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SVFI June 12, 2012 Outsourcing, Partners and Suppliers - Bob Rosin

SVFI June 12, 2012 Outsourcing, Partners and Suppliers - Bob Rosin

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Published by: Founder Institute on Jun 14, 2013
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Partnerships for Startups 101 how to grow fast with help from big friends

Bob Rosin Vice President & General Manager, Business Development, Skype bob@skype.net Founder Institute: Silicon Valley June 11, 2013

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Parasitic symbiosis: one party benefits at the expense of the other


© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Commensal symbiosis: one party benefits, the other is unaffected


© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Mutual symbiosis: both parties benefit


© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Three types of partnerships for startups

Enabling Partnerships you need to be in business

Marketing Partnerships that help you sell

Distribution Partnerships that get others selling for you

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Enabling partnerships
 Example: carrier deals  we needed one, and we got two  use the competitive dynamic to your advantage  don’t go through the front door  find a team that needs you in order to accomplish their mission  show how you are the beginning of a new trend  face to face is key  use “stacking”

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Startup technique: “Stacking” (AKA Sequencing)
Great exit Great OEM partnerships Great carrier partnerships Great launch partner (Sprint) Great industry dynamic (Apple) Great organic user adoption Great product Great Angels ($7.2M) Great core technologies Great Problem (video on 3G) Great Team
© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Marketing partnerships
 Example: OQO and Microsoft  Make yourself the example for their strategy  Find the major events where strategy will be announced  Top down: employees want to be told what to do  Run with it: create the event, and tell the world
over 28,900 news & blog articles

2007 Windows Vista PC Innovation Award

Microsoft OEM / Mobility Partner Advisory Council
•Annual Co-op mktg funds: $100K+ •Placement on Microsoft site •Inclusion in marketing programs •Placement in major industry tradeshows •Case study support •ULCPC pricing and UMPC marketing funds

Press Release

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - CES Keynote Speech, January 7th, 2007 - Bill Gates today showcased OQO's next generation ultra-mobile PC, the model 02, in his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Distribution partnerships

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Deal lifecycle
Identify partner Develop value proposition Execute partnership Manage partnership Grow and extend partnership
© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Market Segmentation
CPG & RETAIL e.g. Harrington UTILITIES e.g. Cox Comm. CONSTRUCTION e.g. Webcor GOVERNMENT e.g. public safety,  law enforcement






© 2010 Robert B. Rosin

Partner identification
Lead Gen / Demand Gen


Analyst relations


Wireless Operator

Sales team VAR/ Reseller


© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Value proposition
 How do we help the partner?  What is their strategy, and how do we fit?  Organization mapping: who cares most?

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Deal execution: Tricks for getting partner interested
 Bring them a customer!
– Go after their sales team, not their alliances organization

 Go through their CEO or board
– Top-down results in action – Use senior management to your advantage – People in large companies expect to be told what to do

 Execute on their roadmap
– Build the product they want to own (but beware of NIH) – Large companies look to startups for the vision of the future

 Be the poster child for a major initiative
– Be a proof point
Craig Barrett Chairman, Intel CES Keynote Las Vegas January 9, 2009

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Partner management: What are you going to do for me?
 Kickoff meeting
– set objectives and owners – use executive mandate to set goals – agree on metrics and deliverables

 Weekly meeting
– people in big companies expect recurring conference calls – drive toward events, training sessions, customer meetings – status updates from each owner – track progress

 Executive review
– agree on checkpoints with business owner

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Grow and extend partnership
 Identify other opportunities within partner organization  Convert one type of partnership to another (ex: carriers)  Use relationships, executive mandate, and customer success stories  Build a portfolio of joint activities and wins
multiple products Certification Co-selling Co-marketing enterprise consumer joint events co-op/MDF
© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Partner Program
 
Within the SI, ISV and IHV partnership types:

Resellers VARs

Authorized Reseller

OQO Alliance Partner  OQO Alliance Partners are solution and technology providers that provide complementary services, solutions and products to the OQO platform and actively promote and market these solutions to joint customers. OQO Premier Partner  OQO Premier Partners are market leaders who make a strategic investment in and commitment to OQO products and go to market campaigns. OQO Strategic Alliances – By Invitation Only  Generally OQO Strategic Alliances are global market leaders who make deep investments in the OQO platform, vision and go to market campaigns.


Invitation Only


Within the Reseller and VAR partnership types: OQO Authorized Reseller  OQO Authorized Resellers are resellers and value added resellers who are authorized to resell OQO products and make a substantial revenue commitment to OQO. OQO Reseller  OQO Resellers are resellers and value added resellers who are authorized to resell OQO products and make a minimum unit sales commitment to OQO.


© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Lessons from Qik
 Pick a fantastic founding team  Solve a problem that is fundamental  Pick a market that is large and inevitable  Pick a market that is happening this year  Make a product that users love  Make a product that a lot of users will love  Focus on organic growth directly from users  Pivot if you need to based on where the market is going  Amplify it with partners  Make your partners recognize the value  Move fast and don’t worry about the big guys  Be the leader in the space
© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

Bob Rosin bob@skype.net

© 2013 Robert B. Rosin

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