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Senator  Ben  Hueso  and  the  Greater  San  Diego  Association  of  REALTORS®  to   Host  Bilingual  First-­‐Time  Homebuyer  Workshop  in  Barrio  Logan  
June  22  event  expected  to  draw  dozens  of  local  families  who  are  encouraged  to  pre-­‐register    

WHAT:  Bilingual  (Spanish  &  English)  First-­‐Time  Homebuyer  Workshop     WHEN:  Saturday,  June  22  2013   TIME:  9:30-­‐11:30AM  (Doors  open  at  9AM)   WHERE:  Bethel  Memorial  A.M.E.  Church,  3085  K  Street,    San  Diego  CA  9210   Click  here  for  map/directions   COST:  Free  of  charge;  participants  are  encouraged  to  pre-­‐register   Click  here  for  Eventbrite  registration  page   HOSTS:  Senator  Ben  Hueso  and  the  Greater  San  Diego  Association  of  REALTORS®  (SDAR)   PARTNER:  National  Association  of  Hispanic  Real  Estate  Professionals  (NAHREP)   TWITTER:  #welcomehome     “This  is  an  excellent  opportunity  for  first-­‐time  homebuyers  to  receive  all  the  advice  they  need  under  one  roof,”   said  SDAR  Board  President  Linda  Lee.  “The  Greater  San  Diego  Association  of  REALTORS®  has  hosted  similar  events   but  this  is  our  first  bilingual  workshop  and  we  are  proud  to  offer  this  service  to  the  community.  There  is  no   greater  joy  for  a  REALTOR  than  helping  a  first-­‐time  buyer  realize  their  dream  of  homeownership.”     Sen.  Ben  Hueso  said:  "Homeownership  is  a  key  part  of  the  American  Dream  and  helps  strengthen  our  community.   The  Greater  San  Diego  Association  of  REALTORS®  bilingual  workshop  will  educate  Spanish  and  English  speaking   attendees  on  the  fundamentals  they  need  to  successfully  achieve  the  dream  of  homeownership.”         BACKGROUND:  A  panel  of  experts  will  assist  participants  interested  in  purchasing  their  first  home.  Areas  covered   include:   •  Educational  resources  to  help  buyers  become  purchase-­‐ready   •  How  to  choose  a  REALTOR®   •  Special  down  payment  assistance  programs  for  first-­‐time  homebuyers   •  Homebuyer  programs  in  cities  throughout  San  Diego  County   •  Special  loan  products  and  grants  for  first-­‐time  homebuyers   •  Buyer-­‐Broker  relationship   •  Bank-­‐owned,  REO,  short  sale  information   •  Credit   •  Available  tax  credits   This  event  is  made  possible  by  a  National  Association  of  REALTORS®  housing  opportunity  grant.     ###     With  roughly  12,000  members,  the  Greater  San  Diego  Association  of  REALTORS®  (SDAR)  is  the  largest  trade   association  in  the  county.  Our  REALTORS®  adhere  to  a  code  of  ethics  and  professional  standards  above  and  beyond   the  norm.  We  help  our  members  sell  more  homes.  We  help  people  realize  the  dream  of  home  ownership.  And  we   are  dedicated  to  protecting  private  property  rights.  You  can  follow  SDAR  on  Facebook,  Twitter  and  YouTube.  
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