Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

(ANDERSON & KRATHWOHL) Retrieving, recalling or recognising knowledge from memory. Remembering is when memory is used to produce definitions, facts or lists, or recite or retrieve material.

Possible Activities (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy)

Recitation (Word Processing, Mind map, flashcards, presentation tools) Quiz/Test (Online tools, Word Processing (local – Word, pages, Open Office or online – Google Documents, Zoho Documents, Thinkfree etc.), Cue sheets) Flashcards (Moodle, Hot potatoes, scorm objects) Definition (Word Processing – bullets and lists, (local – Word, Pages Open Office or online – Google Documents, Zoho Documents, Thinkfree) simple Mind maps, wiki, Moodle Glossary, Online services like, Cloze exercises, ) Facts (Word Processing – bullets and lists, Mind maps, internet, discussion boards, email) Worksheet/book (Word Processing, Mind map, Web, clozed activities) Lists (Word Processing – bullets and lists, Mind map, Web publishing – personal web page, blog journal, wall wisher, post it notes) Bookmarking internet browsers using favourites and bookmarks, web 2.0 tools & diigo Basic Searches - search engines, (google, excite, ask, yahoo, metacrawler etc.) library catalogue, Clearinghouses*


Recognising, Listing, Describing, Identifying, Retrieving, Naming, Locating, Finding, Bullet pointing, Highlighting, Bookmarking, Social networking, Social bookmarking, Favouriting/local bookmarking, Searching, Googling

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web publishing. Categorising and tagging. firefox. Classifying. Mind maps) Advanced and boolean searches .audacity sound recorder & podcasting tools. Simple DTP products – blog journals & simple webpage construction. Diary/Journal (blogging. Bebo. Commenting.. Blog journalling . blogger etc. Paraphrasing. Mind map.bloglines. Explaining. Summarising. audio tools .Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy http://edorigami. collaborative documents . simple DTP Products – blog journals & simple page construction collaborative documents google documents.advanced search features google documents. threaded discussions. Annotating. Boolean searches. adobe acrobat reader. firefox & safari extensions. Advanced searches. blog readers.wikispaces. Twittering. wiki) Explanation (Word Processing. web publishing. bookmarking . blogger etc. Subscribing Create by Andrew Churches http://edorigami. News aggregators etc) Keywords: Interpreting. Inferring. Exemplifying. comments & annotating . Possible Activities (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy) Summary (Word Processing.g. UNDERSTANDING 2 DEFINITION: (ANDERSON & KRATHWOHL) Constructing meaning from different types of function be they written or Attribution-Share alike (By-SA) .delicious. graphics. Safari. Comparing. moodle) Categorising. edublogs blogger. presentation – online & desktop based. Mind map. facebook. wallwisher & wiki) Show and tell (Word Processing. Blog journalling. Mail. diigo etc discussion boards. video tools. zotero Subscribing – RSS aggregators e. wallwisher.

skype. editing Create by Andrew Churches http://edorigami.Blender.Palestine ) Sculpture or Demonstration (Presentation. speech. google sketchup. uploading. audio and video conferencing Interview (Word Processing. APPLYING 3 DEFINITION: (ANDERSON & KRATHWOHL) Carrying out or using a procedure through executing or implementing. snagit Presentation . Simple DTP product. Developing a shared document Playing .wikispaces. Possible Activities (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy) Illustration (Corel. Wiki editing. VoIP. collaboration using etools) Editing .Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy http://edorigami.impress. film. interviews and simulations. online tools. movie maker. collaboration using etools. audio recording. Global conflict . audio and video conferencing Skype) Animation & screen capture (Camtasia. grab. graphic tools. 3D images . historic tale construction kit.wikispaces. loading. audacity.comic life. using. Crocodile software simulating science experiments. running. inkscape. sound recorder. hyper comic) Simulation (Floor Attribution-Share alike (By-SA) . Paint. audio and video conferencing. simulations like Global Conflicts Palestine Keywords: Implementing. skype) Performance (Podcast. imovie. interactive whiteboard collaboration using etools. Comic creation tools . powerpoint. vodcast. mind mapper. Zoho presentation. and sound tools. GIMP. executing. carrying out. podcast. vodcast. screen capture.mmorpg's online games. sharing. graphics. Applying related and refers to situations where learned material is used through products like models. google presentation. presentation. Powerpoint Show. Simple DTP product. operating. hacking.

