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A+A 2OO7 TVade Fair Continues to Grow in lUumbers
A-i-A 2007, International Trade Fair for Safety', Socurit\ >ind I k\ilth .it Work, expects more than 1,300 exhibitors, and 54,000 trade visitors to take part in tbe intemational event held in Dtisseldorf, Gennany. The fair, which is slated for Sept. 18-21, will feature exhibits witbiii tbree main categories—personal protection, occitpational bealth and occupational safety. It will also serve as a networking opportunity, as many European businesses in the field of cKCUpational safety find health will be able to meet and discuss tbe indtistry. Another higbligbt is a special exhibit that includes the Good Practice Forum; tbe Science & Research Forum; tbe Corporate Fashion Sbow; tbe Initiative for a New Quality of Work's presentation entitled "Office as a Success Factor"; and the Health & Safety Meeting Point. For more information on A+A 2007, visit www.mdnLi.com.

who participate in noisy recreational activities. The educational website, www.besthearingprotection .com, provides information on various environments and illustrates, witb charts and explanations, tbe different noise sources found in those environments. The site also provides users with information about hearing loss and otber pbysiological effects of prolonged noise exposure, and it covers different bearing protection methods, sucb as devices tbat incorporate advanced technologies.

Aiian St. John Hoit Remembered for His Many Contributions
The SH&E iiidustry recently lost one if its top contributors, Allan St. John Holt. He had nearly 30 years experience on tbe Institution of Occupational Safety and Healtb's (lOSH) Council of Management, and twice served as lOSH's president. As lOSH president, St. Jobn Holt encouraged international cooperation between governments and professional societies and set up lOSH's International Committee. Otber important contributions include: suggesting unification arrangements for professional training and examination that led to the formation of tbe National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health; cofounding tbe South Coast Brancb of lOSH in 1976; authoring tbe
books Pfittcipk's of Health attd Safety nt Work, which is in its 7tb edition, and Principles of Conslruction

A+A 2007 Trade Fair will feature exhibits in personal protection, occupational bealth and occupational safety.

iUIOSH Recommends Surveiilance for HeaKhcare Workers
A new report from NIOSH recommends medical surveillance for bealtbcare workers who are exposed to bazardous drugs while at work. The report outlines basic elements of the program, including health questionnaires; laboratory tests; physical examijiations completed at tbe time tbe worker is hired, then updated periodically; and follow-ups witb workers whose bealth bas clianged or wbo have bad significant exposure. Employees can be exposed to harmful drugs tbrough skin absorption or contact, ingestioti, inhalation or injection. Due to the many exposure pathways, NIC^H recommends correct PPE, work practices and engineering controls in addition to worker surveillance. NIOSH Director jobji Howtird says, "Tbe recommendations in this document, whicb were developed in partnership with healthcare professionals, offer practical and effective measures for instituting and maintaining safe, efficient procedures for handling hazardous drugs." To view tbe full report, visit www.cdc.gov/ niosh/docs/wp-solutions/2007-117.

Safety, tbe COSHH Assessment Workbook and many otber articles for professional publications; and organizing the first American-European Construction Safety Conference in 1989. At tlie time of bis deatb, St. Jobn Holt was the honorary president of Southampton Occupational Safety AsstKiation since 1990, a magistrate since 1987. He was also a nonexecutive chair for the Hascom Network Ltd. and tbe group bead of bealth and safety at Royal Mail, helping tbe company reduce accidents by 50'/o, For tbis accomplisbment, be was awarded tbe Order of the British Empire in tbe 2007 New Year's Honors List.

CSB Calls on Governments to Establish OSHA Programs
At a recent bearing, tbe U,S. Ciiemicai Safety and Hazard Investigative Board (CSB) urged "governments at all levels to take steps to protect public employees from preventable chemical accidents, including the establishment of programs incorporating mandatory OSHA standards." The hearing, "Workplace Safety: Wby Do Millions of Workers Remain Without OSHA Coverage?" was conducted before tbe House Subcommittee on Workftirce Protections. The testimony cited CSB's investigation of tbe metbanol fire and explosion at the Bethune Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Florida tbat killed two workers and injured one in January 2006. CSB reported tliat insufficient safety training, a lack of

