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How to Use Google Docs

How to Use Google Docs

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Published by Hilda Jundarino
Google Docs is online software in creating documents.
Google Docs is online software in creating documents.

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Published by: Hilda Jundarino on Jun 14, 2013
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How to Use

First go to Website www.google.com.ph

Click Sign in

If you do not have Google account, click sign up here

Creating a Google Account

Fill in the required information here

Click I agree to the Google Terms of Service

Click Next step

Open your Email, you will need to verify your email address, click here

Click this link to verify the account

You will be taken to Google

Enter password here

Then, click Verify

This will appear

Click here to continue

Back to Google, click sign in

Sign in now to Google Account, fill up your account here

Click sign in

You will be taken to this page

Creating a New Document

Start creating a new document, click here

Start typing document just like you would in Microsoft word

Saving and Renaming a New Document

Every change you make is automatically saved in Drive look here

Open File to Rename your document click this

Type your title here

Then click ok

New document has now a title, see this

Uploading a Document

To upload document from file, click this

Browse the file that you want to upload

Then click open here

Uploading is on going, look here

File is now in main window

Working with Documents

Click Edit to undo or redo your document

Click Insert Menu to insert images, link, and page number

To change the font, line spacing and paragraph styles click Format

To view your print layout, ruler and check spelling click this

Creating Folders to Organize Documents

To open a new folder, click this

Enter the name for the new folder here

Then click create

Folder is now in main window

You can move the document inside the folder, drag my document to folder

My document is now inside the folder here

Folder is now listed here

Sharing and Collaborating a Document

To share document to another person, select the document you want to share

Then click More here

Choose Share, click this

Click Share here

This is the Sharing settings

You can share document to the links below (only accessible by collaborators)





Collaborators are able to view as well as edit any documents that you share.

You can share also documents to viewers with private access

Viewers are only able to view the document. They are not able to make any changes to the document.

After selecting the Collaborator or Viewer option you will need to type in the email addresses of the people with whom you would like to share the document.

Enter the email address here

Click this to add message to your receiver

Write your message here

You may send a copy to yourself, click this

Then click Share & save

You can change your invitation option here

When finished, click done

Publishing a Document

Publishing a document means that you will be making it available to anyone via the Internet.

Select the document that you want to publish

Open the document, then click file

Choose publish to the web

Control publishing, click this if you want to automatically republish when changes are made

Get a link to the published document here

When done, click close

Printing a Document

Once you have a final version of your document you may want to print it.

Open a document, click file here

Choose Print, click this

Click OK to Save File

Browse your download file

Open the download file in Adobe Reader

Then Click Print here

Creating a New Presentation

Click Create

Choose Presentation, click this

Scroll to choose a theme

Then select a theme, click this

Click ok

Start doing a presentation just like you would in Microsoft PowerPoint

Click here to put title

Click this to add another slide

New Slide is now added for the next presentation

Change the title of the presentation, click File

Click Rename

Write the title here

Then click ok

To change Background, click this

To change the Color background, click this

Click done, to change background color of one slide presentation

Click apply to all, to change background color to all presentation

Then click done to apply background changes to all presentation

To change Layout, click this

Click this for slide transition

Select transition here

All changes in presentation is automatically saved here

The End Have a great day 

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