Ralph Arellanes New Mexico LULAC State Director National LULAC Board Member ralphnmlulac@comcast.

Media friends and colleagues, As the State Director for New Mexico LULAC, we feel it is outrageous that in this day and age, we have businesses still operating with this racist mentality. LULAC will be calling for Whole Foods to end their "No Spanish spoken" policy or face an aggressive nationwide boycott of their stores. New Mexico will not tolerate these racist policies and violations of our New Mexico Constitution that protects the English, Spanish and our Indigenous Native American languages with "Perfect Equality". These are Constitutional rights our community fought for in every war every waged in America and long before this was the "Good ole USA". The first languages spoken on these lands were our beloved Native American languages and then followed by Spanish. It was the Spanish that brought the first printing presses to the Americas and the first books and newspapers published in the Americas were in Spanish. We will not relinquish our rights to speak our language that is Constitutionally mandated and protected. These racist businesses and policies will go away before we will!! "We believe that if they don't want Spanish speaking employees on the clock, maybe they don't want Spanish speaking customers as well as law abiding customers on the clock". We will gladly patronize their many competitors!! Once again, institutions and entities that have these kind of policies are breaking the law!! Thank you, Ralph Arellanes New Mexico LULAC State Director National LULAC Board Member Chairman, Hispano Roundtable of New Mexico Chairman; Hispanic Statement of Cooperation (HSOC)

Chairman & Founder: HSOC, Hispanic Education Act and NM ENLACE 505-846-0038 office 505-688-2973 cell phone

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