Pro Tech Communications Launches iUeinr Weiisite
Pro Tech Communications Inc., manufacturer of tbe NoiseBuster line of headpbones and otber bearing protectitin proditcts, has recently launched a new website targeted at workers in industrial occupations, individuals who use loud tools and people
16 PROFESSIONAL SAFETY JULY 2007 www.asse.org

00 Pittsburgh Reno NV Detroit Ml Houston TX Las Vegas NV Pittsburgh Reno NV Detroit MI Houston TX Las Vegas NV Workshop Schedule ASP (Safety Fundamentals) Jul 16-18.com or www. This event showcasFirst Online Asbestos Prograni es engineers who are making their mark in the in a collaborative effort.hotims. Our three day Workshops use the first volume of our home study workbook as a guide to review the areas covered on each individual exam. and is expected to reach millions of people around the world.org. 2007 Oct 25-27. been exposed. MO 65714 Phone: 1-888-589-6757 Fax: 1-417-724-2883 www. The course is available through www. scheduled for Feb. also has not adopted plans to provide OSHA coverage for public employees.2007 Aug 20-22. ASP or CSP or OHST or CHST. and converuence/' says OCCU-TEC's Greg Malmgren.com/14035-13 www. "It's very rewarding to realize a long overdue need within the industry and to be extracurricular programs and in<lassroom visits to schools. .com OHST/CHST Las Vegas NV Jui 30-Aug 1/Aug 2-4. 2007 CSP (Comprehensive Practices) Jul 19-21.asse. and it meets with EPA's Model Accreditahon Program. The report also noted that Florida does not have any state regulations or laws which require municipalihes to implement safe work practices or communicate chemical hazards to municipal employees.psads. Volume II of each workbook contains home study self-examinations and provides multiple sets of questions. will unveil a broad program of outreach and education efforts to encourage more women and diverse groups to join the profession. "No worker—whether employed by the city.5 million students and teachers during building inspection.2007 Aug 23-25. female engineers will mentor and share firsthand engineering experiences. The $825 cost for each workshop includes the two-volume workhooks and a scientific calculator. For more information." For Merritt's complete testimony.eweek. 2007 Sept 17-19. ctor refresher training course.00 $350. state. 2007 Nov 8-10. Purchase Order or Visa/MC/AE to: $250. will benefit asbestos inspectors . It also reviews the certification •DiscoverE. 2007 Sept 20-22. For its 8th reviews the relationship between asbestos exposure and its potential health effects to workers who have year. It has also been accredited by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Air Pollution Control Program. . The 4-hour course •Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. visit www. visit www. "It is simply inequitable to afford public employees with lesser workplace protections than workers in private industry. 17-23. able to deliver a real solution that.spantraining. training companies OCCU.000 engineers to work the basic elemetits of a detailed and thorough with 5.csb. Request 13 at www. in terms of financial savings htt^ustry Notes continued ou page 78 "It is simply inequitable to afford public employees with lesser workplace protections than workers in private industry. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Eweeic 2OO8 Hopes to Diversify Engineering Proifession Engineers Week 2008. discuss testing strategy. Educational materials will be disrequirements for building inspectors and outlines tributed to more than 45. 2007 Oct 22-24. Each workshop reviews all required math skills (not a separate course). .hazard communication and no control of hot work were all factors of the accident. answers and explanations to assist in identifying your weak areas For additional study.gov / news releases /docs / PublicWorker SafetyMay24Testlmony. . review reference material and answer approximately 340 sample questions with flill answer explanations. 2007 SPAN Internationa) Training Safety Workshops Formerly LAS VEGAS/SRS Safety Workshops 808 East Crystal Avenue Nixa.occutec . 2007 Private Workshops available. cotmty." KEEP YOUR CAREER COMPETITIVE. Florida. federal government or the private sector— should have to suffer injury or death just to earn a living. trail for quotes. OBTAIN A NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED SAEETY CERTIEICATION ASP-CSP/OHST/CHST Two Ways to Prepare We otTer "Workshops" or "Home Study Workbooks" for the leading Safety Certifications." CSB Chair Carolyn Merritt noted. SH&E TRAINING Key activities for Eweek 2008 include: Companies Team Up to Create • New Faces of Engineering. 2007 Nov 5-7. Workbooks and/or CDRoms are available for home study for each certification at a cost of: Workbooks (set of 2) or CDRom each Workbooks & CDRom Check. and provides stimulation and TEC and 360training bave released the environincentive for students at all levels who might conmental industry's first online EPA Asbestos Inspesider entering the field. Tlie event is cosponsorecl by IBM and the Chinese Institute of Engineers-USA.org JULY 2007 PROFESSIONAL SAFETY 17 .pdf.com.engineering industry.360training.info or http://prosafety. along with 26 other states.

