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Stonehenge at Solstice time

Come and find out about life in Larkhill 4000 years ago at the time of Stonehenge!

Larkhill Primary School Saturday 22nd June 2013 from 10.00am 4.00pm
At the Neolithic house and the Bronze Age barrow. Prehistoric cookery - the taste of the Stone Age Flint knapping - ancestors tool kits Pottery firing - pots made by children from Larkhill School.. Fence making - help fence the house Pit digging - have you ever used an antler pickaxe?...... Stone moving - how did they build Stonehenge?..... And more.! Plus - all day Live excavation on the school playing field. Have a go at digging you never know what you will find!

For more details contact: Julian Richards - Layers of Larkhill archaeologist Mobile 07974913878