’ then type 192.1.) How to access shared folder between the 2 computer Option 1: Go to Start>Run> then type \\server if you want to go to the shared folder into the server Option 2: Double click ‘My Computer’ icon on a desktop click ‘My Network Places>View Workgroup Computer I.EXE utility to verify all IP configuration settings 5. Use the IPCONFIG. Step 3: Check “Show icon in notification are when connected” Step 4: Click ‘Internet Protocol’ (TCP/IP)’ then click ‘Properties’ button.) How to change Computer Name and Workgroup in Windows XP. restart B.3 –t E. Upgrade .168.1.Things To Do: 1.2 –t Step 2: If you are in front of server computer then you want to verify the IP of the clint.) How to share a local printer Steps: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Printer and Faxes > Right Click Installed Printer > Sharing > Share this printer > OK H. 3. Memory -The most common upgrade of computer parts that can help the computer to be more speed-up and more reliable is? Central Processing Unit (CPU) – Interpret and carries out basic instructions that operate a computer Heat Sink – Components with fins that cools processor Basic Input Output System (BIOS) – The first program to run when you turn on your computer. Step 1: Go to Control Panel>Network Connection Step 2: Right click ‘Local Area Connection’ then click ‘Properties’ button.) How to connect to the shared printer Step 1: Go to Control Panel>Printer and Faxes>Add Printer>Select Network Printer>Choose Connect to this printer.) How to make a File/Folder Sharing Steps: Right click folder to share > Properties > Sharing Tab > Network Sharing and Security(Click “If you understand the Security Risk…”) > Just Enable Sharing > OK > Select share this folder on the network > OK F. Step 6: Now close out of the Local Area Connections Properties window then restart. click Change Step 4: Enter a name for your computer in the Computer Name field Step 5: Enter a name for your Workgroup in the Workgroup field Step 6: Click OK. also called expansion card. value. Go to Command Prompt> then type this command: ping client –t or ping 192.

straighten. OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION 5’S Sort – Clearly distinguish needed items from unneeded and eliminate the latter. In electronic wiring the black wires of the PSU are always (GND) ground. & 12 volts – Are the typical voltages supplied of the Power supply. Which processor family uses a Socket 478 connector? – Pentium 4 36. who took over and led the project? . MS Forefroint. 53.Faulty power supply 26. AGP or PCI Express. .g. 41. personal computers). 31.: BIOS.A client computer is an individual computer that accesses the information and programs stored on a server as part of a network environment. yellow are +12VDC. Read only memory (ROM) . Straighten – Keep needed items in the correct place to allow for easy and immediate retrieval Shine – Keep the workplace neat and clean Standardize – The method by which sort. 24. usually on paper) from data stored in a computer connected to it. PCI Slots . and Kaspersky. The floppy drive is called – Drive A 28. What is Peer-to-Peer Network In its simplest form. The hard drive is called – Drive C 29. Southbridge . 43. a peer-to-peer (P2P) network is created when two or more PCs are connected and share resources without going through a separate server computer.A special connection on the motherboard that enables you to add hardware to your computer that didn't come with it. By consolidating data or software on a server computer. Ex. i7. PS2 Stands for Personal System 2 46. 16. Pentium. This device is a volatile memory that loses information as soon as you turn off the computer. Which processor family uses a Socket 775 connector? – Pinless processor such as Dual Core. This device serves as the core or "centerpiece" of the network to which computers. and how about the green wire in the 20 pin main power connector of PSU. The Cdrom drive typically place the letter D when the hard drive is single partition only 30. Intel and AMD . How many megabytes there in 1gb – 1024 mb. 47. printers and other devices can be connected.e. NVIDIA Corporation.3 volts. and Matrox are the most popular Video Card Manufacturers. ATI Technologies. Top 5 Antivirus of year 2012 . orange are +3.Steve Jobs 50. client computers). I/O controller and integrated hardware such as sound card or video card if present on the motherboard. If the pins for SDRAM is 168 and the DDR1 is 184. 55. Router . How to Find a Mac Address on a Windows XP Click on START. 42. What Is a Client Computer? . Networking .An integrated circuit ( generally Intel or VIA ) on the motherboard that is responsible for the hard disk drive controller. and computer data. 12.3 volts 44. 40.Is used as a scratch pad by the computer processor to store information temporarily. If you hear ( 1 Long 2 Short beeps) This mean the Problem is? Video Card 33. and then click on RUN The RUN dialogue box will appear. This allows the machine to respond to receive and respond to "http" requests for web pages from web browsers that run on client machines (e. 19 in 1 DVD and cd installers. How are hard drives configured to be a master or slave drive? . How can you reset a forgotten CMOS password? – By reseting the jumper on the motherboard near the cmos + removing the board battery in able to clear the password. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012.) . –Terabytes 51. Some computer servers have web server software installed.(Peripheral Component Interconnect) 20.typically handles communications between the CPU. Scanner – Scanning Input Devices. 13. 21. VGA stands for? – Video Graphic Accelerator a compact disk. 3. 15. 5 volts. Who's genius invented macintosh computer. CDROM . http stands for hypertext transfer protocol 49.By Jumper 38. 18. the machine can be optimized for the functions it performs. Expansion Slot – An opening or socket on the motherboard that can hold adapter graphics accelerator 34. Type CMD and press ENTER A DOS window will appear. audio cd. What is a Server Computer? A server computer is computer that runs shared applications or manages shared data that is accessed by other computers (i. 56. shine are made habitual. 35. It’s the same kind of CD compact disk that plays music.PS_ON 25. What is the latest storage capacity of Hard Disk Drive today that can save huge files. Random Access Memory (RAM) . This is also commonly called a Command Prompt type IPCONFIG /ALL 45. Video Card -Is an expansion card that allows the computer to send graphical information to a video display device such as a monitor or projector. red are +5VDC. What does the colored stripe on an IDE data cable represent? – Pin 1 39. Norton AntiVirus 2012.Is a computer peripheral device that produces a hard copy (permanent human-readable text and/or graphics. Port – Connects external devices to system unit 14. Printer . Northbridge .11. 27. Latest MacOSX today – Lion 54. 32.3VDC. Dual Core and Core2Duo is manufactured by – Intel 17. because the binary code system has only 2 numbers. 52. Keyboard – A set of typewriter that enable you to input text on a computer 22.Is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.Is a type of data storage that is used to store information permanently. RAM. Power supply Voltages: Yellow: +12 volts Red: +5 volts Black: Ground Orange: +3. Core2Duo 37. Sustain – Maintain established procedures . Large storage device on a computer – hard drive 57.Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus. 23. PCI stands for? . TROUBLESHOOTING: What is your primary suspect if a system that is completely dead (nothing happens when you press the button ON. video. powers of 2 plays an important role.Is a small electronic device that allows you to build a home network simply.the two most popular CPU manufacturers. www stands for? World wide web 48. how about pins in DDR2 and 3. VGA stands for? .

