Who's Who on the “Magical Journeys” Quilt Margaret Franklin Creations

When I first started this project, I tried to create an interactive display showing the first row of this work in progress, inviting visitors to participate by decorating their own horses to include on the quilt:

Sadly, the idea didn't catch on this time, however it did eventually become THIS:

Top Row: Assorted colouring pictures from the Silver Beach Carousel Website:Benton Harbor Tigers mascot, Noel the Christmas Horse, Kelly the Flamingo, Marcie the Armored Lead Horse, Unicorn Second Row: Hugz 4 Zug designed by me, Summer Love by one of Lorraine's students, Bepster; the Somewhere Else horse, designed by me for the Carousel of Happiness' project, Warhol-style Muller military stander by Wendy Mutton Third Row: All these horses were designed by me: Keep Calm, Fairground Fantasy, Official logo with instructions, I'm Alive and Thrill Seeker Fourth Row: City Nights by Lorraine Thayer, Celebration by me, assorted colouring pictures from the Crossroads Village carousel, Vortex by me and Bath-time by Lorraine Thayer. Fifth Row: These are the “My Little Pony” colouring pictures designed by Lucky Lotto on Deviant-art: Pinky-Pie, Rarity, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy

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