Questionnaire for research

Is target and lifecycle costing determined and used in your company? Yes No Which method is used for determining Target and Lifecycle cost? Deductive Additive And why ? What are the various factors considered while determining target cost?
Factors Yes No Availability of raw material Price of input cost Tariff charges Electricity charges Supplier’s approach Overhead cost control Increased profitability Customer requirement Committed cost Market share Product mix Long term relations Large volume Depends upon the product Competitor’s policy Better quality Availability of technology Any other If any other, then please mention_________________________________________




What are the uses of the above used method?
Uses To manage the cost Accurate price fixation Analysis of unmet demands Analysis of cost function by function Increase the profitability Yes No

then please mention_________________________________________ 5. Is the above used costing method helpful for strategic cost management decisions? Yes no .To make more competitive Technology improvement To help in classification of predetermined and actual cost To reach international level Any other If any other. then please mention_________________________________________ 6. What are the difficulties faced to determine and implement the above used method? Difficulties faced Yes No No support from employees In case of margin shrink In case of technology improvement In case of large volume we do not fix the target Any other If any other.

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