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E-Portfolio Reflection

Before I came to the 8th grade I was scared the work was going to be hard and I thought the teachers were going to be boring and mean. The first day of school I thought I was going to make new friends which I did and I thought there was going to be a lot of new kids that were going to transfer to are school but it was mostly the same kids from last year. I think that I didnt do my best this year my grades wasnt that great but for 9 th grade Im going to work as hard as I can. In science class I learned about gravity and I learned what aquatic and terrestrial means. Something I learned about myself in science class is if I listen and learn Im really good at science. One thing I think was challenging is when we had to answer distance equations. One thing think was rewarding is when Ms. Boekholder tells me Im doing a good job in her class. In ELA I learned that there were slaves in the Dominican Republic and I learned what integration and segregation mean. Something I learned about myself in ELA is that I can get good grades in his class if I work hard in his class and get all my work done. One thing I thought was challenging in ELA class was the freedom essay. One thing I thought was rewarding was that I got one of the best grades on that essay. A couple of things Im going to take with me to High school from this class are my reading skills and my writing skills. In math class I learned how to multiply and divide fractions and I learned how to do Pythagorean Theorem. Something I learned about myself in math class is that Im really good at math. One thing I found challenging was solving equations with variables. One thing that I found rewarding was when Mr. McCarthy taught me how to do it. One thing that I will take with me to the 9th is transformations I was good at it and I was interested in it. A couple of things I learned in read 180 are compound sentences, complex sentences, and simple sentences. Something I learned about myself in this class is if I do my homework and my class work I can get a good grade in this class because the work is easy. One thing I found challenging in this class is when I did the compound, complex, and simple sentence essay. One thing I found rewarding in class is I got a good grade on the essay. One thing I will take with me to the 9th grade from this class is the clauses I learned in that class. My finals thoughts about 8th grade are it was a good year I had fun I made new friends and I liked all my teacher this year. I hope my 9th grade year is going to be good I hope I meet new friends and I hope my teachers are going to be the same as this year. The lessons I learned this year I will do in the 9th grade I will behave in class and try to not be the class clown.