kidspiration. SWOT Attribution-Share alike (By-SA) . Maps Flickr. Cracking. Word Processing.Herring or fish bone mind maps. cellphones and texting) Database (relational.wikispaces. databases using MySQL and Access.Zoho Office. freemind Online tools Report (Word Processing. Create by Andrew Churches http://edorigami. Deconstructing. web publishing) Relationship mind maps . digitizer. web publishing – web page or blog entry.Google earth. presentation. determining how the parts relate or interrelate to one another or to an overall structure or purpose. Mashing. DTP.wikispaces. social networking tools etc. online graphing tools) Spreadsheet & Data Processing (Calc. Organising. PMI. Outlining. Possible Activities (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy) Survey & process (Web based tools – survey monkey Google forms.. email. Google spreadsheet) Checklist (Word Processing. smart ideas. Spreadsheet) Chart (Spreadsheet. discussion boards. digitizer. wikis.Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy ANALYSING 4 DEFINITION: (ANDERSON & KRATHWOHL) Breaking material or concepts into parts. online spreadsheet tools .Inspiration. Media clipping and Mind-mapping. Cmap. Linking. 6 Questions . Attributing. Graph (Spreadsheet. Reverse-engineering. organizing and attributing as well as being able to distinguish between components. excel. Google Maps. Structuring. survey tools. Spreadsheet. spreadsheet. Integrating. Flat file database using Spreadsheet. online polls. embedded polls and votes. Geographical information systems or GIS . mind mapping tools online tools ) Keywords: Comparing. Mindmapper. Venn. Mental actions include differentiating. Arcview/ explorer) Abstract (Word Processing.

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy http://edorigami. telecommunications. (Blog/vlog) commenting. Discussion boards. Presentation. video. Judgement or Conclusion (WP. txt and pxt messaging. Keywords: Checking. Presentation.elluminate etc. Networking. web page. chatrooms Collaborating: discussion boards. Attribution-Share alike (By-SA) . twitter. wiki EVALUATING 5 DEFINITION: (ANDERSON & KRATHWOHL) Making judgements based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing. video and Phone conferencing Collaboration tools elluminate etc. A/V conferencing. Possible Activities (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy) Debate or panel discussion (Word Processing . Mind mapping. video conferencing. Critiquing. Experimenting. Posting. Reflecting. chatrooms. Google Maps.WP. camera. IM. Online tools. conference) Persuasive speech (WP. chatrooms.discussion boards. Create by Andrew Churches http://edorigami. Camera) Investigation (Internet. wiki's. Collaborating. Judging. Mind map) Critical Commenting. Sound recorder.wikispaces. audio. email threads. WP. Hypothesising. Reviewing. Monitoring.wikispaces. GIS[Google earth. threaded discussions. video messaging audio conferencing Networking .social networking tools. DTP. wiki's. moderating reviewing posting . Detecting. blog entry. bulletin boards. twitter. Moderating. blog. forums. DTP. instant messaging. reason!able -argument software. bulletin boards. Validating. email. threaded discussions. podcasting or vodcasting. forums. live classrooms . Flickr]) Verdict. Chatrooms. Testing.) Report or Evaluation (WP or web published – Report. Product (Alpha & beta) testing. instant messaging. Mixing. garageband.Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy http://edorigami. www. Planning . WP. Openproj for gantt.cuts. online tools .jumpcut. Song (finale notepad. www. mind maps) Blogging/vlogging . Ganttproject for Gantt charts and PERT Charts. photostory. Podcasting. Comic creation tools – comic life. Impress. podcasting. Marvin. Adobe premier elements Online tools www. thingiverse . Presentation (presentation tools . Animating. Comic creation tools) Programming Visual Studio. Zoho presentation tool. Maya3d PLE. .com CREATING 6 DEFINITION: (ANDERSON & KRATHWOHL) Putting the elements together to form a coherent or functional whole. www.http://www. Video blogging. Pert and critical pathways) calendars.thingiverse. Directing/ planning or producing. Possible Activities (Bloom's Digital Taxonomy) Keywords: Media production . recording narration) Designing. . hypercomic. Presentation. autocad. Building or compiling mash-ups Create by Andrew Churches http://edorigami. Videocasting. www. Blender.pinnacleshare. Google present. Modelling (Sketchup.prezi. Planning.. Devising. flow or web published – mixbooks etc. Constructing. reorganising elements into a new pattern or structure through generating. Attribution-Share alike (By-SA) . iMovie. Making. Management (WP.Blogging tool. edublogs.(Movie maker. Cubify http://cubify. Scratch. voicethread) Story (Word Processing .Powerpoint. classroom blogmiester. podcasting. Lego Mindstorms. Inventing. bloglines voicethread. Remixing. Blogging. Publishing. tinkercad http://tinkercad. www.eyespot. Wiki-ing. Programming.

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