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MGDT 4Q11 Brochure

MGDT 4Q11 Brochure

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Published by: paulwa on Jun 13, 2013
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Microgrid Deployment Tracker 4Q11
Commercial, Community, Institutional, Military, and Remote Microgrids: Active Projects by World Region
Microgrids, which are a mechanism for integrating distributed energy generation, both from renewable and fossil fuel resources, are proliferating around the world in a variety of forms. Microgrids may be grid-tied or remote and are utilized in several key application segments including commercial, community, institutional, military, and remote installations. The year 2011 signaled a shift away from pilot projects and/or research-related experiments, as some of the first large-scale commercial microgrid projects reached significant milestones. With the adoption of the IEEE P1547.4 islanding standards in July 2011, the shift from pilot validation projects to fully commercial projects will only accelerate. Since 2009, a handful of large commercially viable projects have come to light, especially in California – as platforms for aggregation of distributed renewable resources – and in New York – with combined heat and power (CHP) units as anchor technologies. This Pike Research tracker report provides a detailed and comprehensive database of worldwide microgrid projects. The tracker covers microgrids in five key segments: commercial industrial, community/utility, institutional/campus, military, and remote systems. Deployments are segmented by world region, and the tracker includes details on generation capacity, power generation sources, facility type, and companies involved for each project.

         Microgrid Projects, Asia Pacific Microgrid Projects, Europe Microgrid Projects, North America Microgrid Projects, Rest of World Microgrid Projects, Commercial/Industrial Segment Microgrid Projects, Community/Utility Segment Microgrid Projects, Institutional/Campus Environment Segment Microgrid Projects, Military Segment Microgrid Projects, Remote Systems

          Advanced Storage Batteries Biomass Generation Chillers Combined Heat & Power Demand Response Diesel Generators Distributed Generation Flywheels Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Small Wind Solar Photovoltaics

     Commercial/Industrial Community/Utility Institutional/Campus Military Remote/Off-Grid Microgrids

 

    North America Europe Asia Pacific Rest of World

303. military and remote – leads in capacity deployments today? Which geography leads the world in total deployments to date? Which vendors are involved with which projects. Community/Utility Segment Microgrid Projects. 971 MW Europe. Figures: Release Date: $2800 7 12 4Q 2011    WHO NEEDS THIS REPORT?         Microgrid hardware and software companies Inverter manufacturers Systems integrators Utilities Government agencies Industry associations Academic community Investor community TO ORDER THIS REPORT: Phone: Email: +1. Commercial/Industrial Segment Microgrid Projects. and where? What regions of the world are hot spots for remote systems. 236 MW LIST OF CHARTS & FIGURES:   Microgrid Capacity by Region. Remote Systems Microgrid Projects.7609 sales@pikeresearch. Institutional/Campus Environment Segment Microgrid Projects. institutional/campus. Charts. World Markets: 4Q11 Rest of World. Europe Microgrid Projects. the leading microgrid segment in terms of sheer numbers of projects and total revenues? REPORT DETAILS: Price: Pages: Tables. 335 MW Microgrid Capacity by Region. World Markets: 4Q11 Microgrid Capacity by Market Segment. North America Microgrid Projects. World Markets: 4Q11 (Source: Pike Research) KEY QUESTIONS ADDRESSED:   What is the total global capacity for all segments of microgrids today? Which of the primary applications – commercial/industrial. All Regions & All Segments North America.com   . 84 MW Asia Pacific.997. Military Segment Microgrid Projects. community/utility. Rest of World Microgrid Projects.LIST OF TABLES:           Microgrid Projects. Asia Pacific Microgrid Projects.

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