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The Terror of Pediatric Medicine

The Terror of Pediatric Medicine


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The Title says enough.
The Title says enough.

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Published by: jjp1947 on Apr 30, 2009
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Where Nutrition and Medicine Meet

(This is from a magazine article I wrote and introduces you to the world of
magnesiumchloride, which is an amazing nutrient that doubles as a safe
medicine that is extraordinarily helpful in almost all medical conditions. See my book
Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and or www.magnesiumforlife.com)

Magnesium chloride is one of the best kept secrets, not only in naturopathic
medicine but in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms
to save lives. Public health officials and the pharmaceutical industry really don't want
anyone to know that a naturally occurring nutritional mineral can save your life
because that would mean they would have to admit that they have a safe and effective
universal medicine that we can turn to in many clinical situations. This is an exciting
medical discovery, that magnesium, one of the most common and most necessary
nutritional minerals, is actually an incredibly fast acting, safe and effective medicine.

Magnesium chloride has a dramatic effect on cell life and is safer to use than aspirin.
Effective in a much broader sense than vitamin C, magnesium chloride is a medicine
that could quite literally save your life. It certainly will extend your existence and save
you and your loved ones from a considerable amount of pain. It will help you get to
sleep if you are an insomniac, increase your energy levels and performance in sports if
you are an athlete and help you avoid the major plagues of our time, i.e., diabetes,
cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders and strokes. If you do not succumb to one
of these diseases your life is automatically extended.

Why is magnesium chloride so effective in so many medical situations?
"Magnesium is necessary for the normal function of over 300 enzyme systems, for
muscle relaxation, immune function, cardiac function, clotting, nerve conduction etc.
Indeed I cannot think of a bodily department in which magnesium is not essential. It
prevents heart disease, cancer, blood pressure, kidney stones and improves energy,
sleep etc." reports Dr. Sara Mayhill.

"Like two diverging paths, it appears that the more we learn about the benefits of
magnesium the more we uncover about the side effects of prescription drugs," says Dr.
Carolyn Dean, author of The Miracle of Magnesium. Magnesium chloride is a versatile
medicine we can all put in our medicine cabinets. It boosts almost all aspects of cell
physiology and is what you want around if you are having a heart attack or stroke.
Magnesium chloride is a basic mineral nutrient supplied by the food industry that can
be used orally, intravenously, and transdermally.

Magnesium chloride treatments address systemic nutritional deficiencies, act to
improve the function of our cells and immune system, and help protect cells from
oxidative damage. It is a systemic medicine as well as a local one bringing new life
and energy to the cells wherever it is applied topically. Magnesium is the single most
important mineral for maintaining proper electrical balance and facilitating smooth
metabolism in the cells. One of the major properties of magnesium is that of stabilizing
cell membranes and even the blood brain barrier.

Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common nutritional problems in the
industrialized world today. This deficiency is the result of agricultural practices, food
preparation techniques, and dietary trends. According to the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, studies show that as many as half of all Americans do not consume
enough magnesium. The latest government study shows a staggering 68% of
Americans do not consume the recommended daily intake of magnesium, which is set
way too low meaning these statistics are understatements. Even more frightening is
data from this study showing that 19% of Americans do not consume even half of the
government's recommended daily intake of magnesium. The health implications are


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When dietary
deficiency of trace
elements occurs, cells
lose the ability to
control their ions with
dire consequences for
cell physiology. Even
a minute loss of ion
equilibrium causes
cells to burst, nervous
disorder, brain
damage, or muscle
spasms, as well as a
breakdown of the cell-
regenerating process
and growth.

When we look at
the attributes of
unprocessed sea salt
and sea water products
like concentrated sea
minerals, magnesium
chloride brines, and
pure sea water itself
(which is sold in
hypertonic and
isotonic forms) we see
miracle medicines that
will prevent
hypertension, heart
diseases and stroke!

nothing short of catastrophic. Magnesium deficiency can affect virtually every system
of the body, meaning the range of pathologies associated with magnesium deficiency is

Magnesium supplementation is actually crucial for everyone today but we have to
pay especial attention to the method of supplementation because this is critical in
terms of effective body utilization. "Magnesium is poorly absorbed orally. That is why
I start off with injections. By injecting magnesium I can guarantee 100% to bring the
levels up. I cannot guarantee to do this with oral magnesium," says Dr. Mayhill. What
Dr. Mayhill did not know of when she said this was the discovery of a natural form of
magnesium chloride that comes from sea water evaporation. Called Magnesium Oil, it
is a natural substance that can be applied to the skin or poured into the bath like
Epsom salts. Magnesium chloride, applied transdermally, is the ideal magnesium
delivery system with medical benefits unequalled in the entire world of medicine yet
one does not need a doctor to prescribe or administer it. Just relax in a medicinal bath,
without a doctor's prescription.

It is not an exaggeration to say that miracles in medicine would be achieved if the
overwhelming occurrence of magnesium deficiency - in adults, adolescents and the
very young - were addressed instead of ignored. There is no doubt that every clinician
in the area of health, medicine, sports and psychology should be versed in the use of
magnesium chloride and how, when used transdermally, it can safely and effectively
prevent and help resolve many disease conditions. Selenium, zinc and iodine are
among other minerals that help us enormously to maintain health and recover from
both chronic and acute disease.

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If common table salt
was banned and
replaced with real salt
we would have a
dramatic improvement
in the publics’ health
because of the re-
properties of real sea
salt with all the
minerals left intact. No
science can hope to
compete with the
minerals of sea water.

They are extremely
bioavaliable which is
the significant reason
sea water derived
minerals are the
absolute best way to
supplement. Our
special needs for
certain minerals like
selenium, zinc and
other minerals needed
in increased quantities
and concentrations
have to be
supplemented in other

Children suffer
behavioral and
learning disorders
when their diets are
deficient in vital
nutrients needed for
their brains to function
normally. Minerals and
Omega-3 fatty acids
will work together to
improvements no
allopathic medicine

can compete with.

Minerals provide
the spark for many of
the body's cellular
processes and keep
them running
efficiently. Without
these finely-tuned
chemical reactions no
organism can function.
Inorganic mineral
nutrients are also
essential in the
structural composition
of hard and soft body
tissues and are
necessary in processes
such as the action of
enzyme systems, the
contraction of muscles,
nerve reactions and the
clotting of blood.

Humans need a wide
range of minerals to
maintain good health
and we need them in
the right amounts and
relations to each other
(co-action). Small
variations in
established minerals
levels can cause
pathological states to

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD http://www.imva.info

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