com. Tliis study found that obese workers in high-risk jobs incurred the highest costs in compensation claims.asse. and Public Health.htm or send an e-mail to contact@eheinc.com/14035-15 18 PROFESSIONALSAFETY JULY2007 www. Results of the Duke University research.info or http://pro5afety.977. Eleven NIOSH scientists and one colleague coauthored the article which describes results from scientific research and uncertainties that would need to be addressed to better understand obesity and how it relates to the occupational safety workforce.hotim5. NEEDLE5TICK PREVENTION NIOSH/OSHA Bulletin Available for Comment NIOSI i and OSHA's jointly published safety and health information bulletin (SHIB) designed to help protect surgical ONLINE LEARNING FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS OSHA Training Has AIN THE MATERIALS NEEDED TO BECOME A MORE EFFECTIVE TRAINER. obesity and health.edu • 800.org/cgi/content/ full/97/3/428. Lab inspections. EH&E staff has found that three basic problems usually cause lab deficiencies during compliance re\ ii-w s.p5ad5. "Work. • Spanish 10 hr.hotims.ip-otn page 17 SAFETY COMPLIANCE EH&E Promotes WebBased TVaining to Combat Compliance Cballenges SH&E experts tit Ejiviroiiiiiental Health and Engineering (EH»SrE) have identified new strategies for improving program compliance deficiencies in healthcare facilities that are equipped with labs.content/full/167/8/766.— CD's developsd and u » d by PRO5AFE Solutions' instructors. is Research Adresses Obesity and the Workplace NIOSH's article.com/ehe web solutions. both medically and economically.org .org . Through research. musculoskeletal disorders or vibration-induced injury—but it also suggests that obesity may alter the way the body available at www. Obesity. To address the negative affects of obesity and work performance. increasing exercise opportunities on the worksite and reducing stress.eheinc. can be found at http://archinte.cgi.ik-!\ \ jolations in the lab.com/14035-14 PRO5HFE S 0 I U I I 0 tl S Request 15 at www. with the presence of feedback to keep track of corrective actions and an accessible organizational mechanism are tools that can be implemented in the system. Staff members have created a program management system that provides easy access to program information and status." discusses the potential iir\ks between work. WORKER HEALTH responds to neurotoxic chemicals and challenges to the immune system.amaassn.columbiasouthern. & more.. with 60+ years of combined safety training experience. printed materials or games can start to include web-based training programs. program organization and accessibility.info or http://pro5afety. s. Excavation. MANAGEMENT. BS IN ENVIRONMENTAI. suggests a correlation between body mass index and the rate of workers' compensation claims.psads.ajph. The article also notes that body weight and other physical variables may affect the correct use of PPE. Construction FREE ONLINE DEMO Now you can: • Conduct interactive training sessions • Immediately improve safety performance • Break down complicated OSHA standards into simple terms • Reduce prep time and customize presentations to meet your training needs A ^ . and training deficiencies. Scaffold. which was published in the American lournal ofPubiic Health. COLUMBIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY OTHER DEGREE AND CERTIFICATE PROtiRAMS AVAIIJXBLE INCEUDINC. One area the article highlights is the potential impact of obesity on workrelated disease and injury. a study funded by NIOSH and conducted by Duke University researchers.. www.8449 code 90o LEARNING PARTNERS RECEIVE A TUITION DISCOUNT CONTACT CSU FOR DETAILS ABOUT BECOMING A LEARNING PARTNER ORANGE BEACH. scientists suggest diversifying food choices at work. Furthermore. Some evidence suggests that obesit)' may increase the risk of occupational diseases—asthma. visit www . For more information. AL36S6! Request 14 at www. which was published ui the Archives of Internal Medicine. DANTES & VA Benefits • Confined Space. Training CDs available: • 10 & 30 Hour Construction & General Industry Earn Your Degree in OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH Personalized Service Flexible Leaming No Classroom or Scheduled Onlinif Sessions Affordable Tuition Accredited Member DETC TA. EH&E believes that more common approaches to training technicians such as videos. The article.

