Web 2.

0 in Education
Gurleen Keiko Prashant

In this unit, we as a group are given the task of analyzing whether Web 2.0 influences knowledge or not. In this power point presentation, using different communication mediums, we will try our best to look at different aspects of web2.0 using the school and our teachers as the main source. We will also try to explain briefly what it is, what are the disadvantages and advantages of using it and whether it can be useful for academic purposes.

What is Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 is the popular term given to the advanced applications and internet technology. It is the second generation of World Wide Web that basically works because of people sharing their ideas online. Critics commenting on web 2.0 say that it becomes too easy to affect online that web content could suffer a lot but the defenders defending it say that these problems have existed since the beginning. The final judgment however is left to the users.

Differences between web 2.0 and web 1.0

Disadvantages and Advantages
Advantages – with the use of web 2.0, information can be received from various places. People will have their freedom of speech and can express their ideas freely. Web 2.0 has made the internet more easy to use for the people with low levels of computer skills. Disadvantages- it leads to low quality of the actual content. As most of the services are free, the security is very low and the websites can be easily targeted by the hackers.

Web 2.0 and education

The tools that can prove to be very useful for education purposes are: · Stu.dicio.us – it helps students to writ public notebooks in an outline – format, store files for classes, create a schedule, track their grades, manage to-do list. It also allows them to connect with their friends. · Gradefix: students that use this feel less stressed and it also improves their grades. This allows them to create a study schedule to prioritize and organize their homework throughout the week. It is described by Gradfefix as, “Gradefix intelligently organizes and prioritizes all of your homework so you are always on top of it.” · Chalksite: it is made for the teachers, parents and the students providing the teachers with an opportunity to communicate with the students, parents, send messages, manage a website for their course and post grades and assignments. · MynoteIT: this allows students to take online notes including to do lists, grade management, WYSIWYG note editor and assignment reminders. The students can also share their notes and get feedbacks from their friends. · Backpack is another nice one and it includes file storage, calendars, to do lists, note taking. The students can create pages in their organizer for each class and also manage notes on class discussions and they can also class documents.

Web 2.0 TOOLS
It is a video sharing website where, an individual can upload or share his/her video and view other videos. YouTube is another example of Web 2.0, this is because it is a way of communicating, as we look at each others videos and get to learn more things. Youtube was introduced to people in 2005. According to a site, which show that YouTube ranks no. 1 in the largest web 2.0 sites. About 80,600,000 visitors monthly. Disadvantages • • • • Fake content Low quality Annoying tag in videos Sometimes there are inappropriate stuff

Advantages • You can become famous • Tons of users • Tons of users mean Tons of content Social impact. We get to interact with many people and also get to know their dislikes and likes. It makes you learn more thing and develop yourself. You can also find the TV shows which were missed by you and also for educational purposes.

It is a social networking website. User can share photos, videos, chat, play games, add friends and many more. According to one of the website, which shows that Facebook ranks no. 2nd among the top web 2.0 sites. Advantages • Allows finding new and old friends and being in contact with them. • Easier to join group and have the same like and dislike. Disadvantages • Overcrowded • Stalking is possible • Acquaintances be labeled as friends • In Facebook networks, people can look at your profile and therefore there is no privacy. Social impact Due to the interesting things that Facebook provides the users, make them very addictive to it. Therefore they spend hours on Facebook chatting and interacting with other people around the world.

Wikipedia and MySpace

Wikipedia Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. It is a multilingual encyclopedia, which means that people can have access to it in his own native languages. It also ranks 2nd Disadvantages Anyone can edit it, therefore, sometimes the information cannot be reliable, therefore teacher and professors do not recommend Wikipedia. Advantages. More sources means the information can be accurate. Quick and easy to find the desired information. Great for finding facts and general knowledge. Information is clearly explained and also very well distributed. Social impact Wikipedia help the users to find a variety of facts and history. It help children in their education, therefore it increases their general knowledge.

MySpace It is also a social networking place, just like Facebook. It provides users with blogs, personal profile, photos, music, and videos for teenager and adults internationally. MySpace was the most popular social networking website in United States in June 2006. Advantages You can find your old friends on MySpace. You can also communicate. Disadvantages People spend hours socializing Social impact. It does effect the once social life. As this is a social networking site. Therefore children which are amazed by this, spend a lot

Pros and Cons of social media
Advantages of Social Media • • • • • • Democratization of media. Relationships and conversation. Creativity and re-mix culture. Embrace your passion and identity. Community, sharing, and connecting. Increase transparency in government and organizations.

Determining the advantages and disadvantages of particular activities for people and organizations is an important task. Why else would education, books, think tanks, and presidential debates exist." The followings are the advantages and disadvantages might be instructive in determining “the truth” about social media, web 2.0, and blogging technologies.

Criticisms of Social Media • Lots of great content still gets overlooked. Current lack of good filters creates problems finding the best content. • Writers have problems delivering content consistently. • Anonymity can engender polarization and hate. • Information overload and social networking overload. • Work/Life balance is hard to achieve.

Math and Web 2.0

Wikis – it is a page or a collection of web pages where we can contribute and get the information from. 7th grade math wiki from Alabama - http://7math.wikispaces.com/ Mathematical Association information on math club http://www.maa.org/students/middle_high/ GeoGeBra Wiki – includes Algebra and geometry for middle school http://www.geogebra.org/en/wiki/index.php/English#Algebra Algebra 1 wiki page -http://robertfant.com/PMWiki/pmwiki.php/Algebra1/HomePage Question Point homework help - http://wiki.questionpoint.org/Homework+by+Subject Mathcasts and ExamView Wiki (Math247) - http://math247.pbwiki.com/

Blogs- there are also various blogs related to maths.

 

Video- Screen casts mainly focus on mathematics and they are screen movies with writing and voice. And the screen casts are further organized according to each topic , type and course - http://www.mathcasts.org/ Social networking groups – There is a Middle school math teacher community - http:// www.classroom20.com/group/middleschoolmath

Economics and Web 2.0
These is a list of some web 2.0 tools which can be used to help people in economy and also understanding economy in depth.
Aid page – This is a web 2.0 tool which helps people

understand economy in more detail. http://www.aidpage.com/

Associated content – this web 2.0 is also for economy. It

contains most of the vocabulary which helps people in understanding economy with ease. http://www.associatedcontent.com/

Democracy2.0* - This contains information on the

Arts and Web2.0
Web 2.0 in Art - Maccaca
Maccaca.com; "The premier site

for people with artistic talent. Maccaca is an online network for connoisseurs of artistic talent and artists. It provides a platform for all artists – actors, dancers, musicians, singers, lyricists, writers, painters, photographers, etc." The picture on the left is the image of the website. www.maccaca.com

Web 2.0 in Art DoodleIsArt DoodleIsArt; this is "a place where young artists can display their drawings. Adults and children can enjoy drawings from the world." The picture on the left is the screen shot of the home page of "DoodleIsArt". http://www.doodleisart.com/

Web 2.0 in Art Artgonia Artgonia; this is an art portal where independent artists can publish their work for the world to see. The picture is the screen shot of the website ( http://www.artgonia.com/ )