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NV Handbook New

NV Handbook New

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Nevada Driver's Handbook 2012
Nevada Driver's Handbook 2012

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If you are under 18 years of age and applying for a Nevada driver’s license or instruction permit, a
parent or guardian must co-sign your application. You will need to sign an affdavit stating that you
understand the following:

Your license may be:

• Suspended for 90 days if a blood, breath or urine test indicates at least 0.02 percent but less
than 0.08 percent by weight of alcohol in your blood.
• Revoked for 90 days for any court fnding of driving under the infuence of alcohol or a
controlled substance.
• Suspended or issuance delayed for up to two years for:
—Placing graffti on or defacing public or private property;
—Any criminal activity involving alcohol or a controlled substance;
—Using, possessing, selling or distributing a controlled substance; or
—Purchasing, consuming or possessing an alcoholic beverage.
• Suspended, or issuance delayed for up to one year for handling or possessing a frearm or
having a frearm under your control in violation of NRS 202.300. For a second offense, your
license will be suspended, or issuance delayed, for two years.
• Suspended for 30 days to 6 months, or issuance delayed for 30 days, if found to be in need of
supervision because of habitual truancy. For a second offense, your license will be suspended
for 60 days to 1 year or issuance of your license will be delayed for 60 days.
• Suspended for a period of not less than 6 months but not more than 2 years if found guilty of
participating in or organizing an unauthorized speed contest on a public highway.

When you apply for a driver’s license, you will be required to present a Certifcate of Completion of a
course in driver’s education and a Beginning Driver Experience Log, DMV Form DLD-130. The dates
and times of your behind-the-wheel experiences should be noted in this log as they occur. This log
must be completed in blue or black ink before arriving for your drive test. You may obtain the log on
the DMV web site at www.dmvnv.com.

Nevada teens are required to complete 50 hours of supervised experience behind the wheel, 10 of
which must be completed at night. You must document this on the offcial DMV form. Please refer to
Chapter 4 of this handbook for information about driving at night.

There are three options for meeting your driver’s education requirements:

1. Take driver’s education at any locally offered and DMV-approved school;
2. Take driver’s education online with a DMV-approved school; or
3. If you are not within 30 miles of a DMV-approved school, and it is not possible for you to
access the internet for a driver’s education class, you would need to complete 100 hours of
behind-the-wheel driving experience, 10 hours of which must be completed in the dark. If you
are applying for a motorcycle license, all 100 hours of driving experience must be completed
during daylight hours only. Please refer to Chapter 4 of this handbook for information about
night driving.

Minors must also remain free of any at-fault accidents, moving violation convictions and any type of
alcohol or drug conviction for six months prior to receiving a driver’s license.


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