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O Jesus Christ, to Whom belongs the name of

salvation, Who according to the multitude of His mercy
destroyed the power of death.

You are the King of ages, the Immortal, the Eternal,

the Logos of God, Who is above all, the Shepherd of
the rational sheep, the High Priest of the good things
to come, Who ascended into the heavens and became
above the heavens.
And He went within the veil, to the place of the Holy of
Holies, the place into which anyone with human nature
cannot enter. He became a forerunner on our behalf,
having become a High Priest forever, according to the
order of Melchizedek.

You are He concerning Whom the prophet Isaiah

prophesied, saying, “As a sheep He was led to the
slaughter, and as a lamb voiceless before his shearer,
so He opened not His mouth. In His humiliation, His
judgment was taken away, and who shall declare His
You were wounded on account of our sins and were
weakened for our iniquities. The chastisement of our
peace was upon You, and with Your bruises we were

All we, as sheep, have gone astray. You have come, O

our Master, and saved us, through the true knowledge
of Your cross, and granted us the tree of live, which is
Your divine Body and true Blood.

Therefore, we praise You, bless You, serve You,

worship You, glorify You and give thanks to You at all
We ask and entreat You, O God, the philanthropic One,
receive our sacrifice from our hands, O our Master, as
You have received the gifts, the incense, the
supplications of the patriarchs, the prophets, the
apostles and all Your saints.

Purify our souls, our bodies, our spirits and our

consciences, so that, with a pure heart, an enlightened
soul, an unashamed face, a faith unfeigned, a perfect
love, and a firm hope, we may dare with boldness,
without fear, to say the holy prayer, which You have
given to Your holy disciples and pure apostles, saying
to them, “Whenever you pray, entreat in this manner,
and say: Our Father . . . .”