of the way and assistance. Download EHS Integration " ^ ^ white paper vyrww. tection Association (NFPA). hearing. visit the Facility Guidelines Institute website at www. on the four elements of evacuation infor•infection control.gov /niosh/review /public/106. Learn more by downloading our free white paper on EHS Integration^" and our Seven Step integration process. other companies that wish to market their respirators for use dtiring public health medical emergencies must acquire certification from NIOSH to provide proper filtration without hampering one's ability to breathe. According to FDA..dts. Different syntheses.org.com REDINGER & ASSOCIATES. To propose changes. products of 3M Co. Summary Finds Carbon lUanotubes Produce Toxic Response A summary conducted on scientific information on the human health and environmental effects of carbon nanotubes (CNT) concludes that carbon nanotubes will prtxluce a toxic response if they reach the lungs in sufficient quantity. Comments on the bulletin or any new data. The SHIB is available at www. surgical and obstetric facilities. the newly approved respirators are the first to be cleared by FDA for use during public health emergencies. Companies also must conduct biocompatibility testing to reduce the chance for allergic skin reactions. July 27. Guide for the Disabled For the current revisions. To view the summary. HGRC is The Emergency tvacuation Planning focusing on patient. Daring to Reach an EHS Ideal You've implemented an EHS Management System! You 're performing beyond compliance! You \e attained higher performance! Now What? Is Something Missing? There is further east to go! In order to reach an ideal of zero.gov.org.m.personnel from needlestick injuries while using suture needles is available for public review and technical comment. and that they have the potential to build up in the environment and throughout the food chain. which hinders grouping all CNT into one uniform category.org/diKs/2007/%52/abstract. mation—notification.osha .hotiins c:om/14035-16 www.html and www . and can be • use of patient lift devices. Information on how to submit reviews. The guidelines. use • healthcare facility engineering. Although many companies make tliese types of respirators. found nt www. The document provides infor. Scientists say the occupational exposure limit for CNT should not be more than 0. WORKER HEALTH FDA Approves First Respirators for Use in Public Emergencies Two filtering facepiece respirators.strategicEHS. Our Seven Step EHS Integration^" process provides a way to breakthrough to realizing your vision and performance ideal with velocity. were recently approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). which are used by engineers. the toxicity potential of each nanoparticle type must be evaluated individually. 30. the full integration of EHS Functions in the organization is needed. CNT are considered one of the most promisiiig materials in nanoteclinology with properties for many different technological uses. and provide instructions that enable proper use of the device and a protective fit. INC. such as an influenza pandemic. Scientists also urge companies to screen workers for health effects such as ltmg inflammation. The 3M Respirator 8612F and 8670F will be available to the general public without a prescription. and will help reduce the user's exposure to airborne germs during a public health medical emergency. CALL FOR COMMENTS Proposal Deadline Extended for Healtbcare Facilities Guidelines The Health Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) has extended the public proposal period for the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities to Sept. Your Strategic EHS Management Resource^" 978-772-8105 Request 16 at www. Because of this. space and equipment needs FIRE SAFETY for clinical and support areas of the MFRA Produces Evacuation facilities.psads. visual.healthcare environments. 2007. According to the summary. purification and post-processing methods produce CNT with different physical characteristics. 2007.and staff-related Guide for People with Disabilities is building design and construction issues available from the National Fire Prosuch as. mation on the five general disability •single bedrooms beyond medical/ categories—mobility.org JULY 2007 PROFESSIONALSAFETY 19 .info or hnp://prosafety. address the design and construction of healthcare facilities and also recommend program.ehp Qnline. can use to design a personalized evacua•sound design and vibration in tion plan.nfpa. managers and people with disabilities •bariatric accorrunixiations. visit www. NIOSH also certified the products as N95 filtering face piece respirators.html. The guide fea• imaging technologies used in operattures a checklist that building services ing rooms. allergic reactions and cardiovascular problems.gov/niosh/docs/2007-132.asse. comments or new data is available at www . way finding.shib/shib032307.1 mg per cubic meter of air. architects and healthcare professionals.cdc. hold fit assessment testing.fgi NANOTECHNOLOGY guidi'lines.cdc. speech and cognitive impairments—and •environment of care. published in Environmenial Health Perspectives. research or information on the topic will be accepted until 5 p.

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