Republic of the Philippines City of San Juan, Metro Manila BARANGAY SALAPAN Office of the Sangguniang Barangay PROJECT



DATE AND VENUE • June 17-24, 2013
• San Juan Town Plaza, Barangay Hall Salapan, Pinaglabanan Shrine


• • • Barangay Salapan Council & SK Council Barangay Salapan Staff Other Barangay Constituents


These activities are designed to facilitate the needs of the barangay in

celebrating its foundation and contributing to the city’s colorful month long celebration of its cultural heritage through participating in the Santong Tao planned by the local government of San Juan City as well as various activities such as the celebration of the Independence Day, the umbrella- balloon display contest, the Water Music Festival, and other activities which form part of the Wattah Wattah celebration during the month of June.


These activities are aimed at incorporating elements of fun and competition and turning the people’s attention away from negative influences such as vices, drugs, etc and promote harmonious relations among them. This month long celebration and festivities also strives to establish the collective identity and distinction of the people of San Juan in this day as well as highlight the rich cultural history of the city.


MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT/SERVICES NEEDED 65 T-Shirts for Barangay Delegates and Brgy Council and Staff

500 Contract – Umbrella -Balloon Display Contest-------------------20.000 Total Budgetary Requirements 110.000 Token for Participation (Talent Fee/ Water Music Festival)--2.000 Banderitas ------------------------------------------------------------10.500 Silkscreen & Paint -----------------------------------------------------.000 P VIII.500 Miscellaneous Expenses (Labor.)-------------------------------2.000 Gasoline (for float) --------------------------------------------------1.000 Food (for lunch & breakfast)---------------------------------------20.5.000 T-shirt Participants --------------------------------------------------7.000 Photo Booth (SK) -------------------------------------------------------.P 30.Banderitas Costume of the Santong Tao Talent Fee (Santong Tao/Water Music Festival) Food and Drinks (for 50 people (Breakfast and Lunch)) Contract for the Santong Tao Float Gasoline for float Contract for Umbrella Display Miscellaneous expenses Photo Booth VII.500 T-shirt Brgy. etc.000 • • • • • • • • • • • • Costume for Santong Tao ----------------------------------------------1.000 Talent Fee (Santong Tao) ----------------------------------------------2. FUNDING SOURCES • Community Development Fund . Officials (15 pieces)---------------------------------2.6. BUDGETARY REQUIREMENTS • Contract of Float (Santong Tao) -------------------------------.

Appropriations EMERITO DE Barangay Treasurer Approved by: HON.Education & Sports Program Cultural Heritage Month 765 Other Supplies Expense ------------------------------------. MILAOR Chairperson. DELA CRUZ Barangay Chairperson Noted by: ALICIA E. ROSE ANDREA V.P 5.000 Financial Assistance from Mayor -------------------------------P 15. Cultural Affairs Funds Certified Available: P HON. Barangay Operations Center .P 80.000 • Financial Assistance Financial Assistance from Greenhills -------------------------.000 Total Funding Sources 110.S.000 Prepared by: HON. CRUZ-BARAZON City Accountant AURA ROBLES City Planning Officer II WALTER A. PANGILINAN Head. PATROCINIO D.000 Financial Assistance from City Council ------------------------P 10. CHARLES TEJOSO OCAMPO Chairperson.

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