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Published by: Zaher Kammoun Naturaliste on Jun 13, 2013
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Tour Guiding As a Profession and its Principles and Techniques

evaluation of destinations. both foreign and domestic . sales & promotion. marketing. development.The Tourism Industry • Composite of industries and entities. products and services • Caters to the needs of travelers. both public and private • Involved in the planning.

Units (NGUs) . (PCVC) – marketing arm • Phil. Tourism Authority (PTA) – implementing arm • Local Government Units (LGUs) • Other National Gov’t.Government Sector • Department of Tourism • Phil. Convention & Visitors Corp.

air & rail (others like calesa in included) • Hostelry industry – accommodation establishments • Entertainment industry • Travel trade – tour operator. tour guides • Other private sector entities . sea.Private Sector • Transportation companies – land.

commission or any lawful form of remuneration. GUIDE tourist.Tour Guide • An individual. either as an employee or affiliate of a duly licensed travel & tour agency. who. both foreign and domestic. for a fee. .

At least 2nd year college.As a profession… • • • • Must be Filipino citizen. • DOT – accredited. . • LGU – licensed. Must undergo and pass a DOT-sponsored seminar. Pass the qualifying interview by DOT.

. receives monthly salary.Kinds of Tour Guides • Free Lance – not permanently connencted with any travel agency and paid per trip. • Staff Guide – permanently connected with a travel agency.

etc. . • Linguist – person who speaks fluently two or more foreign languages. and back to the origin. • Escort – person who accompanies a group of tourists from the point of origin to the destination. • Specialist – person who specializes in a certain field such as botany.Types of Tour Guides • Local guide – a person competent enough to guide in a certain locality or area. architecture. Usually handles group’s check in and check out.

Qualities of an effective tour Guide • • • • • • • • Love of country Pleasing personality Must have a genuine interest in people Resourcefulness Trustworthy Tactfulness Good sense of leadership Good communication skills .

• • • • • • Good health Punctual Responsible. sensible and dedicated Confident Good sense of humor Analytical mindset ( above-normal perception) .

. plate number and name of driver or coordinator. vouchers needed – Know your vehicle to be used.Tour Guiding Techniques • Pre – tour: – Study your tour assignment – Be aware of the composition of the group – Review itinerary – Be reminded of cash advances.

cash advances and tour vouchers • Check your transport amenities • Meet and greet the group • Discuss itinerary and check other concerns .On Tour • Be punctual • Make sure you have complete name of guests.

• Deliver commentaries • Announce inclusions of the tour and what to expect • End your day/tour by thanking the guests • Announce the next day’s itinerary/program and give instructions .

vouchers and other assignments • Liquidate ( if necessary) .Post Tour • Gather all collected vouchers • Prepare tour guide’s report • Submit tour report to immediately after the tour • Accomplish financial report with receipts.

Tour Guide is expected to be… • • • • Ambassador Front liner in the tourism industry Watchdog of the tour operator Go-between or link between various suppliers and the tour operator/guest • Lecturer of the clients/guests/tourists • Timekeeper • Shepherd – looks after the well-being of the flock. makes sure that the flock moves in unison from one place to another without losing a single sheep. .

It is therefore… • One of the most attractive jobs in the travel industry • Requires a lot of values and ethics • Represents the country and the people • Good paying job • Flexible time – but no time limit .

.• Service – oriented • Physically demanding • Gives a better understanding of the different cultures • Helps develop a well-rounded personality • Not an 8-5 job.

The End Thank You .

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