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Ho m e M a s t h ea d N ew s a nd E v e nts

Adam Fieled
Sunday, November 27, 2011
#1200 She asked me how I did it, I turned my arm over, said look at these veins, I write with them, they are a well, she said well that’s all very dramatic, but those veins should be used for life— if your blood is working double-time, your heart will only get half of what it needs. She hurt me, I said leave my blood alone, you can never understand, but her full house beat my flush—

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from Apparition Poems #1089 I love you, I love you, I love you— clouds are moving in behind us, storms are forming in front, blue sky purple, green grass yellow, all things pale to this dark—


"After Andrew Marvell" (adam fieled)
Twelve long years, with the length of all that time squeezed into a universe that hovers between us, as I knock back a third Jack and Coke and you stir your Jameson, as our eyes meet and I re-read in my head what I wrote in a journal twelve years ago: "two-faced, mannish, and frigid." That's our universe: words scrawled in the heat of undecided passion, which resolved in the submissive caresses of another. Yet they hover there, still undecided because I bet you kept a journal too, and a good one, and if you didn't well then our universe isn't much, I don't give a shit about the coyness that can't be squeezed without stress, and I'll find another mistress.

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