a suit a jacket a shirt and tie

a pair of trousers

a pair of shorts

a pair of socks

a hat a coat a scarf a pair of gloves .

a cardigan a sweater / a jumper a T-shirt .

short sleeves long sleeves V neck Polo neck .

a dress a skirt .

sandals boots Shoes slippers .

a striped T-shirt striped spotted a spotted dress/tie a tartan skirt tartan a kilt a blue and white striped T-shirt a red and white spotted dress/tie .

Material Cotton Wool Leather Linen Fur Sheepskin .

a handbag Bags a suitcase a carrier bag a briefcase .

a pair of glasses a pair of sunglasses a ring a bag a necklace an umbrella .

Describing people .

.He/she is…… He/she has…… (has got)……. He/she’s wearing…….. He/she’s carrying……….


He/she is…… • • • • • • • • Tall/Short Fat / plump/ big Thin / slim Old/young Black/white Blond dark fair Beautiful Handsome .

• • • • • • • • • Long/short hair Dark hair Blond hair Blue eyes eyes. feet. a nose.He/she has…… (has got)…….. ears……. short dark hair long blonde hair short blonde curly hair long dark straight hair .

• • • • • • • • a suit a jacket a dress a t-shirt a pair of trousers socks / shoes / gloves a watch / a ring / a necklace a pair of glasses .He/she’s wearing…….

• an umbrella • a bag • a suitcase .He/she’s carrying…….

.Oral Practice Describe these people…. .

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