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British Council Studying in UK

British Council Studying in UK

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Information for applying to UK universities by British Council
Information for applying to UK universities by British Council

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Published by: Natdanai Gamee Jungpairoj on Jun 14, 2013
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Where is the United Kingdom? .

United Kingdom • Four countries in one • • • • England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland • • • The home of the English Language Population of 62 million Multicultural and international .

choices. interesting people from all over the world! .Why should you choose a UK education? • Highly reputable universities – Well known and found in lots of league tables • Research intensive .Research Assessment Exercise • Strong links with industry • Choices. choices – there’s something for everyone • Contact hours with faculty/tutor • Meet fun.

Oh the things you can do… •Watch your favourite sport live •An ideal base for travel – Gateway to Europe •Free museums •Brilliant arts and entertainments scene .

Undergraduate degrees Where England. Northern Ireland and Wales Scotland Sandwich Duration 3 years (Honours) 4 years (MEng) 3 years (Ordinary) 4 years (Honours) + 1 year work experience .

What can I study? .

How to choose my courses? • • • • • What are the careers or subjects that interest you? What are your strengths? Speak to your school counsellors Take the Stamford Test (from UCAS) Conduct course searches – Subjects – Universities – Locations • Attend events – Information sessions – Exhibition .

How should I choose my university? .

etc Visit the universities.How should I choose my university? • • • • • • CAREFULLY! Know your priorities a) Subject Area : degrees offered & courses taught b) Reputation of university/ programme c) Location : City/ university-centric/ historical/ scenic d) Fees & Cost of living e) Accommodation or other facilities f) Others Entry requirements (predicted/actual grades) Talk to family/ seniors/ friends. if you wish Attend exhibitions/ talks .


a degree is recognized if the institution or university is accredited by the government of the country where it is located. medicine. etc.uk Recognised UK degree awarding institutions www. .ac.uk Unistats www. For professional qualifications such as law. the foreign degrees must also be recognized by the relevant professional bodies in Singapore.gov.ac.Useful tips • • • • Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) www.rae.qaa.uk/policies/higher-education/recognised-uk-degrees/ In Singapore.bis.com Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) www.unistats.

ucas.UCAS – www.com .

Dentistry and Veterinary Science Start of application: 1 September Deadlines • • 15 October for Cambridge* and Oxford. except Four choices for Medicine. Dentistry and Veterinary Science 15 January & 30 June £11 for one choice £21 for two to five choices *To apply by 20 September if you wish to be interviewed in Singapore • Application fee (2011 application): • • .UCAS – www. Medicine.ucas. of choices: • • Five choices.com • • • • Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) No.

References • Civics Tutor . 6. 4.UCAS Apply 1. Create an ID Personal Details Education profile Input up to 5 choices Work Experience (if any) Personal Statement • Why this course? • Achievements • Differentiating you from the others 7. 3. 5. 2.

Relation to current or previous studies • Demonstrate interest (activities done) – Skills and achievements – Attributes > interesting.Personal Statement – what to include Course/Subject Link all to skills and experience required for your course Be enthusiastic • Why apply • What interest you. special or unique – Hobbies and interest – demonstrate personality and abilities. . • Future plans – what you would like to achieve after completing the course.

copy and paste it into APPLY For compatibility. don’t waffle – 4.Personal Statement Show Professionalism • EMAIL address • DO NOT lie or copy • Be concise . bold. underlining or foreign characters Prepare offline.000 characters (includes spaces) or 47 lines of text • • • • No italics. use Times Roman font size 12 PROOF READ as many times as possible – avoid spelling and grammatical errors .

Personal Statement WOW FACTOR! • • • • GOOD opening statement SHOW your passion USE your background effectively INTENT clear .

facebook.UCAS on Facebook .www.com/ucasonline .

ucas.tv .UCAS tv – www.

Timeline (For entry in September/ October 2012) Research for possible universities Mid September 15 October December/January 15 January March 24 March April & May 10 May 30 June Three months before start of school Sept/Oct 2012 UCAS application opens Application deadline for medicine. vet science and courses at Oxford and Cambridge Interviews Recommended application deadline for students Release of A level results Application deadline for Art and Design courses Offers are made Decisions from schools for applications before 15 Jan UCAS Application deadline Apply for visa (after issuance of CAS) Start of semester . dentistry.

lnat.ac.www.ac.uk • For entry to law: – The National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT) – www.ukcat.Admissions tests • For entry to medical or dental schools: – BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) .org.www.bmat.uk – UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) .uk • Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA): – TSA Cambridge – TSA Oxford (formerly PPE Admissions Test) – TSA UCL .

How much does it cost? .


How much does it cost? Tuition Fees per academic year • • • Classroom (Arts and Commerce) Laboratory (Science & Eng) Clinical (medicine related) : £8.000 : £15.000 Living Expenses – for a nine month academic year • • London.000 .£20.£600 (outside of London) and £800 (within London) per month.£30.000 : £9.000 . .£8.uk/international/ Current exchange rate.000 .000 .000 : £6. Cambridge Other areas : £7. .800 .www. Oxford.£13. £1 = S$2 (approximately) Visa application requires : fees for first year and living cost of nine months.000 Student Calculator .org.£9.studentcalculator.

How much does it cost? .

full time during holidays .As an international student in the UK • • • Free NHS health services Student discounts Work opportunities – 20 hours per week during term time.

How to fund your studies? Option 1 : MnD Scholarship Option 2 : Govt/Local agencies Option 3 : Bank loans .



Education UK Singapore on Facebook www.com/educationuk.facebook.sg .

educationuk. Singapore 258509 Tel: +65 6473 7111 Email: contact@britishcouncil.Contact details British Council 30 Napier Road.org.sg Website: www.sg .org.

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