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Didactic.ro Simple Continuous

Didactic.ro Simple Continuous

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Published by: Diaconu Andreea on Jun 14, 2013
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Present Simple

_____________ ACTION

Prof. Ghetau Cristina Scoala cu cl.I-VIII Horlesti, Jud. Iasi


to walk
I walk in the park every day.
You walk in the park every day.

Tom walks in the park every day.
We walk in the park every day.

You walk in the park every day.
The children walk in the park every day.

She works with people. . She works in a company.She speaks English.

Where do sheep live? Sheep live on farms. .

Sheep give us wool. Sheep give us milk. .Sheep eat grass.

Cats drink milk.Cats like birds. . Cats eat mice.

 Birds  It snows in winter. .Permanent actions  Flowers grow in summer. fly.

I like cats. I know the answer. Lions live in the jungle. .

When…? l l l l l l l l .

Repeated actions .

Present Continuous .

We are You are The boys are .to eat I am You are Maria is eating now.

What is he doing? He is working now. .

V.? Now……. When….Progress actions  We are watching T. .

What are they doing?  She is reading.  She is drinking.  He is talking. .

. What are the zebras doing? They are eating grass now. What eat? do zebras Zebras eat grass.

 She plays basketball.  He is playing basketball. .

.  She is playing golf. She usually plays golf.

 He works in a factory.He is a worker.  He . is working now.

Sue is a pupil. What is she doing? She is studying. When does she study? She studies every afternoon. .

Tom writes a letter every week. It snows in winter. It is snowing. .Tom is writing a letter.

I am drinking some orange juice. .Susan says: I like orange juice.

. They are having fun.They have fun on Sundays.

.Babies cry. The baby is crying.

She likes music. She plays the violin every evening.Maria is playing the violin. .

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