It’s true

You are beautiful, but don’t ask me why, as when I will answer, I will give you a reason, I will use my logic and I will use my mind but the beauty I felt the mind know nothing about. Have you listened to the songs? The strings which are there in these songs, in the song in which there are instruments made up of strings. When you listen to them, listen to the sound which is made by them, something you can feel is moved within, something I feel is motionless. Beauty I feel is in the beloved and what I see in her? Being in love, being the love and its beautiful. Every smile when I see and every moment I smile I feel you, feels I am beautiful, feels I am you. Nothing I have said is anything new, nothing I have thought is different then what I have seen and said before but this is deeper and will be more. Beauty is alive and that is why it’s beautiful, beautiful as it is continuous. Someone who makes us alive is beautiful someone who makes us grow is beautiful. Beauty is to realize you are, beauty is to reach what have been given, and beauty is to tell that they can trust as your true. It is beautiful how I feel when I can feel the peace you have in you, the purity and the purpose you have known, to not to pretend, just to be present. With out a face yet beautiful. Unknown to the acts of the facts and so beautiful. True as it can be, can it be any more beautiful. Always with you, within you never will be seen, been discovered by the destruction of delusion and so beautiful. Its truth. so beautiful. Copyright© 2009 by Samvit Audichya

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