At the command prompt type IPCONFIG Q – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a collection of protocols that help manage the internet communication. What should you do? A – Open the cover and reset all cards and chips SET 2 . Each computer running TCP/IP must have a unique IP address assigned to it. Q – You’ve setup a network whereby each computer act as a client and a server and in which each user shares each other’s resources.Acronyms ATX – Advanced Technology Extended SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory DRAM – Dynamic Random Access Memory EDO RAM – Extended Data Output Random Access Memory SIMM – Single Inline Memory Module DIMM – Double Inline Memory Module RIMM – Rambus Inline Memory Module USB – Universal Serial Bus IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer ISA – Industry Standard Architecture PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect EISA – Extended Industry Standard Architecture VESA – Video Electronics Standard Association IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics SCSI – Small Computer System Interface DDR – Double Data Rate UDMA – Ultra Direct Memory Access POST – Power On Self Test PS2 – Personal System 2 SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Firmware – Is a combination of hardware and software. Q – A customer complains that his hard disk is making lots of noise. it is a program integrated on a chip Form Factor – A standard size and shape of a computer subsystem LGA & PGA – Land Grid Array & Pin Grid Array POSSIBLE ORAL QUESTIONS SET 1 Q – You want to setup a dual boot scenario between Windows 98 and Windows 2000. Which component should be replaced? A – Power Supply Q – What is the correct way to use the protocol utility IPCONFIG in a Windows 2000 environment? A – Choose start. After examining the computer and hearing the noise for yourself. each of which must be from 0 to 255. including printers. you notice that high pitch noise seems to be coming from the fan in the power supply. What is an IP address? Describe the format? A – An IP address is set of four numbers. How would you do this? A – Partition your hard drive. What is the correct term for such arrangement? A – Peer to peer networking Q – A computer is experiencing random reboots and phantom problems that disappear after reboot. Install Windows 98 first and then install Windows 2000 to the second partition. click run and type cmd then press enter key.

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