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We use mathematical modeling for the fluid flow interactions of the blood flow w ithin the arterial wall.

Specifically we look at the case where the arterial wal l is surrounded by cerebral spinal fluid, or CSF. The blood pressure exerted on the arterial wall is modeled using a Fourier Series, and the arterial wall is mo deled with a spring-mass system. Then externally the cerebral spinal fluid is mo deled through a Navier - Stokes equation. In our priliminary modeling the Navier - Stokes is simplified. The resulting system of partial differential equations for the fluid structure interaction with appropriately chosen boundary condition s are solved analytically with Laplace Transform. We then remodel this and solve it numerically with mixture theory to compute the structural displacement of th e wall and the resulting flow of the fluid externally. The applications for thi s model are related in understanding the deformation of the arterial wall as a f unction of its given material properties and how the model relates this to the C SF and finally the growths and ruptures of aneurysms.