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Introduction to Communication
Instructor: Gregory Peterson Term: One semester, 2 credits Students: In 2012 Retakers only (not required Freshmen in 2012). Text: Introduction to Communication: An Intercultural Perspective

1. General Instructional Objectives (教育目標)
This course introduces the field of communication to non-native speakers of English. You will gain an understanding of communication processes, improve your communication skills, and learn to express your ideas more clearly.

2. Specific Behavioral Objectives (個別課題)
Attitudes and values: You will appreciate the importance and complexity of communication. You will learn to express your own ideas and values while respecting the ideas and values of others. You will gain more confidence. Knowledge and understanding: You will increase your understanding of basic communication principles and of various communication contexts. Skills: You will improve your ability to write about communication in English. You will learn to set goals for yourself, and you will show improvement in at least one communication skill.

3. Learning Strategies (教育・学習の方法)
Class meetings: Lectures will be followed by time for comments and questions. Homework: Each week you will write a report in English. Reports require creative thinking and personal reflection on material presented in the text.

5. Nonverbal communication 8. 2. Read one chapter of the text each week. Changing your communication behavior 4. Media history 10. Other Information (その他)  See my Web pages for more information: http://www. What is communication? 2. Media in society 11. Evaluation (評価方法) Grades: participation (30%).notredame. News and journalism 13. Human rights and communication 15. Intercultural communication 9. Prepare homework each week. Course review and evaluation 6. Internet media production 14. Schedule (授業予定) 1. Active listening 7. URLs (access restricted. Human needs and communication skills 3. Socializing skills 5. Interpersonal relationships 6. homework (70%).ac. Advertising 12. passwords required)   Introduction to Communication Active! mail Greg Peterson .Class Preparation 1.

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