HCSP: Hackplanet Certified Security Professional

HCSP is the Level one and the Entry Level Certification at Hack Planet technologies w hich targets at testing the overall skills of a candidate in Ethical hacking and Security domain.Unlike other examinations, HCSP lay down focus on Practical knowledge of real time Hacking Scenarios and thus giving a professional platform for starting career in Information Security field. Duration: Min 1 .5 & Max 1 year Training Fees: 5,5 00 /- [Including Tax] Course Module: Sub Module 1 (1 )Introduction To Hacking (2)Basics of Networking (3)Information Gathering (4)Scanning (5)Google Dorks (6) Trojans, Backdoors, V iruses, Worms (7 )Windows and Linux Hacking (8)Social Engineering (9)Case Studies Sub Module 3 (1 9)Denial Of Service Attack (20)Web Server Hacking (21 )SQL Injection (22)Cross Site Scripting (23)Spamming (24)Wi-Fi Hacking (25)Case Studies Sub Module 2 (1 0) Sniffing (1 1 ) Masquerading The Identity (1 2) Session Hijacking (1 3) Key loggers and Spyw ares (1 4) Email Hacking and Countermeasures (1 5) Steganography (1 6) Cryptography (1 7 ) Using Proxies and V PNs (1 8) Case Studies Sub Module 4 (26) V ulnerability Assessment (27 ) Penetration Testing (28) Metasploit Framework (29) Reverse Engineering (30) Basics Of Exploit Writing (31 ) Basics of Malw are Analysis (32) Firew alls, IDS, IPS, Honeypots (33) Designing a Security Policy (34) Mobile Hacking & Security (35) Cyber Law s (36) Case Studies

Note: Most of the time students have doubts , whether things will be practically demonstrated or not. Our Distance Learning Programs focus on interaction with each student mean while delivering proper conceptual knowledge and practical exposure of all the modules. There are lots of sub modules cover in syllabus.

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