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Brand . Brand Equity. Brand Challenges a) Brand Decision b) Brand Sponsor Decision c) Brand Name Decision d) Brand Strategy Decision e) Brand Repositioning Conclusion

A Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of them intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Examples:-

Brand can convey up to six levels of meaning:1) Attributes: A Brand brings to mind certain attributes. Example:- Mercedes

2) Benefits: Attributes must be translated into functional and emotional benefits. Example:- Mercedes

3) Values: The Brand also says something about producer value. Example:-

4) Culture: The Brand may represent a certain culture. Example:- Himalaya

5) Personality: Brand projects a certain personality.

6) User: The brand suggest the kinds of the consumers who buys or uses the product. Example:- Scooty Pep

Brand Equity
It is the positive differential effect that a known brand name has on customer response to the product or service.

Example:- IBM

Branding Challenges The key decisions are:Branding Decision:- To brand or not to brand

Brand Sponsor Decision
A manufacturer have several option w.r.t brand sponsorship. The product may be launched as a MANUFACTURER BRAND. Example:- IBM , Kelloggs , Wadias , Ambani’s.

Distributor Brand (reseller, store, house or private brand)
Example:- Bata Shoes and Socks, Khadi Gram Udyog.

Licensed Brand
The manufacturer also produce some outputs under its own name and some under reseller labels. Example:- Whirpool –Kenmore, Lenovo –Esys.

Brand Name Decision
There are four strategies available:2) Individual Names. 3) Blanket Family name 4) Separate Family Name. 5) Company Trade Name Combined with Individual Product Name.

Individual Names:- Company can use this policy because if product fails or appear to have low quality, the company's name or image is not hurt. Example:- H UL

Blanket Family Name:-

Company can use this policy because development cost is less. Example:- Bajaj , Godrej , Kissan.

Where a company produce quite different product, it is not desirable to use one blanket family name. Different family names for different quality lines within the same product line

Example:- Tata, Mead Johnson- ‘Nutriment’ & ‘Metrecal’

Company Trade Name Combine with Individual Product Name Example:- Maruti, Kelloggs, J&J.

Brand Strategy Decision:The company can introduce:2) Line extensions. 3) Brand extensions. 4) Multi Brands. 5) New Brands 6) Co Brands


company has five choices when it comes to Brand strategy.

Line Extension:-

Line extension consist of introducing additional items in the same product category and the same brand name ,such as New Flavors , Forms , Colors , Added Ingredients and Package Size. Example: Dove , Lux , Hajmola

A company may use its existing brand name to launch new products in other categories.

Brand Extension:-

Example:- BAJAJ

Multi Brands :- A company
will often introduce additional brands in the same product category.

Example:- H UL Soaps

launches product in new category , it may find that none of its current brand name are appropriate.

New Brands:- When a company

Example:- TIMEX

well known brands combined in an offer. Co branding take variety of forms:1) Ingredient Co branding Example:- COMPAQ Computers

Co Brands:- When two or more

2) Same Company Co Branding:Example:-

3) Joint Venture Co Branding Example:-Sony Ericsson

well a brand is currently positioned , the company may have to reposition it later when facing new competitors or changing customers preferences.

Brand Repositioning:- However

Example:- 7UP, Lifebouy


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