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Positive Affirmations for Mind and Body Healing

Positive Affirmations for Mind and Body Healing

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Published by Ajay Bhatt

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Published by: Ajay Bhatt on Jun 14, 2013
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Positive Affirmations For Mind and Body Healing Release Date: 3/17/1998 Detail: There just simply isn

't time to meet with old friends for lunch. There isn't tim e to shop for a birthday gift, see a film, take a walk, listen with one's eyes c losed to the cries of birds circling overhead. Our days have never been fuller o f tasks and more devoid of beauty than at this time in history. And the human an imal has never been sicker, the natural immunities that flower in a centered min d and body never more diminished. But what Asian cultures have know for centurie s is that an oasis of calm and wholeness lies simply within. Listening to Positive Affirmations For Mind and Body Healing will lead the liste ner through a powerful group of affirmations, replacing the negative tapes which been unconsciously programmed, with new, fulfilling, and beneficial thought and visualizations. Track 2 features Music for Personal Meditation, a beautiful and relaxing musical interlude composed exclusively for Positive Affirmations For M ind and Body Healing. Spoken by John Daniels and set to an original musical score. Program: 1 2 The Positive Affirmations Meditation Music for Personal Meditation 26:41 28:42

Total running time: 55:23 ------------Positive Affirmations For Mind & Body Healing Catalog #: CMH-2013 Release Date: 3/17/1998 http://www.cmhrecords.com/web/page.asp - Then Click Miscellaneous

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